01 Class MON JAN 25

I write to discover what I know.

—Flannery O’Connor

Welcome to your New Class

  1. Text your Professor at (856) 979-6653
    • Text your Full Name
    • Text C2 SP21
  2. Email your Professor at myfavoriteprofessor@davidhodges.com
    • Tell him how much you are already enjoying class, or how little you are enjoying class.
    • Sign your real human name.
    • Create and share the username you’ll use for the Class Blog.
      • It can be anything you like and does not have to be unique.
        • Recent choices include: ShaquilleOatmeal, IDrinkTheMostTea, Lazyboy.
  3. Take a Survey. COMP2 PREVIEW SURVEY at SurveyMonkey.
  4. Lecture/Demo:
    • Quick Review of Course Blog, “Counterintuitivity
    • Includes a Preview of a Research Proposal Argument
  5. Complete the Attendance Assignment at Canvas.
  6. Read and understand the Take Home Assignment on Canvas.
    • “Why Does the Universe Exist?”
  7. LECTURE/DEMO (if time permits):
    • Quick Review Blog assignment: “My Hypothesis.”

1 Response to 01 Class MON JAN 25

  1. rowanrat says:

    Went through a step by step process of posting on the blog. Used our Universe assignment as an example

    Different amounts of writing require different forms of writing. For example, a 100 word response allows little to no room for fluff and the words written must count

    We did a riddle to remind us that words that we use all day everyday might require further investigation

    Went through an example of a research paper on My White Paper

    Question- suppose you had a piece of paper where you could fold many times. The physical limit is 8 times before you can’t fold it anymore. But suppose you can fold it as much as you can. The first fold is 2, then 4, etc… how many times would you have to fold the piece of paper before it could reach the moon. It’s about a million miles

    We will take a survey about My White Paper technique

    It’s a bucket where you dump your research

    Copy bibliographic info and put it in the white paper

    Once you read and investigate, you can begin prewriting and summarizing

    The better you do summarizing, the more you’ve started writing your paper

    Process of synthesizing material and communicating it is summarizing

    Always a work in progress. A document that gets bigger throughout the semester and is graded on periodically

    Always go in planning on a rewrite to get the piece better and better

    Grade suffers if you don’t keep up with the progress and continue to rewrite to make your work better

    This is a thinking, rewriting, and revising class. A work in progress

    Write to find out what we believe

    We do not have a thought in our heads

    When thoughts turn into language that’s where you find out what you believe

    Thinking gets you nowhere. Talking makes some sense because you’re making some sort of language

    Thinking doesn’t occur during reading, it occurs during writing

    When you engage in sources that’s when you begin with your hypothesis

    Share what you find surprising, it’ll probably be surprising to somebody else too

    10,000-20,000 words gathered by the time you’re done-a good white paper

    Next step is removing all of the excess information to make a coherent and condensed paper

    It’s in the details where you should think outside of the box


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