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  1. nj908 says:

    start of class: A and D are correct
    “every written document is as argument”
    grocery list is an argument
    Counterintuitive thinking is still a little confusing but the topics we went over are clear. What I got out of the class today is basically counterintuitive thinking similar to thinking about consequences.

    • davidbdale says:

      I don’t understand what you mean by “thinking about consequences,” NJ. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to clarify your understanding with me. Every Reply is a chance for us to share or gain understanding.
      —I do see that people’s actions can have unintended consequences, such as the genetic alterations that persist for several generations after a procedure meant to benefit just one pregnancy . . . is that what you meant?
      —In that particular case, the consequences are certainly important in deciding whether or not to undergo the procedure . . .
      —But in the case, for example, of the toddler getting bariatric surgery, what’s counterintuitive is the BIG DISCONNECT between what we think instinctively is reasonable (surgery for those who have exhausted all non-surgical alternatives to solving a problem) and what seems completely unreasonable (surgery as a “first resort” to solve a problem that could probably be solved with a change of diet.

      It’s that disparity between what seems instinctively correct and what, on further reflection, seems to be the real truth, that identifies counterintuitivity.

      Does that help?
      (If you just say “Yes,” I’ll be very disappointed.)

  2. biggarz7 says:

    Card riddle today, no one got the right answer
    Counterintuitive thoughts today…
    Ex. Facebook, Shopping lists, Religion
    Every written document is an argument saying everything changes
    Everything is art
    An “artist” signed his name on things that were already created and that had uses in real life
    The things that seem real are either true and real or if they aren’t true at all
    Kid euthanasia is a controversial topic
    Age is not by how far from birth you are, but how close to death you are?
    Is that really true, I have never thought about that until now. Could be true.
    Taking a second look at your hypothesis

  3. nyaj32 says:

    Warm Up: A and D are correct
    Counterintuitive thinking: Every written document is an argument. If it is a fire escape plan telling us to go through the door, but the fire is on the other side of the door then we would have to over rule the argument. A biography and an autobiography are both arguments. Professor Hodges says “If you leave anything out it is not an autobiography.” Not even a diary is an argument.

    The man who was trying to prove the painting was done through a mirror was correct. he was able to prove that it could be done without any artistic ability. Vermeer was likely not a good painter at all.

    Whatever we choose for our hypothesis must be specific enough to fit in 3000 words. We need to narrow down our topic.

  4. pomegranate4800 says:

    -Two cards, the correct answer is A and D.
    – There has many things that we are flexed to believe are true.
    – There are some things that people say that you can be against and have other things to say about it.
    – There are many examples of counterintuitivity to make it easier to understand exactly what it is.
    – An abridged autobiography is when you, obviously, write about yourself yet leave all of the points that you don’t necessarily care about.
    – Anne Frank edited her diary, then making her “story an argument.”
    – There are some things people say they can deprive of their function and suddenly its “art.”
    -The different color fur on top of the eyes make it look like eyes so that the dog can be protected from prey.
    – Finding subtopics to expand your hypothesis idea would help to make your paper reach 3000 words.
    – Finding that certain word will help in making your hypothesis less vague.

  5. nina525 says:

    Gender categories
    Gender descriptions have changed drastically
    The world wants many people to identify as either male or female
    Every written document is an argument
    It could be incorrect but it is unto the individual to make an argument against it
    An autobiography is an argumentative document
    a diary is not an argumentative document because it is for you as you are the audience
    The Diary of Anne Frank is an argumentative document
    Painters artists make art to look like real life objects and people
    Other artists take real objects and realm people ad shape them to look fake to create an illusion
    Child Euthanasia
    Many people measure death by birth
    Should a child be able to decide if they want to choose death at such a young age due t a terminal disease
    A person who can determine their death more rationally than someone who could live about 50 years from now should have the option of euthanasia
    Find a hypothesis that is less broad, a more direct approach

    • davidbdale says:

      We disagree about this:
      a diary is not an argumentative document because it is for you as you are the audience

      You the writer at present are different from you the intended future reader.


  6. rowanstudent2 says:

    Warmup: Card Hypothesis Riddle
    Fact: Each card has a number on one side and a letter on the other.
    Hypothesis: Every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on its opposite side.
    Test: Which card or cards must you turn over in order to test the Hypothesis?
    Card A and Card D only because whatever is behind B and C doesn’t matter. Card A and Card D can only prove or disprove the hypothesis.

    Lecture: Counterintuitivity
    -Maybe because we can’t comprehend eternity, we call eternity God.
    Facebook has more gender categories than the Olympics.
    -It has introduced a third category of “custom” gender options including transgender, cisgender, gender fluid, intersex, and neither.
    -Refers to people as “they” now so that Facebook doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable
    My Shopping List is an Argument
    -Every written document is an argument
    -If there is something to contradict a document, then it’s an argument.
    -For example, the number on the door could be wrong. There’s not really a way to say that this room is Room 301. Only the sign indicates it’s Room 301.
    -The Shopping List is full of arguments. It can say one thing on the paper, but if there is a better deal at the store, you won’t follow what’s on the list.
    -An autobiography is an argument because you can leave things out that don’t matter.
    -A diary is not an argument because future you wouldn’t change what’s inside the diary. Unless you do, then it’s an argument.
    -Anne Frank’s diary is an argument because she reshaped the original documents.
    Duchamp’s Readymades
    -Art is something created for no other purpose than to be observed or experienced. Once it has a function, then it’s not art anymore.
    -He simply removed a piece of “art” from its place of function, signed it and put it in an art gallery and called it art.
    Tim’s Vermeer
    -Tim Jenison used mirrors to recreate Vermeer’s “Music Lesson”
    Bariatric Surgery
    -A surgery to remove body weight.
    -“As the World’s Kids Get Fatter, Doctors Turn to the Knife”
    -A three year old in Saudi Arabia is receiving bariatric surgery
    Euthanasia for Kids
    -Under the measure, approved 86 to 44 by the lower house, euthanasia would be permissible for terminally ill children who are close to death, experiencing ‘constant and unbearable suffering’ and can show a ‘capacity of discernment, meaning they can demonstrate they understand the consequences of such a choice.”
    -You can measure age from birth, but also can measure age from death. If a 6 year old knows that they only have 6 months to live and is about to turn 7, then they are way older than a 20 year old who has 30 years to live. Since the 6 year old only has months to live, while the 20 year old has 30 years.

    -finding subtopics helps to expand your paper
    -make sure to use words to make your hypothesis narrow and specific

    • davidbdale says:

      Love your Notes, RowanStudent.
      Let me help you punctuate something:

      If a 6-year-old knows that SHE HAS only 6 months to live and is about to turn 7, then SHE IS way older than a 20-year-old who has 30 years to live. Since the 6-year-old only has months to live, while the 20-year-old has 30 years.


  7. jets1313 says:

    Intuitive – things we reflexively believe
    – every written document is an argument, you decide whats correct and incorrect
    – even a shopping list can be perceived as an argument
    – Is a diary an argument? yes because older you can be different than your old self, so future you may make revisions or reshape it
    – take something from everyday life making it into art…all this artist did was sign it
    – made model of the room vahmir drew and figured out that he used mirrors to construct paintings
    – theory: is that Vahmir was not actually a good painter because he essentially just copied reflections which took no artistic ability
    – things what we say are true and real can always be argued- creating a new way of thinking
    – sleeping dog , can perceived in many ways
    – research paper: look for a surprising angle

    Creating Hypothesis
    – narrow topic and limit range of terms
    – limit thesis to a specific idea so you can me a clear claim
    – will make research easier

    counterintuitive thinking:
    The idea of god is limitless space
    Gender can be defined by who’s asking

  8. daphneblake25 says:

    Daphneblake notes

    -facebook has more gender options than the olympics
    -change your birthday and gender and pronouns
    -“every written document is an argument”
    -grocery list is an argument because you can re decide what you want later
    -diary, auto biography, and biography are all arguments
    -perception can be painted and altered without having any painting or artistic skill
    -its not about how far from birth, but how close to death that makes you old
    -take a second look at your hypothesis and narrow your topic to create a step 6 hypothesis

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