Visual Rewrite- hazelnutlatte

0:01- The scene opens up on a modern home living room, showing a women who seems to be wearing a robe, and 2 dogs. The robe indicates that she has probably just woken up, which leads us to believe that she lives in the home being shown. There is a bright light coming through the window, shining behind the various plants in her house. It is very sunny so we can infer she leaves in a sunny area, or it is a nice day. The two dogs, and the woman look happy and the dogs look as if they are waiting for a treat because she has her hand held out as if she has something in it to give to the dogs.

0:02- The words that project on the screen, “The shelter pet project presents,” indicates that this is a commercial for animals. This clip also shows one of the dogs high-fiving the owner from the previous shot. The other dog sits behind the black and white dog who is giving her owner a high-five. This leads us to think that the dogs are doing tricks to earn their treat.

0:03- the woman is shown outside with her two dogs. This shows that she loves both her rescues equally. This may show that she is with her dogs everywhere she goes, which supports the idea that adopting the dogs gave her two best friends to always keep her company.

0:04- the woman and her two dogs are outside, in front of what looks like the bottom of a palm tree, so we can conclude that they live in a sunny area, like california. Their names come up on the screen to show that this story is about them.

0: 08- The woman is talking to one of the dogs, the dog sitting on the couch opposite to her. She is laying down and gesturing as though she is venting or complaining about something, and the dog is positioned to look like she is listening to her owner. This shows that the dog is someone that the woman can talk to, like the dog is her best friend or therapist.

0:013- The woman is playing with the two dogs outside, and looks like she is struggling to play tug of war with the white dog. The struggle  in her face shows she is putting in effort which leads us ot the conclusion that this game is a workout for her. The words on the screen “personal trainers” confirm that the dogs can serve a purpose as a fitness trainer as well.

0:019- This scene goes back to the modern living room inside.l The woman is putting on a hat to see if matches with her outfit, and is talking to her dogs as they sit behind her. The dogs watch her and listen as she tries on the hat, and stare at it, leading us t believe they are also helping her with her fashion choices.

0:21- The woman is now playing with the dogs in her kitchen, leading us to believe she loves them and she loves to have fun and play with them. At this point we can conclude that she lives alone with her two dogs because the house seems very empty.

0:22- The woman, Olivia, takes a selfie with her dogs outside. She is holding her dogs to show how she cares for them. The picture is a way to showcase her love for the dogs, and show the world how happy she is with them in her life. From this we can conclude that she posted it on some form of social media.

0:24- She kisses and pets her dogs, showing that she loves them and cares for them deeply.

0:27- The words “” and “#AdoptPureLove” come on the screen, and we can conclude that the commercial is an add for a pet shelter. They are trying to get people to adopt a dog by selling the image that if you adopt a dog from the shelter, you will gain pure love.

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