01 Class TUE SEP 01

I write to discover what I know.

—Flannery O’Connor

Welcome to your New Class

  1. Text your Professor at (856) 979-6653
    • Text your Full Name
    • Text C2 FA20
    • Text either 8:00 Class or 9:30 Class
  2. Email your Professor at myfavoriteprofessor@davidhodges.com
    • Tell him how much you are already enjoying class, or how little you are enjoying class.
    • Sign your real human name.
    • Create and share the username you’ll use for the Class Blog.
      • It can be anything you like and does not have to be unique.
        • Recent choices include: ShaquilleOatmeal, IDrinkTheMostTea, Lazyboy.
    • Quick Review of Course Blog, “Counterintuitivity
    • Includes a Preview of a Research Proposal Argument
  4. Complete the Attendance Assignment at Canvas.
  5. Read and understand the Take Home Assignment on Canvas.
    • “Why Does the Universe Exist?”
  6. LECTURE/DEMO (if time permits):
    • Quick Review Blog assignment: “My Hypothesis.”