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“Some of the most interesting research involves beta-blockers, drugs that suppress the adrenaline response. In one small study, trauma victims given beta-blockers within six hours of the incident had a 40 percent less likelihood of developing PTSD.” This is a … Continue reading

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Stone Money- imgoingswimming

Rock, Paper, Crypto What is money and is it actually worth anything? When we think of money we tend to think of paper bills, or coins. What if the money actually doesn’t have any value, is it still money, and … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis -imgoingswimming

1). Current Vehicles and their emissions. 2). Emissions in vehicles and how have improved overtime. 3).We should really focus on the electric cars versus gas cars debate with many current car manufactures making more electric cars. 4).How moving to electric … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- imgoingswimming

Are Multivitamins Dangerous? It seems counterintuitive that multivitamins would actually harm you rather than help you. It can be seen that nearly one third of Americans take multivitamins every day. On top of this the amount of people taking them … Continue reading

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Practice opening- imgoingswimming

The lack of trust between the corrupt Nigerian Government and the people will be one of the reasons polio may never be eradicated. The people of Nigeria have a strong Muslim population and because of this and the mistrust of … Continue reading

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The Universe- imgoingswimming

The question is why, how, and what created this universe? These three questions are almost unanswerable. Does this universe have a beginning, or have we just created this idea of a beginning? The universe has no reason for a start … Continue reading

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