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An honorable Reward

The highest honor any institution can reward a hardworking high school student are not cash grants or other stipends. It is a scholarship. One who receives a scholarship is very lucky and gets to become apart of a select few who do get a rare chance that not many are capable of doing, and that is going to college for free. Some people may think otherwise, but our scholarships change peoples lives, From giving a kids a new home and education, we build better communities and make the world a better place. People come to college to progress their lives into what they want and we make that possible. We were never meant to be a place where students could come and work and make a wage. That’s not what a school is and that is not what a school should be. The path that the NCAA follows is one of integrity and opportunity.

The NCAA dedicates their time to human development. We develop human beings into next generational talent and give hope to every little boy in girl who watches our players om TV. Without us there would never be an elite professional sport because everyone would just be under developed and average. We help millions of people and in a lot of cases get players from the inner cities and the projects. The NCAA takes good care of these kids and in return we ask nothing. The lucky ones who have exceptional talent even get to go make millions for them self in the Pros. We give individuals who come straight off the street and turn them into millionaires. How can you tell us we are bad people when we are helping all these underprivileged kids succeed. We build the people that will eventually run our world and that doesn’t come at a free price, but we try to help and give students scholarships.

The NCAA strives to make the world a better and safer place. We give people brand new lives. We take in thousands of underprivileged minorities into our sports programs and build them brand new lives and fulfill their dreams. Our scholarships give lives to athletes who have worked their butt off and over came tons of diversity. Our foundation was built on some of the NBA/NFL legends who came out of our programs. Although we are strict, our main goal is always whats best for the athletes. We are the reason why little kids dream big, the reason why people dedicate their lives to their sport, the reason why millions of people can enjoy T.V, the reason why the NFL has lower ratings than us, we are the reason!

It may seem extremely controversial that we do not pay our athletes, but they have a scholar ship, and besides they are working to hopefully go pro. The money there is worth the wait. The whole point of being an amateur is to not get paid. You must work up the ranks in the sport and make it to pay level, if not we still give free school to do something else with their lives. we are all about opportunity, but not about equality. One may disagree with our methods, but we don’t care because we will still make a couple billion dollars and there is nothing you can do about it.

The athlete is our main priority. From the trips around the world, to incentives, we may not pay our athletes physical cash but they do receive a fun time. We give them so much and change their lives forever. As long as we keep them entertained they don’t seem to ask for pay. Or most of them at least. Every time one of our team travels they fly first class and stay in 5 star hotels. Luxury breakfast lunch and dinner, for our athletes because we care about them. The best part about this, is that they all will get a diploma if they want to graduate, unless they leave early and move onto pro level. In our programs we value the sport over education, we hold our athletes to lower standards for their own betterment, so they do not have to take hard exams and be scholar. It is also easier to keep people in line if they are slightly uneducated. Some may disagree with this, but these young men come to play sports and not for education. Since we were founded on education, the sports teams do not receive pay.

Its easy for the NCAA to never be wrong when the constitution backs our argument. There have been laws passed that ban the pay of college athletes, so its not like we can pay them if we wanted to. The government and the people as a whole agree with that law, mostly because we do not tell them our profit margin on these athletes. Its a steal, we make millions and the public doesn’t make us pay our players. No school would have enough funds to pay for multi million dollar deals from each player. Players would be getting up to 50 million dollar contracts, and that might sound good for one guy but if there are multiple people asking for this, then we would go bankrupt. Basketball and Football are two of the highest grossing sports in this country and even still we wouldn’t have enough money to pay everyone. There are 125 schools in the FCS, with almost 70 people on some type of scholarship on every team. This would make a pay day take a heft toll on our bank accounts.

If athletes got paid, it would defeat the purpose of school. The price to attend these big schools will rise greatly. Students would also be asking for pay since the athletes get paid, and it would put colleges at a real disadvantage. Colleges’ infrastructure would start to crumble and all of these big schools would fall. In the end there wont be any schools for these athletes to play at, so there will be a ton of wasted talent all because athletes got greedy. College athletes are already on scholarship, so if we were to give them a pay day, we would take that away, and they would have to pay us, and for most of them, debt and they won’t even have the free education anymore. One could say that our scholarships are better then getting paid cash.

Scholarships are the best thing that a young individual can accomplish. We reward people and help them progress their lives into hopefully a better life. We will continue our mission, we’ve been doing this for centuries and do not plan on changing our ways anytime. College athletes will not receive pay or any compensation. They have their scholarships so they should and will appreciate it. Scholarships save the NCAA and its Universities millions of dollars of cash. The Scholarship is a trade off that we use so we are not spending cash.

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