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Stone Money – gooferious

Money… fiction? Cash, credit, debit… these are all terms used to define money, more importantly your money. One would assume that a person would want all their money easily accessible, at hand’s reach one would say but money isn’t all … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – gooferious

Drugs on college campuses The increase of different types of drugs on college campuses The effect drugs have on college students who live on campus More interesting, extravagant college programs that will help educate college students on the dangers and … Continue reading

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Summaries – gooferious

It seems counterintuitive that a patient who is aware that they are being given a placebo pill would think that it actually would relief them of pain. 80 volunteers were split into two groups. One group would receive regular treatment … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – gooferious

The people of Nigeria are too skeptical to trust their unreliable and deceitful government when it comes to a Polio vaccine. Violence and terrorism is nothing but common in the corrupt country of Nigeria. Rumors go around that the Polio … Continue reading

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