04 Class WED FEB 03

“Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life. Ever.”
—Hunter S. Thompson

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33 Responses to 04 Class WED FEB 03

  1. davidbdale says:

    Love your Notes, Jets.
    There’s significant evidence here of your not just recording but interacting with ideas you heard expressed.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Very nice.
    Have you updated your Facebook profile?



  3. Jessicariccio says:

    Looking at the hypothesis is crucial to determine what cards must be flipped over. It seems as if you must talk out the logic rather than brainstorm in order to determine the truth.

    It can be helpful to ask for feedback before the assignment us due in order to improve on your work and receive specific feedback on how to make it even better.

    Once a post is published you are able to edit your work and update the information.

    You must publish a post under two categories, the author, and the assignment. If you want feedback you can select the “feedback please” category, or leave a reply.

    Some things that we cannot comprehend we cover up by using the word God. It is impossible to comprehend and explain the universe and eternity.

    Once enough evidence is collected you can declare that fact making it your hypothesis. Others can argue and provide even more evidence. A constant argument.

    It is counterintuitive that facebook has more gender categories than the olympics.

    The argument differs depending on who the author is talking to.

    It is counterintuitive that a raise can be a bad thing because it can take away your qualification for healthcare.


  4. rowanstudent24 says:

    9/10 Notes:
    – Make sure to have all your posts in your category so Professor Hodges can see that all your assignments are completed.
    – The Feedback Please category is for the professor to review for feedback when you need it sooner than when he can get to it. Leave a reply about it if you want a specific kind of feedback.
    – We created god as a word to contain eternity. The idea that there was never a first moment is extremely difficult to comprehend.
    – Facebook has many different options when asked what your gender is. They even have a custom option so you can type your own. Professor stated that his answer would really depend on who the person is that’s asking.
    – Russian female athletes had to get tested to see if they were truly females because they were doing so well. There was one woman who had to take a hormone test and her testosterone level was too high to compete with the women.
    – A shopping list can be an argument with who is doing the shopping and the store you’re shopping at. If they’re out of something on the list, you have to make a different choice and choose the next best thing.
    – One of the art examples shows a sculpture of a bicycle wheel attached to a stool. It makes it counterintuitive because no one would ever expect those two things to be put together. This was definitely the best example because it really gave me a clear understanding of what counterintuitive means.


  5. thecommoncase says:

    Quote of the Day!
    -Thompson preaches against wasting words and then goes on to waste words…
    -Hodges fixes it don’t worry

    Card Hypothesis Riddle
    -The way you word things is so important
    -Only A & D need to be flipped over because we just need to prove that there is an even number on the vowel card and there isn’t one on the consonant card

    Coursework Mechanics
    -Feedback Please: If you finished your work early and want the prof to check your work, ask in that section

    -There is something backward about humans being created in God’s image, instead, we created the god we needed/God was created in our image
    -Everything we know is finite, it’s impossible for humans to wrap their head around the concept of the universe never beginning, just existing
    -Hodge’s Thoughts: Our inability to handle that concept means that we explain it by calling it God to make us feel better about what we don’t understand/can’t explain
    -Hypothesis can be proven, but new questions answered lead to more questions and critics from others
    -Facebook adds more options for gender and you can add in your own
    -Writers will determine how to answer a question by who’s asking
    -Olympics is a bit dated, only having two gender categories
    -Age is also surrounded in controversy, China gives hormones to young gymnasts to keep them younger and more nimble
    -A female sprinter for South Africa was gender tested multiple times and was determined to have too high of testosterone levels to compete with the other women
    -Raises the question, why do we need gender categories?

    Shopping List is an Argument
    -The person shopping could be an argument with the list
    – If the store doesn’t have what you need, now you’re in an argument with yourself about what’s the next best thing to get

    Duchamp & Diarists
    -Anne Frank edited her work because she intended on there being an audience
    -Art is a perfect representation of counterintuitivity, taking things out of their intended use and turn it into something it’s not supposed to do, which makes people think (good art makes people ponder)
    -Counterinituive Example: Duchamp takes objects away from their purpose and make it useless

    -An artists ahead of its time, knew how to paint perspective perfectly
    -Tom Jenison wondered how he could have done it, so he used mirrors to reflect images of the room and w/ no artistic training, he produced exact copies of Vermeer’s painting

    -If a 4 year old has a terminal illness and is suffering, how do people say they don’t have the choice to be euthanized
    -you are older than someone by how close you are to dying, not how old you are

    Raises Can Cause Harm
    -People on Medicare are scared to make more money because what if they no longer qualify for medicare and can’t get health insurance?
    -This limits them from other opportunities that the raise could have given them


  6. oaktree1234 says:

    Warm Up/ Reminders/ Coursework Mechanics:

    -quote: “Not a wasted word” -Hunter S. Thompson
    -daily notes reminder: count for attendance, demonstrate engagement, practice purposeful summary
    -side note: semicolon separates two independent clauses
    -riddle: every card that has vowel has even number on opposite side- which cards must you flip over? A and D, you can’t assume that the opposite hypothesis is true
    -reminder: put work in author category
    -feedback please: request feedback on a post by adding it to the ‘feedback please’ category


    -God made man in god’s image?
    We can’t handle the topic of eternity/ universe so we created god
    God is a way to explain things we can’t explain
    When answering questions about eternity “God” is not answering the question
    -Gender categories
    Facebook offers drop down menu and opportunity to enter your own
    may answer differently depending on audience
    Olympics- age category dispute- Chinese gymnasts given hormones to stay young and tiny
    Gender/ hormone testing
    do we need gender categories?
    -Professor’s shopping list is argument
    argument with self: out of stock and therefore must make different selection
    argument with other individual who goes shopping: do we need this? is blank a better option?
    -Diarists Lie
    audience dictates content of speech
    Romney uses different language among supporters (see video)
    -Bike wheel on seat is counterintuitive
    no function anymore, only appreciated for symmetry, art
    -Cheese grater and pairing knife- not art because it has function although its aesthetically pleasing
    -Vermeer 1st to master perspective lines
    -painting of breakfast, breakfast painted
    -briastric surgery on 3 yr old?
    -Euthanasia for kids- you’re order than someone else if you’re closer to dying
    -Medicaid is determined by income- raise can be a bad thing if it disqualifies you for something like free medical care

    most counterintuitive example- healthcare argument


  7. clementine102 says:

    My Notes- clementine102

    – “Not a wasted word. *This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life*. Ever.”
    – Hunter S. Thompson
    – This quote has a wasted sentence therefore this use of the quote is ironic
    – A two minute advice video would be very helpful so that I can do a better job of purposefully summarizing your lectures.

    – Card Hypothesis Riddle –
    – The answer of this riddle is card A and D. Card D is necessary because if Card D has a vowel behind it, then it would violate the hypothesis. We need Card A because a vowel is on the front and if there is an even number on the back, then it would prove the hypothesis right.

    – Theory: The idea of eternity is so big that man created the idea of God.
    – Other peoples theories are subject to argumentation and calls for different opinions
    – Facebook has more options for gender identity than the olympics
    – When we have a argument, your answer may vary depending on who your audience is
    – In 1999, the Olympics stopped gender testing.
    – The shopping list can be an argument because if the grocery store doesn’t have something specific on your list, you will be having an argument with yourself of what will be the next best thing in place of the item.
    -Anne Frank’s diary is counterintuitive because you would think that her diary was written only for herself but she actually wrote it for a specific audience
    – Marcel Duchamp-
    – Made an art piece with a stool and a bicycle wheel. Both objects have different functions but he made art with it, which created a different purpose for the objects. (Counterintuitive)
    – Also made art with a drying rack from a glass factory and called it his own piece
    – Tim Vermeer was able to recreate a painting by looking at the painting upside down
    – Counterintuitvity Example: A job raise can be harmful if you want to eligible for Medicaid in this country which is counterintuitive because getting a raise should be a good thing for people.


  8. runnerd4 says:

    Thursday 9/10/2020
    QUOTE: Hunter S. Thompson “Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life (crossed out by professor). Ever.” He had a good idea, but he wasted words in the quote haha.

    Remember: class notes are technique for attendance
    We are practically creating a purposeful summary from the lecture with the class notes.
    I’d definitely like advice on how to earn a four for my notes in a two minute video.

    Riddle: Card A and D need to be flipped. B and C are irrelevant.

    Please create a 2 minute video for feedback please.
    Always remember to put your posts in your username category.
    Feedback please is a category. Let him know what type of feedback you would like in the comment section.

    Counterintuitivity Lecture:
    The idea of eternity is extremely hard for us to grasp.
    Theory: we created God as a way to contain eternity.
    We never know when we are done asking questions or when we are done testing our theory/hypothesis.
    Facebook added a long lists of gender options.
    The who’s asking determines how he will answer the gender question.
    The gender questioning seems in a way counterintuitive because a lot of people would go with the intuitive answer of male and female.
    Some olympic athletes had to be tested to be sure that they are actually women.
    A shopping list, like every other written document, is an argument.
    We decide what is important from our shopping list and sometimes we have to substitute it with another products.
    If someone else goes shopping for you, they might argue with what you chose to put on the list
    It seems that Anne Frank actually wanted her diary read. It seems that it was edited by Anne Frank edited her diary for future readers.
    Romney on Obama Voters video
    The wheel on a chair ruined the function of both objects. It is now a work of art and seems to be counterintuitive. It can only be art if it has no other function.
    Many examples of art which seem very counterintuitive
    ex: breakfast that has been painted, man on a bus painted.
    For different ages, we think of how much life they either have ahead of them or how much life they have behind them.
    A raise can end up being a bad thing example when you’re qualifying and not qualifying for free medicare.
    The example that helped me understand counterintuitvity the best: the gender questioning or the breakfast painted.


  9. jeffbezos123 says:

    Class Notes
    -Make sure that you summmarize what you believe is important.
    – *Write a hypothesis THIS WEEK*
    -hypothesis have a direct meaning
    -Make sure that you post is selected in your author catagory. Recently forgot to
    -Go Back press edit and from there you can change it. Go to sidebar, and check off
    -You can also check off feedback please
    -This is so he knows that you want him to give you some feedback.
    -To really catch your eye if you need help, leave a reply post on your issue
    – Are inabillity to comprehend something
    – such as beliving that there was a first event ever in history
    – This is why we use god because it is hard to comprehend and understand
    – What we belive to be the case is most likely not the right answer to everyone
    -You will never stop answering questions
    – Everything can be considered an argument
    – It could be an argument with the person shopping
    -You as well internally, If they are out of what you want. You have to make a better choice on what infomation you have.
    – Anne franks Diary was intended for a target audience
    -This makes it counterintuitive

    The example that helped me most understand counterintuity is the example about socialism and free health care. Why do we have to set rules for people to be able to get this.


  10. cucumberlemonadee says:

    Notes are taken as attendance

    Riddle – Hypothesis Riddle
    Fact: each card has a letter and a number
    Hypothesis : Every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on its opposite side.
    The Test: Which card or cards must you turn over in order to test the hypothesis
    My answer : All four cards
    The correct answer :

    “ Feedback please “

    What is eternity ?
    An unanswerable question because we can not comprehend it. Humans made god into their own image to create a being that made a heaven.

    Gender : Facebook has a large quantity of gender identities while the Olympics used to have very strict views on gender. The Olympics went as far as to gender test the athletes until 1999, however if your appearance causes a dispute among rivals you can still be tested. Chinese gymnastics were required to be at least 16 so they would be “women” and not “girls” which isn’t exactly a gender problem but it’s still a discriminatory rule.

    Every written document is an argument.
    Shopping list : A shopping list is an argument for the store. If the store only has non organic kale rather than the organic kale you wanted, you argue with yourself over what the difference really is.

    Is euthanasia on a 6 year old ethical ?
    No. What about a 100 year old with a terminal illness ?Well yes because they are suffering. so what about a 6 year old with a terminal illness who is also suffering?


  11. bigblue821 says:

    The riddle exposed the nature of humans to jump to conclusions. The hypothesis was that every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on its opposite side. This made me think about the cards with odd numbers and consonants, although the hypothesis said nothing about either odds or consonants. The correct train of thought would leave you flipping over cards A and D.

    Lecture: “Counterintuitivity”
    God may be a symbol for all things that we cannot explain. All writing, even a shopping list, can be argumentative.
    Truths can all be flexible.
    The example that has portrayed the concept of counterintuity the best, was the segment about when a raise could be bad. There are so many factors that contribute to your life and every decision you have to make. Taking a raise could force you to purchase your own insurance, which in turn would cost a lot of money.


  12. cardinal7218 says:

    -people argue that men and women aren’t different but they also want to have equal numbers of men and women on a college campus to promote diversity….that seems counterintuitive. Can you really think both things?
    -shopping list is still an argument. Argument about what will be in the store and what you will buy. Maybe you want a certain brand of ice cream that they don’t have, so you have to settle on a different brand. Maybe the organic kale is more expensive than the regular kale, so you decide to go for the regular kale
    -You give the list to your wife, and it’s a different argument. You think you know what you need, but your wife knows better than you, and she will argue that, and she will prove it by coming home with better purchases than what you wanted. The audience changes the argument and the purpose
    -Audience dictates the context of someone’s speech
    -Our truths are flexible
    -A wheel in a chair- counterintuitive art
    -it can only be art if you take these objects and take away their functionality but you still find a way to appreciate it
    -You find all knew ways to appreciate it, you notice the symmetry and the curvature and the way it looks like a sculpture
    -Counterintuitive: these objects had a function, someone took that function away. But you can still appreciate those objects as art??
    -Vermeer is a famous artist, famous for mastering perspective. But is that true? Someone with no artistic ability recreated Vermeer’s style by using a machine. Counterintuitive: we think Vermeer is an artistic genius, but someone with no artistic ability was able to recreate his work
    -More counterintuitive art: real things are painted to appear as though they are a painting. Paintings (sometimes) are supposed to be the imitation, they imitate life. But now, life is imitating the art
    -a six year old with a terminal illness and a hundred year old are the same age. They have the same distance to death. You’re older than another person if you’re closer to your death- not farther than your birth, but closer to your death, which is counterintuitive to the way people usually think.
    -Healthcare is determined by the poverty level. If you’re getting free healthcare and you’re offered a raise, and that raise puts you right over the salary limit for free healthcare, then you don’t take the raise and you stop yourself from having enough money to actually better your health.
    -that last example from Naima helped me understand the most, I think. It really clearly showed two conflicting things/something that works against something else, creating an outcome that isn’t logical or works against the original goal (healthcare is supposed to care for your health, but by refusing a raise to keep free healthcare, people are hurting their health)
    -I wouldn’t mind a video on feedback


  13. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    My Notes-
    Riddle: The riddle brought attention to understanding a claim. It can relate to creating a hypothesis by proving that if it isn’t stated or explained then it isn’t a part of the paper being written or it needs to be worded better.

    There is no explanation for the term eternity. We cannot comprehend or talk about (well anyway) how it could work. Mankind’s best way has been to claim eternity is god (or gods). This does not explain what eternity is it only avoids the question and allows a person to be content with the world around them.

    A moral dilemma of, if all people are created equal then why should it matter who competes in the Olympics for what event and what gender side or what pronouns and what identifiable categories should be present on Facebook. The idea of does it matter is not mentioned and the idea of if it bothers people is also untouched (The part about the Olympics just brings up that question).

    Taking a raise can put you over the eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid which can cost you $3000 more a year ($5000 medical covered, you get a raise, make 2k more a year, no longer eligible, 5k out of pocket, losing $3000).

    Counterintuitive best speaks to me through the issue of taking a raise, although medical isn’t a necessity for every person, taking a raise should never be harmful. Now other things could be done to make life easier (like reducing medical costs), but overall it’s something that most people wouldn’t expect to deal with when offered a raise. That decline of a raise might also take you out of the list for a promotion because it seems that you don’t want more responsibility in your job which only feeds the fire of not being able to get out of poverty.


  14. cfriery says:

    9/10/20 Notes:

    Hunter S. Thompson
    Don’t waste your words

    Please make a 2-minute video on what YOU want from US for notes 🙂 Please give us advice on how we can get a 4/3.

    Riddle: Card Hypothesis
    Card A,B,C,D corresponds to E,G,2,3

    Hypothesis: Testing cards for vowels + even #’s
    Answer: A and C
    Real Answer: A and D

    When you write a hypothesis it must mean something quite specific.

    Feedback Please category
    – What’s it for?: Feedback for a post before final submission
    – No need for a video from me!

    Home on counterintuitivity takes you to the most recent posts on the blog. Please be sure to put your blog posts in proper category!

    If you bring donuts I’ll definitely come to class haha!

    Went to catholic school. Man made God in man’s image? Lovely picture. We don’t know what eternity means. We call eternity God. Our inability to handle “limitless” is why we created God. All-knowing. Use God to contain all things truly unknown. “Faith in Unanswerable Questions”.

    Facebook has more gender categories than the Olympics. You can put a custom answer for your gender on Facebook.
    Important: Who’s asking will determine the answer most of the time.

    Would it be better or worse to remove gender categories in the Olympics?

    Every writing is an argument.
    Grocery List:
    Argument with self over decisions
    Argument with store
    Argument with self over lack of decisions

    Audience dictates the content of someone’s speech. How flexible our truth’s really are.

    Is “certain items” art?
    “Art is something created for no other purpose than to be observed.

    Best example of Counterintuitivity in lecture:
    – The counterintuitive chair/unicycle/art piece
    – Mirror painting/Perspective painting

    Older than another person dependant on how close to death.

    When a Raise is a Bad Thing:


  15. BigBarry2 says:

    3 Cards, A, C, and D


  16. 612119d says:

    Hunter S. Thompson
    Don’t waste your words
    Riddle- Taught me how you have to think outside the box to find some answers and that you have to think deeply and share your thoughts
    Man made God in man’s image? We don’t know what eternity means. Humans created God to answer. All-knowing. Use God to contain all things truly unknown. “Faith in Unanswerable and no one wil ever truly know.
    Facebook has more gender categories than the Olympics. You can put a custom answer for your gender on Facebook.
    Olympics stopped gender testing
    Anne frank diary ismt really a diary cuase she edited to be put out
    Art is in eye of the beholder


  17. mhmokaysure says:

    09/10/2020 Notes
    Don’t try to go crazy and use an unnecessary amount of words. Stay simple and adhere to requirements.
    – It is important to recognize which aspects of research are critical to proving or disproving a hypothesis, and which aspects are completely irrelevant, but seem like they can be important.
    -Feedback For You
    – Add feedback for you category to your writing in order to receive feedback, bump up if urgent.
    – Religion and god may have been created as an answer to the eternal mystery of the topic of human existence. Understanding that there was always something is impossible for humans to understand. When people are faced with an issue beyond their comprehension, we tend to explain it with a supernatural answer.
    – Scientific thinking is constantly improved upon, increased with the improvement in the method of testing. Generationally our knowledge progresses, however, we are most likely wrong.
    – Facebook, with other companies following, is advancing the talk and openness of gender, allowing users to select from a list of genders, as well as giving people the option to input their own custom preferred gender.
    – The Olympics are going to be faced with the issue of gender identification. Up until recently, genders have been considered binary, and competition has been divided according to it. This leads to the aspect of counterintuitivity, where your argument is based on preexisting beliefs and what you believe beforehand on a certain topic.
    -Shopping List Argument
    – Can be an argument between your current self and past self. You can go to the store, and with new evidence replace your conclusion, changing your mind on what you need.
    – By sharing it with someone else, you can have a bigger argument. *Your purpose, therefore, changes along with your audience.*
    – For example, Anne Frank’s editing towards the end of her diary with the purpose of having it published
    – Mitt Romney discussing the fact that 47% of voters will not vote for him no matter what he does, and instead has to focus on the 5-10% that may.
    Can be defined by each individual. Often times it challenges the views of others, meant to cause controversy or simply be visually appealing.
    Vermeer’s painting was considered revolutionary due to his convincing use of perspective. Tim Jansen used the “Camera Obscura” Dark Room method to reflect an image upside down but in proper scale and perspective. He had no artistic experience and was able to recreate Vermeer’s painting, and possibly proving that Vermeer himself may have used this method.


  18. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes-
    Card riddle- card hypothesis
    hypothesis – If a card with a vowel is turned over the number will be even.

    Feed back please- Looking for help on a post
    Counterintuitive thinking- God was created to answer the questions we can’t answer.
    Facebook has more gender categories than the Olympics, this is used to make their users feel more comfortable and use the app more often.
    using fake birthdays to trick google.( April Fools)

    My shopping list is an argument- you can go to the store and change your mind if something on your list is not in the store.
    Anything written down can be and argument.

    Mit Romney- wanted to run for election but wasn’t going to try and reach 47%. He must try and convience the small percent to vote for him. He wants to convience the 10 % who are in between to vote for him, because the 47% want everything handed to them and will never work for anything so he knows they won’t vote for him.

    Bicycle counterintuitive- the wheel won’t function as they were designed to be used.
    A cheese grater is not art because it is functioning.

    Tim’s Vermeer- uses mirrors to paint images without actually drawing anything.

    A painting of breakast is not really a painting of breakfast it’s breakfast painted.

    Euthanasia for kids- a 75 yr old man with a terminal illnesses is goof canidate for euthanasia. Is it okay for a 6 yr old to get Euthanized? Only if the case is so serious and life is not tolerable then it is okay.


  19. tcarter101 says:

    my notes
    The catholic way that we are taught is that God created man and the universe. However, it’s more likely that we use god as a way of comfort for us to have unanswered questions like what is the meaning of life or why are we here it gives us comfort from not being able to answer these questions. I also believe the mystery is and the pursuit to answer this question is what fuels science and medicine as well as philosophy. The many new questions and answers to this continuing progressing world that we live in with different ways that we identify ourselves as. we see social media like Facebook growing to progress with this change. Identity in the Olympics we no longer gender testing to determine sexual identity. All writing is an argument even with yourself over something as simple as a grocery list. anything that you write down can constantly change with the progression of people over time and the audience that you are writing this too. Art as well has changed over time to redetermine what art is and how it classifies as art.


  20. corinnebuck1219 says:

    -Shortened today’s quote
    -make sure all posts are in proper category
    -feedback please is for prof to review feedback and comment if looking for specific feedback
    -riddle: E and 2 flipped
    – to answer the question of why the universe exists, people use the word ‘God’ to give us comfort to understand this phenomenon
    -science is all about progress
    – olympics is outdated for only having 2 genders
    -facebook allows users to express their genders freely (“who’s asking?”)
    -gender testing on athletes (what is the best way to determine male/ female?)
    – diarists lie ( Anne Frank)
    -shopping list is argumentative, meaning it depends who is shopping and where at
    -Romney said 47% will vote for obama and don’t pay income tax
    – bike wheel and stool is counterintuitive- no functions and are art or trash
    – cheese grater and knife not art since it is a household item with function, but pleasing to the eye
    -glass dryer became art since he called it art
    -vermeer painting revolutionary since perspective was so convincing
    – vermeer may have not actually drawn anything
    -breakfast painted
    – 3 year old undergo bariatric surgery
    -75 yr old lived most life, 6 yr old only 6 years away from birth (Euthanasia on kids)
    – turn down raise or leave job so still can be qualified for medicaid


  21. dayzur says:

    ***Make sure to put notes in the reply under the agenda tab for the day***
    -Omit needless words
    -Maybe God created in man’s image, instsead of us made in his image.
    -God made to answer questions that we can’t
    -There was a time where something didn’t exist, and there is only so much time that we are here but possbily never forgotten
    -“What we believe to be the case is probably not”
    -As long as we know a little more than the last generation, is progress
    -Facebook adding multiple other gender options to sooth the users uncomfortable with male or female
    -Answers could really depend on “Who’s asking?”
    -Any writing could be argument, even a shopping list
    -The bicycle wheel will not function as it should, as well as the stool
    -Both objects deprived of functionality
    -Once deprived, it can only be art or trash
    -Clearest case of countertuintivity: Those identifying as female using testosterone and competing in athletic female-specified events


  22. comicdub says:

    -If we write a 2,000 essay that was supposed to be 1,000, Professor will cross things out like the daily quote
    -Class Notes are supposed to go as a reply under the Agenda page
    -Word press time stamps the notes and puts our username so Professor knows who was in class that day
    -For the riddle, you only have to flip over card A because it is the only one that tests your hypothesis
    -You can click the edit button on your own posts to make changes to them
    -You can add your post to the “Feedback Please” category to get the attention of the Professor to comment on your post
    -If you really want immediate Feedback you can comment on your own post what kind of Feedback you want
    -Maybe God is made in the image of man
    -It is impossible to comprehend that there was always something that never had a start it just has always been there
    -We use the word God as a place holder for for those things we cannot comprehend
    -Every fact gets checked by the next people to come along and comes up with a better answer
    -When answering what your gender is, it depends on who’s asking because it depends on if that person accepts that.
    -Even your own shopping list can be an argument
    -If you can convince and audience that did not agree with you is when you have argued counterintuitively this example is what helped me understand the concept of counterinuitive the best
    -As soon as you deprive something of it’s functionality, you either classify it of art or trash (Professor’s definition of art)


  23. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Quote= contradicting statement …Sometimes words are wasted
    Omit needless words
    Daily notes in reply section!!!
    Riddle: Think critically. Discuss to learn from others.
    How to get feedback quicker: category or reply
    God??? Reasoning and explanation
    Some solutions are untrue but give us comfort
    A lot of conclusions we draw are wrong
    Facebook Categories
    Gender… can it be tested??
    Age groups and the Olympics
    Ideas of what is right is always changing as time goes on
    Grocery list argument: Future vs past self
    Purpose for writing always changes based on audience
    Mitt Romney’s View—counterintuitive or not depends on viewpoints
    Art vs Trash… something that is no longer functional
    Life is starting to imitate art
    Lot of art is starting to become counterintuitive
    Is euthanasia ethical??? Depends on which way you are viewing age
    Hypothesis due Monday!!!


  24. l8tersk8ter says:

    The riddle got me good 😦
    Feedback Please – add category to post if feedback wanted but not yet received or if you want it quickly, can also comment on your own reply specifying what feedback is wanted
    Was God created to add an explanation for mysteries that humans can’t comprehend? Kind of just makes more mystery
    Scientific way of thinking – what we believe to be probably isn’t, facts are progress based on improvements in testing and evidence
    Facebook offers multitude of gender options, Olympics splits into two categories (male/female), but those categories don’t always fit everyone, girls vs women, what about transgender, how do you define a woman w/ high testosterone, or a male with female genitalia, etc., the problem is deciding the best markers for which gender is which
    Shopping list as an argument – present self can argue w/ past self that wrote the list, can be based on new evidence (ex. what is and isn’t in stock), can be argument w/ spouse using list, audience changes purpose which is also why diarists lie
    Mitt Romney – doesn’t worry about the 47% that will vote for Obama and don’t pay income taxes, appeals to audience, does not make sense to the assumption that those two categories are the same exact 47%
    Duchamp’s art deprives parts of their original function, changes view of parts other than their usual use
    A functional cheese grater that looks beautifully made Is not art, it’s a tool – it’s our choice what we call art
    Artist putting plate of breakfast on table and paints it to look like a painting instead of a real plate of breakfast, same as painting people to photograph them
    Medicaid users turn down raises because they would lose their insurance but not make enough money to survive on their own and have proper access to healthcare
    The clearest understanding of counterintuitive came from the example of the shopping list. A list is something when made is thought to be exact and final aside from what may be added, but when going to use the list its accuracy can depend on who is using it, what is available, and your mind could change on what you really want.


  25. sunshine2818 says:

    class september 10

    Not a wasted word. Ever
    -Hunter S. Thompson
    Makes sure you put nots as a reply
    4 cards
    Hypothesis – each vowel has an even number
    Answer A and C

    Can ask for FeedBack in the category section
    Post early for feed back
    And be specific on what you need

    Something that is beyond our comprehension
    God is used as a solution or comfort
    Facebook has more gender categories than the olympics

    Olympics and gender testing with athletes
    Athlete is a women and Identifies as a women, but she naturally produces testosterone
    The debate on gender will continue to evolve generations to come
    Everything written is an argument
    Mitt romey
    From different perspectives somethings will sound counterintuitive and some will not

    Counterintuitive to use two functioning object and look at them as art
    However when brought together is can be considered art.
    Tim’s Vermeer
    Able to match colors and dab paint using a mirror

    Is painting breakfast still considered a painting of breakfast
    Euthanized of a 6 year old
    – A 6 year old might be seen as older and closer to death
    The people on medicaid who have to leave their job in fear of getting paid too much money


  26. rowanstudent says:

    notes 9/10
    Don’t waste your words. ever.
    how to give someone feedback “feedback please”
    God is too big to comprehend.
    Testing your mind backwards is impossible, nothing can be beyond all comprehension, so we call that God (all of the mysteries we cannot explain)
    we are more than just gender, however, it all depends on who’s asking, who your audience is.
    chose a different way of trying to determine something and you will come up with more than one solution.
    can have dispute with former self and current self, everything is an argument!!!
    once objects lose function it is either trash or art.


  27. BigBarry2 says:

    9/10 Notes
    Quote of the day: “Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life. Ever.” -Hunter S. Thompson. Professor Hodges fixed the quote to “Not a wasted word. ever.” which is also better in my opinion. Card riddle: you would have to flip 3 cards, Card A, Card C, and Card D. Counterintuitive Thinking, did we create god or did god create us? I also believe that people created god because there were so many things that people couldn’t explain or understand that they decided to say god created it. Facebook has more gender options than the olympics. I think you should always have to gender test athletes. Is any type of list an argument even if you are the one who wrote it and are now reading it? i believe so because at one time you could think you need a certain amount of something and later that day realize that quantity is no longer what you need. It seems as if Anne Frank wanted her journal to be found and read because it seems like she did alot of editing to it. Mitt Romney being counterintuitive. Just about anything can be turned into art, objects that have a function and have nothing to do with art can be turned into pieces of art.
    Euthanasia for Kids, is this okay? It all depends, there is many factors. If somebody is already very close to death and is in terrible pain, should this be allowed.


  28. shadowswife says:

    Riddle: Card Hypothesis
    Cards A and D are essential in testing the hypothesis because A has a vowel and the hypothesis involves vowels having even numbers. D has an odd number which can prove the hypothesis wrong if it has a vowel so it must be flipped over to test the hypothesis.
    – Theory: God was made in man’s image.
    * It is assumed that people can’t handle how limitless the universe is. Thus, they deem the
    universe God.
    * God doesn’t solve how people can comprehend the universe, so a deity is used for things that
    can’t be understood.
    + What we believe to be the case is probably not.
    – Facebook is giving people a chance to choose from multiple gender categories.
    * However, for some people, they’re unable to be addressed with the proper pronouns.
    – The Olympics are categorized by gender.
    * Dutee Chand’s appearance caused her to get tested for her gender and it was determined that
    her body produces too much testosterone which gives an “unfair” advantage when competing
    against other women.
    + With these binary categories being deemed as controversial, it’s debatable about whether they
    are still relevant to today’s perspective on gender.
    – Shopping lists can be an argument depending on the situation.
    * Whether something is affordable.
    * Something is out of stock and you need to make decisions.
    * Suggestions on products.
    – When provided enough evidence, whether the hypothesis is right or wrong, it is proven to be a
    * However, people can still take this supposed fact and try to disprove it.
    + There can be no end in asking questions about questions.
    Counterintuitive Example:
    Anne Frank’s diary made me understand counterintuitive better because of how it tells me that everything is not what it seems. It would be assumed that her diary would be personal but in actuality, it was rewritten by her so the diary can grab the audience’s attention when it was published.


  29. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    9/10 Class Notes

    -Class notes are important, it’s the way of taking attendance- belongs to the Daily Agenda

    -Each card has a number and on one side and a letter on the other
    -Hypothesis- every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on it’s opposite side
    test: Which one would you have to turn over- A B C D
    -Correct Answer: Turn A and D

    -You can edit your own posts.
    -Search Category- select Feedback, and click update
    -If you post early, you can select that you need Feedback, and comment on your own post about what specific feedback you need
    -this allows for the Professor to know when you need assistance

    Counterintuitive Thinking:
    -they say God created us in His image, but one doesn’t really know this. If anything, we made God in our image, we view Him the way we want to.
    -We can’t comprehend infinite space without bounds, it’s beyond our knowledge
    -We use the word God to give us comfort knowing it feels benevolent.
    -Facebook has more gender categories than the Olympics
    -Instead of just having female and male, so they first started with having a specified lists such as transgender, cisgender, gender fluid intersex, agender androgyne androgynous, cis.
    -Depends on who’s asking, using surveys to find out about people, how they would react to the who’s asking question
    -Stop gender-testing athletes!
    -Even if they are producing a ton of testosterone, are they man? Is that a woman?
    -Counterintuitive- everyone things they know what they mean by something, but they are wrong
    -different ways of determining gender.
    -Gender identity in any field is worth discussing.

    Shopping List is an Argument
    -Someone can argue that you don’t really need a certain item.
    -Argue with your earlier self about the contents you really need or what you can get.
    -When new evidence is presented, you can withdraw you first conclusion and develop a new one
    -someone else can also disagree with your shopping list.

    Counterintuitive about a politician tall gating his audience to different audiences isn’t counterintuitive

    Bicycle, will the wheel and stool serve their function, are they art? No they can’t because they have functionality. If you take it away, it’s either trash or used as art.

    Breakfast painted- actually a plate of food and put paint on.


  30. wafflesrgud22 says:


    -Professor went to Catholic school and all things unanswered or incomprehensible on earth is referred to as God
    -“Faith in unanswerable questions”

    -“More gender categories than the olympics”
    -Professor wishes his pronouns were “we” and “us” rather than “his” and “he”
    -Facebook evolution similar to olympic dispute about young girls(16yrs?) being women or girls?
    -Olympic ran “gender tests” (to tests steroids for women who had artificial masculine strengths)
    -Tests stopped in 1999 unless there is enough dispute with rivals (Dutee Chand)
    -Should the Olympics stop doing men and women categories and do all genders in one event?

    Written argument: shopping list
    -Writing is made for a specific audience, one that we know will not “dispute” against it
    -BUT what if someone else reads it? (shopping list: what if the wife reads the list?)
    -Anne Frank’s diary was heavily edited by her father, Frank

    -opposite of what is expected, it’s not necessarily a bad thing
    -Mitt Romney example: the other 47% (not voting for him) thought his remark about people who rely on the government was counterintuitive for his presidential campaign (clear understanding for what counterintuitive meant because my dad and I talked about this not too long ago and he said himself it was the opposite of what Romney should have said)

    -Duchamp’s Readymades: challenged what made art art
    -the bike wheel and stool are not serving their purpose so now it’s art (good example of counterintuitive)
    -Grater and knife at Philly museum were so beautifully crafted BUT also functional… is that considered art too?
    -Alexa Meade painted real things (eggs and man on bus) to make it look like art or a painting
    Most artists would paint on a white canvas to make art look real, but she made real things look like art


  31. Nimadhury says:

    Daily Class Notes
    – How attendance is marked
    – Reply to daily agenda page

    – Card Hypothesis Riddle
    ○ Which cards do we need to flip over to test our hypothesis?
    ○ We’re not trying to prove the opposite
    ○ The goal is to focus on our hypothesis
    – Our hypothesis will begin with a broad topic

    Coursework Mechanics
    – Feedback Please is the structure to have Professor Hodges look at our work and give feedback

    Lecture: Counterintuivity
    1. Shopping List is an argument with whoever is doing the shopping

    2. Anne Frank’s Diary
    a. Did she write her diary for the purpose of it to be read by others
    b. If so, how genuine is it?

    3. Mitt’s Audience
    a. Careful planning to approach a topic from different angles
    b. Deliberate bias
    i. Hides to haters
    ii. Shows to donors

    4. Duchamp’s Readymade
    a. Is it art because they now have no other purpose

    5. Tim’s Vermeer
    a. Tim showed that Vermeer could have used a mirror not artistic skill for his work

    6. One More About Art
    a. Painting subjects to look like paintings

    7. Bariatric Surgery
    a. Someone who needs help with losing weight should receive services
    b. What about a 3 year old?
    i. Why is this disturbing and should we make adjustments to how we determine who needs help?

    8. Euthanasia For Kids
    a. Is life measured by how much we have behind us?
    i. Or all the age ahead?
    b. What is a 2 year old is as close to dying as a 100 year old?

    I found the euthanasia for kids example most effective in demonstrating counterintuivity


  32. Nancet says:

    Sept. 10 Notes
    Warm up
    -Card hypothesis riddle
    -Leave answer below

    Course work Mechanics
    -Feedback please
    -What is it for? How to use it

    -Respond to today’s lecture

    -My hypothesis
    -Due 11:59 pm Mon Sept.14


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