Safer Saws- Jeffbezos

Industry Spokesperson: The SawStop company has given the information regarding one of their products saying: “The saw weighs 79 pounds and retails for $1299”. This is can be a numerical claim because it states how much it costs and the weight of the saws.

Government officials:The CPSC predicts switching to the safer saw design will save society $1,500 to $4,000 per saw sold by reducing medical bills and lost work. This is a proosal clam because it is trying to tell people how they would be saving money, and complete jobs more eficent.

Steve Glass: take one of the most dangerous products ever available to consumers and make it vastly safer.”This is a very simple causal claim. This is saying that if you get this saw, you will be much safer while using it.

Manufacturers– “Forced to stop in one thousandth of a second” This is a numerical claim because it tells you the exact ammount of time it will take for the saw blade to stop.

Product Safety Advocates: “10 amputations a day and thousands more injuries every year”. This is a numerical and ethical statement. This is numerical because you see how many people are injured daily because of this product. This is ethical because this makes you question how people are okay with this, and not willing to spend the extra money for their employes to be safe.

Retailer– “carry a somewhat higher price tag, but the safety innovations are well worth it.”This is a evaluative claim because this shows that the extra money is well worth the injuries that this will save.

Personal Injury Lawyers: “for more than a decade” this tells the audiecne that this has been around for a long time and many people have never head about it, including myself. This would be an ethical claim becuase how have people not known about this saftey invention that could save lives. In a perivous article this was compared to a seatbelt, how do people not know about this.

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