04 Class WED FEB 03

Writing Quote Hunter S Thompson


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28 Responses to 04 Class WED FEB 03

  1. christianity19 says:

    We changed our Avatar’s on the blog during class and we had a brain teaser and we talked about counterintuitively and how it applies to things around us.

    Looked at different types of paintings that have counterintuitivity and talked about euthanasia and why it’s not good to do unless someone is suffering a terminal illness.


    • davidbdale says:

      I know you attended class today, Christianity, but these Notes don’t fully reflect your engagement. In addition to that general observation, I need to share with you a lengthy caution against “talked about” language that I have left for several of your classmates.
      SHORT VERSION: It’s discouraged.
      It turns out I have shared that caution with you. I repeat it here:

      LONG VERSION: Thank you for this additional opportunity to explain the hazard of “talks about” language, Christianity. Your Notes should be filled with claims, declarations, and observations. They should be empty of “talked about” language.

      When you say we talked about euthanasia, you have named a topic, but you haven’t made a claim about it. That wouldn’t work in your essay, and it’s something to avoid in Notes as well, which are the place you get to practice making claims every time we meet as a class.

      NAMED THE TOPIC: We talked about Counterintuitivity.
      MADE CLAIMS: Professor spent half an hour using illustrations from social media (facebook has multiple gender choices), everyday life (his shopping list is an argument), art (depriving a beautiful object of its usefulness transforms it into either junk or art), more art (a man with no artistic talent found a scientific way to duplicate a famous painting) ethics (we approve of bariatric surgery for adults but not for children), and government (some laws make it HARMFUL for aid recipients to get a raise from their employer) to help us understand his vision of a counterintuitive way of viewing situations as we read about them.

      You are under no obligation to heed this advice, Christianity, but until you do you’ll be leaving participation points on the table.


  2. -Counterintuitivity describes when someone takes a less convenient or less effective route/method to solve a problem.

    -Believing that god created the universe is intuitive because it is based on intuition and is the most commonly accepted rationale for the beginning of the universe. It is counterintuitive to believe that the universe created god because it is impossible to research, observe, and prove, and most people will reject this view. This is how I gained an understanding of what counterintuitive means.

    -Explaining something that is unexplainable by saying it’s the work of god is not a logical explanation for anything and doesn’t answer any questions in a logically fulfilling sense.

    -Transgender expression is counterintuitive because it isn’t directly logical in that it can be named as easily as “man” or “woman”.

    -When evidence doesn’t support the plan that you originally had, you throw it away.

    -If you deprive something of its function, it can’t be anything but art.


    • davidbdale says:

      I like that you’re taking positions on what we discuss in class, Pop.

      I’m intrigued by this comment:

      “Believing that god created the universe is intuitive because it is based on intuition and is the most commonly accepted rationale for the beginning of the universe.”

      There must be SOMETHING intuitive about this point of view since such a huge percentage of humans believe it, or at the very least believe that the universe had to have BEEN CREATED, if not by god. But you get yourself into a tangle with your next comment:

      It is counterintuitive to believe that the universe created god because it is impossible to research, observe, and prove, and most people will reject this view.

      I say this because it seems EQUALLY impossible to prove that the universe WAS CREATED or that it HAS ALWAYS BEEN. The in-between position, that what we think of as the universe (the visible physical planets and stars, etc) CAME TO BE in a big explosion, and that it may collapse back onto itself eventually, can be demonstrated with some science, but I assure you, when it was first proposed, it seemed BATSHIT COUNTERINTUITIVE.

      What we believe as a culture (many cultures) evolves over time, along with what seems intuitive or counterintuitive. At any time, the position that appears contrary to common sense is counterintuitive.

      Thank you for offering me the chance and the space to explain it that way.


  3. honeysucklelilac says:

    -don’t waste words when you’re writing
    -2 cards a and c
    deadline tab
    -check often and keep track of dates, don’t fall behind!
    -sense that observers have, exactly what they expected to see is actually the last thing that person does (counter to my intuition)
    -try to find this angle on your topic, even if it’s not provable
    -Prof personal experience
    — age 13 expected to have a certain amount of faith but didn’t
    — do we create God or did God create us? we reject these questions or stop caring
    — Faith in unanswerable questions
    -several options for gender
    -Prof answer, “who’s asking?” preferred pronouns are we and our
    — gymnast may have had delayed development due to hormones
    — women’s track, winner had to get tested because it was believed she could have not been a woman
    My Shopping List is an Argument
    -sign for the room number is also an argument, it argues that the room is the number and you will be rewarded by entering the correct room
    -shopping list is an argument with yourself, changing what you buy (finding better evidence) is perfectly acceptable
    -shopping list is the hypothesis, the plan you had before going to the store
    -giving it to his wife, argument with her about what they should buy
    -everything you write and read is an argument
    Diarists Lie
    -telling the truth to myself about myself
    -shaping the knowledge of the truth of myself and how I feel into words I can understand when I go back and read it
    -you can lie, you don’t have to tell the truth
    -if the story is reliable, it’s based on the writer (Gone Girl)
    Duchamp’s Readymades
    -challenges what is art
    -2 objects shaped for function, deprived of their function have no other use but to be called art
    Tim’s Vermeer
    -pin hole cameras (think of the pinhole camera you made during experimental photography class)
    – think of notes from AP art history project senior year on Vermeer (recreating Girl with the Peal Earing, Girl with the Lute)
    Bariatric Surgery
    -to control weight
    Euthanasia for Kids
    – fine when an adult has lived a long life but change when it’s kids
    -legal in Belgium for terminally ill children
    -why is it counterintuitive? some object to assisted suicide in general, others might say you have a right to end your life if they’ve grown intolerable
    -you can measure life in how many years you’ve lived or how far away you are from death
    The example that made counterintuitive the most clear to me was the medicaid example.


    • davidbdale says:

      That Medicaid example is a beauty. And its TYPE of counterintuitivity is easy to find in legislation. Nutty things happen all the time. Maybe raising the speed limit reduces the number of highway fatalities: COUNTERINTUITIVE. Other examples abound. A retailer who can’t sell his shoes for $29 raises the price to $299 and sees a surge of sales: COUNTERINTUITIVE.
      Good notes overall.


  4. thecommoncase says:

    new deadlines menu is super helpful
    70% of grade is the portfolio, the rest is little assignments and participation
    Counterintuitivity- Expectations are not met in the way you expected them to (likely the opposite of what you expected)
    Clearest explanation of counterintuitvity: God doesn’t create the universe, the universe creates God
    Was God created in our image? Or did God create us in his image? God and humans are egotistical
    God (and religion in general) is used as a substitute for unanswerable questions
    Facebook has more gender categories than the Olympics
    People like to put other people in categories
    The Olympic committee is sex-testing athletes and some women athletes have more testosterone
    A grocery list can be an argument against yourself about what you want/need to buy
    If list does not go according to plan, it can always be changed- like an argument
    In a diary, we tell the truth to ourselves about ourselves for our future selves
    Diaries are manipulative, because you can lie to yourself whenever you want
    Anne Frank went back and revised her diary, she expected (or hoped) that others would read it
    When you deprive functional objects of their function, they are art!
    Marcel Duchamp took basic objects and made them useless, so they are art
    Artist Vermeer painted perspective perfectly long before other artists in his time
    Vermeer could have used a camera obscura to reflect the room he wanted to paint and create an exact copy
    Alexa Mead paints people to make it look like they are paintings themselves (favorite counterintuivity example)
    Bariatric surgery is not something a child should have to rely on- take care of your kid.
    Terminally-ill children and old people, who understand that they are dying, could be allowed euthanasia
    Life can be measured by now many years since birth, or how many years till death
    TASK: purposeful summary & my hypothesis


    • davidbdale says:

      These Notes serve as a conversation with yourself about what you’re listening to. I like that approach, and I hope it means they’ll be useful and meaningful to you if you ever refer back to them. They’ll remind you what you were thinking.
      I too like Alexa Mead’s paintings as an example of counterintuitivity.


  5. johnwick66 says:

    If you wish to get feed back when typing your work make sure to put it under feedback category.

    Counterintuitive : The sense observers have when the obvious view of the solution happens last.
    Professor at 13 was going to get confirmed as an adult, and at the time thought he knew what he had to, however as he got closer to being confirmed he began to question his beliefs. Did god create people or did people create god?

    Face book has more gender categories than the Olympics:
    The Olympics now have a third group for transgender however they are struggling with setting the guidelines for what is acceptable in that category.
    Why make categories if they can’t decide what qualifies for the category.

    When evidence doesn’t support the argument throw it away/ change it out in order to better your argument

    If you take a bicycle wheel and jam it into a seat you strip the function of both items and all you have left is “art” when you strip something of its function=counterintuitive

    Euthanasia for kids
    In Belgium, they just pass a law that allows children who suffer from terminal illness to have assisted Suicide. It may not be counterintuitive since in the end between a child and an adult with terminal illness they are both gonna to suffer and die in the end. The only difference is age between the two.


  6. imgoingswimming says:

    In our quote today we talked about how information must be crammed because words must not be wasted. If it’s a 100 word response it should have 1,000 words worth of ideas.
    Counterintuitive is the contrary to common sense expectations, or doing something but getting the opposite expectation. This could be like being extremely covid safe with a mask but constantly touching your mask directly after opening a door in public.
    Everything we write is an argument. Something as simple as a shopping list is an argument, but it does not need to be followed exactly, as there is always a counter argument.
    Euthansia can be counterintuitive. This is because kids and the elderly can have the same exact situation but we still would rather say it is fine for the eldely but not children. Although we would rather see neither have to go through this situation.


    • davidbdale says:

      You don’t waste language on items that don’t interest you, Swimming, but you thoughtfully consider and record your reactions to items that do. I’d call that smart Note-taking.


  7. person345 says:

    Quote by Hunter S. Thompson refers to the professor crossing out words that are not of importance in an essay. Put posts incorrect categories. The deadlines menu on the blog shows when assignments are due. Non-portfolio tasks are 20% of your grade and portfolio grades are worth 75%. Attendance/participation is worth 5%. Counterintuitivity is when something is a counter to expectations. Not what someone expects. Discussed God as an example of Counterintuitivity. Did God create us? or did we create God in our image? Facebook now has many gender options. Female Olympians take hormones that prevent them from growing into adult women. Since some have so much testosterone in their bodies, their gender identity is questioned. Shopping lists are an argument. Arguments don’t have to be right. When you substitute something on your grocery list, it doesn’t follow your argument. Diaries are written for yourself or a specific audience of your choice. A bicycle wheel is not art but used as a function. When jammed into a stool, both the wheel and stool lose their function. Not expected. When an object’s function is deprived, it becomes art. A plate of breakfast was painted and looks like a painting of breakfast. Bariatric surgery is counterintuitive when a toddler gets it. Assisted suicide can be approved by children in Belgium when they have a terminal illness. You can measure life how far you are from death or age. This is counterintuitive.

    The example that gave me a clearer understanding of Counterintuitivity is the euthanasia example. It is expected that an elderly person may want to end their life when they are near death, but it is unexpected when a child wants to be euthanized. The child has so much to live for and it is surprising that they want to end things way too soon. They have their whole lives ahead of them.


    • davidbdale says:

      Of course, if they DID have their whole lives ahead of them, we’d never accept the idea of them ending it when they do. But when their “whole lives” amount to 6 months more of unendurable pain, it’s understandable. A conundrum.


  8. compiistudent says:

    Class 2/3/21
    Started with a riddle about proving hypotheses, seeing if cards have corresponding even numbers with vowels
    Went over “feedback please”
    Lesson- Counterintuitivity
    -Counter to intuition, going against something you’ve either been taught or told. What does it take to be counterintuitive? Facebook has more gender options than the Olympics, that seems counterintuitive. Almost anything can be an argument- most of the time you argue with yourself over decisions and thoughts. If you argue against yourself, that is somewhat counterintuitive. people making everyday things “art” and displaying them as such, is counterintuitive. Bariatric surgery shouldn’t be nessecary for toddlers, but sometimes it just is. Euthanasia is a method of relieving the elderly from suffereing of a terminal illness, but should children with an illness be alowed to? Very counterintuitive. From all this, the most counterintuitive argument I heard today would probably be the one about Facebook and the Olympics. If we as a society are progressing past the need to define ourselves by our anatomy, then shouldn’ the Olympics reflect that?


  9. mrmba1 says:

    -Only use essential words when writing
    -Lecture – Counterintuitivity
    -What they expect to see turns out to be the opposite
    -Medicaid vs. Accepting a raise, something intended to help instead hurts
    -“Everyone thinks… but I think…”


  10. justheretopass says:

    We started class off with a riddle and then we went over how to apply the feedback please check button. We also talked about how to locate the deadline tab to allow us to know when assignments are due. We talked about counterintuitive which is when something goes against what you believe. The example that helped me understand counterintuitive was when professor was getting confirmed at the church. He was thinking if we created God or if God created us. We talked about how his shopping list was a list. If you buy the items on the list you will be rewarded. Another example was when a man was painted and put on a bus so it looked like the people were in a painting but it was actually a picture. The last part of class we were introduced in purposeful summary.


    • davidbdale says:

      Not terrible, but you’re going to get the “talked about” lecture that some of your classmates have already gotten.

      Your Notes should be filled with claims, declarations, and observations. They should be empty of “talked about” language.

      When you say we talked about how his shopping list was a list, first of all you mean his shopping list was an argument, but beyond that, you have named a topic, but you haven’t made a claim about it. That wouldn’t work in your essay, and it’s something to avoid in Notes as well, which are the place you get to practice making claims every time we meet as a class.

      NAMED THE TOPIC: We talked about Professor’s shopping list.
      MADE CLAIMS: The Professor’s shopping list contains many items he believes might meet his needs, but it’s just a hypothesis. If he finds a better item, he’ll buy it, like a counterargument to his original plan.

      Read your classmates’ Notes for tips on how to get a 3.


  11. carsonwentz1186 says:

    “Not a wasted word…. ever.”
    Be sure to write well over a thousand words because it is easier to cut down on material than to have to add it later.
    Card Hypothesis: Only need to test the cards that have anything to do with the hypothesis in question (2-3 cards).
    Different ways to receive feedback from Professor.
    An argument or an event not meeting expectations can be classified as counterintuitive.
    Everything can be questioned, including the concept of god or the faith you have in him.
    Everything needs to have a start or beginning, nothing just appears out of thin air such as the concept of everything being related to god.
    Most things that cause debate can all be related to counterintuitivity.
    Painted Breakfast, Breakfast Painted, counterintuitive.
    Anything age related can be counterintuitive (toddler overeating when they need to eat to grow).
    My Example of Counterintuitivity:
    Paying a franchise QB $128M only to consider getting rid of him a year after giving that extension.
    Clearest Understanding Example:
    Making someone hold on to live when terminally ill and are bound to go any second whether 6 or 96


    • davidbdale says:

      I like your examples (both the franchise QB and the euthanasia examples) of counterintuitivity. I also like the way you phrased mine: Painted Breakfast, Breakfast Painted.


  12. Metro1112 says:

    -Counterintuitive- Contrary to intuition or to common-sense expectation (but often nevertheless true) ‘this explanation sounds perversely counterintuitive’

    ⅔ Wednesday
    Counterintuitive Lecture Notes
    -Talked about god not being real
    -Talked about gender.
    -Talked about getting in an argument about what he wants to buy with himself.
    -Talked about how a lot of things can be an argument
    -Anne Frankwas a writer who edited her work so people could get an understanding of what she was living through
    -People go on steroids or have surgery a lot weto change their bodies we just say fine we don’t really care but they have more to lose.
    -He expects his children will let me go
    – He wants to be able to kill himself when he ready
    -6 Year old that is gonna die in six months is the same as a old person who is going to die soon from old age.


  13. kobebryant32 says:

    Todays Lesson was Counterintuitive. We did a card hypothesis in the beginning of class to warm up our brains.
    Professor talked about how unexplainable and unfathomable subjects are often said to be “God’s doing”. Which isn’t wrong at all to each their own, but indeed a fairly good point.
    Talked briefly about women with high testosterone and low hormonal levels.
    Hard to differentiate between a female with high test, whether or not they want to be called something else.
    Talked about his grocery list.
    Counter arguments.
    Everything we write is an argument.
    A good example of counterintuitive would be to give an employee a raise and but you have been thinking about firing her.
    We talked about whether letting somebody go who is terminally ill regardless or not they are young or old. Facebook has more gender categories than the olympics, which is alarming to me to say the least.


    • davidbdale says:

      You covered a lot of ground here, KB. Want to start earning 3/3 instead of 2/3 on your Notes? Every time you find yourself typing “talked about,” name the most important thing anybody said while we were “talking about” that topic.
      —Professor used the quandary of not knowing whether God created man or whether man created God as a good example of counterintuitivity.
      —We observed that the attempt to separate Olympic athletes by gender seems obvious, but when women with very high testosterone compete as women, it’s obvious they’d be more fairly grouped with men.
      —Professor observed that his shopping list doesn’t seem like an argument, but if it’s written, it can be disputed and overruled with better evidence.
      —We discussed that intuition tells us to preserve the life of our loved ones, but it makes no sense to force them to suffer longer for our sake once they’re ready to go.

      That sort of thing. Is that helpful? Respond, please.


  14. icedcoffeeislife says:

    The riddle we did today was about a hypothesis. We went over the right answer after we all responded in the chat. We did this riddle because it was to start viewing how to see the evidence. We then went over how to navigate the blog and view your post. This was to remind us how to use the website. From going over how to get to your post and how to get to the deadline tab in the blog. We talked about counterintuitive for the main part of the class.
    We start with what counterintuitively is and we give examples of how it works. One of the first examples was about how the country is changing from one presidency to the next. Professor Hodge used his example on how he has experienced counterintuitiveness when he was being conformed into the catholic church at the age of 13 and he realizes that he was not that into the church. Then we went into the decision about gender and who it is viewed through the world. We look at Facebook, to see that they have included a lot of different genders to choose from. then we look at sports that are being talked about gender involved with from. For example, the Olympics are mostly about gymnastics. On how girls that are competing there that are 14 and 15 years old are not yet started creating more hormones. This has been a big counterintuitive conversation for many years. Another example of counterintuitiveness was about diaries. We talked about once diary is supposed, to be honest, and hold the thought. Like Annie Frank’s diary was to be told of her experiences throughout her life, however, she would go back and edit her diary. Which a person can do but it takes away from the purpose of writing a diary.
    The Euthanasia and diary examples were the ones. that made the most sense about counterintuitive. We fished class off by going over the assignments due coming up. There is an assignment about a purposeful summary that is due Sunday with some reading involved. Then our hypothesis is due this Tuesday.


    • davidbdale says:

      I say this a lot when reviewing Notes, IC, so don’t take this personally. What’s important to record is not what we talked about but what was said. Not quotes necessarily, but the most important claims you can make regarding the conversations we had. In other words, the Notes are a PLACE, like the White Paper, where you begin to synthesize what you’re hearing with what you already know or believe, to make claims for a reader to understand how you’re processing new information. Permit me to offer an example from your first paragraph.

      The riddle we did today was about a hypothesis. We went over the right answer after we all responded in the chat.

      —Today’s riddle was a demonstration that we need to read VERY CAREFULLY to understand what claims are being made by an author. We thought every Consonant card needed an Odd number on the other side, but that was not so.

      We did this riddle because it was to start viewing how to see the evidence.

      —As it turns out, some of the evidence we wanted was completely unnecessary, a good reminder that we can counterargue economically if we choose the right evidence.

      We then went over how to navigate the blog and view your post. This was to remind us how to use the website. From going over how to get to your post and how to get to the deadline tab in the blog.

      —We were reminded to publish our posts into Categories (for the assignment and for our username) so they don’t get lost.

      We talked about counterintuitive for the main part of the class.

      —For most of the class, Professor used examples of things and situations that challenge our preconceptions of what art and society should be.

      I hope that helps. Please respond.


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