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Working Hypothesis 1b Increasing the speed limit on long, straight sections of all major U.S. highways would substantially decrease the number of accidents. 1c. Implementing gps speed limiting would substantially decrease the number of accidents in all areas of the … Continue reading

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Secondary traumatic stress has been documented in the spouses of veterans with PTSD from Vietnam. And the spouses of Israeli veterans with PTSD, and Dutch veterans with PTSD. -This is an example of a factual claim. The author is supporting their idea about … Continue reading

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The Abstract Reality of Cash When someone thinks about the concept of value, they generally think about how much cash or currency something is worth. Throughout history we’ve had many forms of exchange. We have moved from bartering, to metal … Continue reading

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Accidents in America There are many accidents every year. A large number of these accidents occur on major highways. Many of these accidents are caused by distractions. One constant distraction while driving us checking how fast you are going. Increasing … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that the city of Vancouver is providing the city’s worst heroin addicts with free heroin, even though the addicts themselves know that this will not help them to get off the drug. The intention of providing the … Continue reading

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Based on the happenings in Nigeria, it is clear to see that polio will never fully be eradicated from the world. The misleading and false rumors about the vaccination in Nigeria lead to conflict and many people deciding not to … Continue reading

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