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Practice Opening – Rosekyd

Although the vaccine is meant to help, the people of Nigeria are still very skeptical of it’s effectiveness and it’s side effects. According to the article, vaccination teams were not only rude about handing out this vaccination but also all … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography-Hailthegreat8

Tracy Trautner, Michigan State University Extension. “Authoritarian Parenting Style.” MSU Extension, 20 Sept. 2018, Background: In this article by Tracy Trautner called “Sympathetic parenting style,” Tracy Trautner describes Sympathetic parenting styles used on children. Tracy Trautner goes into depth and talks about … Continue reading

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practice opening- wafflesrgud22

The goal to eradicate the poliovirus to some may seem like an intangible one. However, there are ways that we can come together to combat this disease. There are extremists on both sides to the situation. On one hand people … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—sonnypetro

Polio has hit Afghanistan and a few other middle eastern countries and still remains the only country with the polio endemic. Afghanistan has started some major pushes to stop the spread of this horrible disease. You must be vaccinated a … Continue reading

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Practice Opening Rewrite- cardinal

The public’s resistance to vaccination efforts will stop polio from being eradicated. In Nigeria, vaccination efforts were derailed by mere rumors. Anti-polio vaccination groups spread false information about vaccines containing AIDS or harmful drugs, creating defiance toward vaccination. Resistance is … Continue reading

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A Practice Opening – SmilingDogTheProfWants

No entity can eradicate Polio from the world. The world is a place of much distrust regardless of religion, politics, or favorite football team. Humans can be naturally greedy, and as such, we can be deceiving, which leads to an … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—clementine102

The new development of the polio vaccine is causing chaos despite health care workers effort to protect the citizens of this world. Rumors have been spreading about the polio vaccine by people who are living in fear of what this … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – akidfromakro

Due to opposition of vaccines in places like Nigeria, it will be nearly impossible to eradicate Polio. The country has had leadership who does not seem to have the citizens best interest in mind at times, and that makes them … Continue reading

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practice opening—rowanstudent

The eradication of polio seems near impossible after countless attempts to defeat it. The first known outbreaks of polio rooted from Europe in the 1800s. This disease has been around long enough, disabling, and also taking several lives. Nigeria is … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—hailthegreat8

Polio can be eradicated. The World Health Organization identifies three types of wild poliovirus; none can survive outside the human body. Research shows that if the poliovirus cannot find an unvaccinated person to infect, it will die out. The virus … Continue reading

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