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Vitamins  Vitamins are not beneficial  The individuals who typically take vitamins get most of their nutrients from fortified food in their diet  The supplement industry does not care for the actual well being of the consumers  Food and Drug Administration … Continue reading

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PTSD stands for psychological traumatic stress disorder.This common disorder is known to be common in post war veterans because of all the horrible war experiences those individuals have to live through. Just as the article mentioned Caleb was a survivor … Continue reading

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Money Money Money Money Rockin Everywhere There are few things nowadays that people actually value. Something that has always stayed consistent throughout the years, generation after generation is—money. Of course the value of money has changed like a roller coaster, … Continue reading

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Vitamins are harmful  The supplement industry does not care for the actual well being of the consumers  The vitamin and supplement industry is worth $28 billion even thought vitamin deficiency is rare in the United States  There is no evidence … Continue reading

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The Hair Part Theory (True Mirrors) It seems counterintuitive that we should know what our reflection looks like, but yet our own reflection in the mirror isn’t what the whole world sees. Our regular mirrors in our bedrooms, bathrooms … Continue reading

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Summary  Warmup/riddle:  spoke about skin color and where we assumed were their origins…point was that what you look like and your skin color is not an automatic giveaway as to where you’re from (Denzel and Charlie) Does not like semicolons … Continue reading

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The goal to eradicate the poliovirus to some may seem like an intangible one. However, there are ways that we can come together to combat this disease. There are extremists on both sides to the situation. On one hand people … Continue reading

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