Reflective Statement-MysteryLimbo

  • Core Value I: After taking Comp 2 my skill in identifying problems such as grammar, sources, and other mecanics have improved drastically. The way we were taught throughout the semester was though conversation more than anything and it helps you see writing/literature from different points of view. Learning in this way allowed me to learn writing isn’t linear and there’s a case to be made about anything in writing. Writing is an argument and understanding that is important for this writing course and any other writing course.  The rewrite mechanic that we used throughout the semester is another example showing how writing isn’t linear, it should be taken in steps.
  • Core Value II. Texts create meaning and spark the initial conversation of any paper. For example for anyone trying to make a point throughout their paper. A good way to start would be by introducing the article or book and providing a quote. The quote will give the paper a good foundation to provide the meaning of the argument of your paper. Although quotes are information meaning can be presented in many ways like even introducing an author is a way of creating meaning.
  • Core Value III. Writing is shaped by its audience. The audience matter is so much because it helps the reader connect with your writing. The writing style is solely based off of its audience. For example, for an educated audience, the writer would use very formal writing because with the audience being educated there would be no need to explain simple things. Your audience is very critical to the delivery of your paper.  
  • Core Value IV. Information is the most thing about a paper arguably because it gives your paper validity. Without proper sources a paper could have little to no meaning. If a paper has good reliable academic sources it not only makes that paper credible it also makes your paper a good sources of an argument. Information is very important when writing a paper and it is important to gather multiple academic texts.
  • Core Value V. Writing is about providing information and the ethical part of it is being able to provide correct information. Misleading readers through propaganda is rising problem in the United States media. It is the job of the writer to provide the necessary information so that they don’t mislead their reader. Misleading your reader and making them believe propaganda is unethical on the writers part.
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