08 Class WED FEB 17

Mandatory Conferences

Eyes Only

Mandatory makes them sound like an unpleasant chore, but for me they were delightful opportunities to chat with students I have been regrettably separated from for weeks. Most of you remembered to return to the chart to leave me feedback and a record of the progress we made together on your Hypotheses.

Conference Feedback

Most of you clearly enjoyed the experience and left Notes to indicate that conferences were helpful, usually enlightening, even entertaining. All in all, I’m awarding us all high grades for the exercise.A+

Altogether, I have now met with 28 of you for your Mandatory first-half conferences. That leaves almost of dozen of you who have not made or kept an appointment.

Conferences are required for several reasons. 1) They’re entertaining for you and for me. 2) Early guidance on your Hypothesis is the surest way to get your research project on track before it’s too late. 3) The class does not wait for students to catch up. A week from now, you’ll be sharing your first 5 Sources in your White Paper. Without a strong, narrow Hypothesis, gathering sources is a waste of your time.

I highly recommend you return to the Chart and make an appointment for FRI SEP 25.

Conferences Chart

If you’re REALLY LOST about this process, find the Mandatory Conferences link on the home page of the blog under Syllabus Plus.

Conferences in the Menu

Feedback Please

The one sad side-effect of spending so much time chatting with my beloved students is that I have fallen briefly behind in Feedback Please requests. FP is still the quickest way to get me to provide you assistance on specific assignments, but I will need time to catch up on these responses, especially if a dozen students make requests for Conferences on Friday. Thursdays I am fully booked, so it will be until the weekend before I can get back to feedback.

Early Warnings about Hypotheses

Most of us have now chatted about your hypotheses, so this little section is directed at students who haven’t conferenced. For them, I offer some warnings about common Hypothesis warning signs.

Your proposal for a hypothesis is risky, MyStudent, because OVERLY POPULAR topics like the one you propose pose three very real problems:

1. WORNOUT TOPIC. The arguments about them are so completely exhausted there is very little new another paper can add to the discourse.
2. PLAGIARISM RISK. The ready availability of research papers for sale create a very tempting situation for students who feel pressured to finish something original at the end of the semester.
3. RISK OF FAILURE. More than one of my students have failed the course by borrowing heavily from papers on marijuana legalization, violent video games, an end to abortion, capital punishment, and smart device addiction.

F come see me

My approach to anyone interested in these broad topics is threefold.

1. I try strenuously to guide them away from the topic toward something fresh and untrodden.
2. If that fails, I help them craft a unique perspective on the topic that avoids most of what’s already been written and researched.
3. If that fails, I demand very strong, very early, and well-documented evidence of original research before the halfway point of the semester. Students who show they’re doing their own work before the end of the semester mitigate the appearance that they might be trying to copy their way to a finished product.
4. If those steps fail, so too, usually, does the student.

Research Tips

Tiger Buick

Writing Mechanics

In-class Task (or Take-Home Task if we don’t have time in class)

The White Paper Task

Polio Vaccine


  • White Paper First Draft
    • 5 New Sources
    • Link to sources in your White Paper
    • Sketch the Bibliographic data
    • Purposefully Summarize New Sources
    • Use Research Tips to find New Sources at Google Search or Rowan’s Campbell Library Database

28 Responses to 08 Class WED FEB 17

  1. Nimadhury says:

    Research Tips
    – “I can’t find anyone who has the specific research as I have”
    – Still possible to find sources on my topic
    EX: Westboro Baptist Church: go to inappropriate places to protest their hateful messages
    – makes them despicable and their views
    ex: oprah: want to disassociate from her affirmations
    Find someone who has the same idea as I is a FAIL
    Stop thinking and talk to someone when we’re stuck
    USing library database to get articles and journals student perk


  2. Jessicariccio says:

    Take advantage of feedback please to get assistance to better your work

    Do not use a wornout topic because the idea is exhausted

    Do not use plagiarism or there is risk of failure

    Narrow down topics that are broad to craft a unique perspective

    Provide well documented evidence to support your claim so

    Use correct mechanics when citing sources

    Research tips:
    Refocus the research technique so that more sources are available for research

    Investigate both sides of the claim not just what you are trying to prove

    Talk about your thesis until you raise questions

    Use google scholar to research and find a lead

    Use Rowans’s Campbell Library to find sources and build your research base

    Listen carefully for researchable topics not immediately named in thesis

    Apply the evidence from outside your primary topic to your specific thesis


  3. oaktree1234 says:

    Mandatory Conferences: must make appointment if you haven’t already
    -give feedback on how helpful your meeting was in the conference chart
    -early guidance is very important with the hypothesis since you’re starting your 5 purposeful summaries

    Feedback Please:
    -quickest way to get assistance/feedback on assignments
    -can make request for conference (booked on thursdays)

    Early Warnings about Hypothesis
    -longer you delay making a conference the longer it’ll take you to form a hypothesis (usually leads to plagiarism and failing grades)
    -no worn out topics ex: legalizing weed, abortion, violence in video games

    Research Tips:
    cant find any sources? usually means someone hasn’t done research to confirm your exact hypothesis
    -this is a positive sign since you’re producing something new
    -can’t make searches so specific, no direct confirmation
    -find parallels of what you’re looking for ex: west baptist church and celeb endorsement
    -TALK about thesis, make comparisons
    -use google scholar and rowan campbell library for your searches

    most useful: researching topics that are similar to yours but not completely

    To update this process: listen carefully for topics not immediately named in your thesis
    -can use sources found in wikipedia articles

    Take home assignments:
    writing mechanics- due tonight
    white paper- due in 1 week
    -5 purposeful summaries, informal, what works for you
    -practice opening
    -working hypothesis (can have more than one)
    -topics for smaller papers Ex: celeb endorsement (optional)
    -current state of research paper
    -you will receive preliminary grade for this assignment


  4. rowanstudent24 says:

    9/24 Notes:
    – First 5 sources are due next Thursday. They should be analyzed and have purposeful summaries written about them.
    – Google Scholar is a great way to find sources. Search with quotation marks in the search bar to get better results. The library database is also a great way to find sources. To access it, you’ll find it within the research tips lecture in todays agenda. There’s a direct link.
    -Research tips: I found that hearing about username’s experience with his research topic was very helpful. I feel like I was able to put myself in their shoes and experience it first hand. The mini Wikepedia exercise was also helpful.
    – White Paper Assignment: Include topics for smaller papers if possible. Include a paragraph of the current state of research.


  5. thecommoncase says:

    -those who delay conferences do so out of confusion of what to write about
    -If you find 5 sources that already say what you think is true, it’s no longer counterintuitive
    -talk to someone until your idea clicks
    -Remember, talking out your hypothesis is always better than overthinking
    -when researching topic, put phrase in quotation marks so only articles w/ that exact phrase will pop up
    -Rowan’s online data base and Google Scholar are good places to start researching
    -For now, don’t use wiki as a source, look at the sources from the wiki article you read
    The White paper
    -the place to show and develop your arguments
    -write out your summaries for 5 research articles


  6. cfriery says:

    September 24th 2020
    Class Notes:

    Mandatory Conferences:
    Three mandatory conferences – hypothesis (yesterday for me), white paper (oct 27th), final grade (last week of semester)

    *Feedback Please is currently BACKED UP*

    !!Early Warnings about Hypothesis!!
    – Don’t delay. (Be proactive not reactive)
    – Will not accepted “worn out topics” because the risk of plagarism is HIGH
    – Basically don’t be boring with your topic haha. Be creative.

    My topic is quite far off the beaten path so I don’t really want to take notes on the broad topic advice.

    Research tips:
    MOST USEFUL – The most useful thing about this blog post was definitely the part about finding a different angle. You have to talk about your topic to find these angles.

    I can’t any sources! -> You’re searching “too directly”. Talk to someone about it. Find a different angle. There is ALWAYS something new to search. Nobody has written about it = GOOD.

    The best (worst) outcome for this process;
    – Someone agrees with me
    – Someone has already written about it

    !!Use Google Scholar!!

    Use technical terms from scholarly articles.
    Rowan University, Campbell Library, Databases (ProfSearch etc;) woo!

    (I’m just gonna copy this)
    1. DON’T think about your topic.
    2. Talk about your topic.
    3. Listen carefully for researchable topics not immediately named in your thesis.
    4. Use whatever search engine works best for you
    5. Library Database directly
    6. Google Scholar
    7. Wikipedia articles that yield rich lists of sources you can then retrieve by title
    8. If you run into a pay wall, enter the titles in the Campbell Library database.
    9. Read about the value (both positive and negative) of celebrity endorsement.
    10. Learn about our tendency to dissociate ourselves from unsavory characters (AND their products, AND their social views).
    11. Apply that evidence—from outside your primary topic—to your very specific thesis.

    Good Citation Mechanics:

    1. In Daniel Flath’s essay, “Boylan’s Folly,” he states, “boys can’t learn from women.”
    2. In the essay “Boylan’s Folly”, Daniel Flath notes: “Boys can’t learn from women”.
    3. In Daniel Flath’s essay, “Boylan’s Folly,” Flath claims, “Boys can’t learn from women.”
    4. According to Daniel Flath, apparently, “Boys can’t learn from women,” in his essay, “Boylan’s Folly.”

    White paper!


  7. runnerd4 says:

    I think the most valuable thing from today’s research tips was the point that we should not worry when we have no sources stating our idea, but it is actually a good thing. I also thought the point of finding some new phrase to research that ties into your paper was important.

    Remember to put comment in my hypothesis about the conference.
    It made me feel better about my topic after.
    1st draft of white paper due wed sept 30 11:59
    White pages help so we do not have a massive amount of work at the end of the semester.
    Most of our work will be done by the end of the semester if we make good progress.
    For feedback please I would definitely prefer some details about what I did wrong and what I did right. Overall feedback is also very helpful
    It is very dangerous for the people who have not had a conference yet or do not have a hypothesis.
    It is important to have a pretty different thesis/topic to avoid plagiarism.
    Research tips on today’s agenda for helping us when we cannot find any sources.
    You can still find sources even if they don’t agree with you.
    Finding little to no sources that agree with you is actually a pretty good sign that you can add new information to the topic.
    We cannot just look for the very specific facts and very specific details.
    Find researchable topics that are not immediately named.
    We want to investigate the positive and negative effects of endorsement based on who is endorsing it.
    Not much benefit of basically writing about someone else’s idea.
    If I get stuck, talk to somebody.
    Find a phrase that might open a door into a new aspect of my paper.
    Google scholar and rowan Campbell Library database. Put search in quotations.
    We also have access to ProfSearch from Rowan University.
    Make sure to go back to the research tips if I get stuck!!
    We can have more than 2 conferences if we need help.
    Can use wikipedia, but not directly from the page, use the sources ON WIKIPEDIA.

    Good citation mechanics is a take home task. Will probably take about 10 minutes. Review the proper mechanics for the citation and correct 1 2 and 3 and make a new one and number It 4.
    Copy and paste mistake filled version and correct it.


  8. clementine102 says:

    –My Notes–
    -Mandatory Conference-
    – Write in Conference Sheet about your experience and feedback
    –Early Warnings–
    -Don’t write any paper that has been written thousands of time
    – Do original research
    –Research Tips–
    – The WBC has such a negative way of thinking on certain people that people who view them in a negative way, will actually support what the WBC condescends.
    – We should talk about our thesis until we start to raise questions that can be researched
    – Use Rowan Library Data Base (Campbell Library)
    – Listen carefully for researchable topics not immediately named in your thesis
    – Research engines: Library Database directly, Google Scholar, Wikipedia articles that yield rich lists of sources you can then retrieve by title
    – Apply evidence that is outside of your topic
    – Research Tip Response: The most helpful tip for research I learned was that finding sources that are not directly related to your topic is okay to do.
    – Look at Good Citations Mechanics to do exercise
    –White Paper Task–
    – Find 5 sources and write a purposeful summary for each
    – Write Working Hypothesis


  9. cardinal7218 says:

    -start white paper
    -hypothesis needs to be strong, narrow, defensible to start a white paper
    -if we do this work now, it’ll be far less work at the end of the semester
    -ask for a second round of feedback. First round will be overall feedback and second round can be more specific proofreading things
    -some topics set you up for failure. Overused, plagiarism risk, etc.
    -when researching, we might find we can’t find any sources
    -often means that not many people have reached our specific conclusion and we’re not finding sources that did the work for us
    -if you find 5 sources that agree with you, then you’re no longer writing something counterintuitive and new
    -don’t have a search technique that’s too direct
    -specifically think about what sort of evidence you want. It might not be directly related to your hypothesis
    -can you come up with an example of evidence off the top of your head?
    -when you feel stuck, first stop thinking about your thesis. Talk about it instead
    -something other than your actual topic might be the angle from which to approach your argument
    -it can open the door to a whole new aspect of your argument
    -put a phrase in quotes when you search it in google scholar
    -if you can find an echo of your argument under a topic different from yours, you can get evidence free of bias
    -google scholar might want you to pay for something. If so, take the article title and put it in the Campbell Library database
    -to to RU home page or follow link provided by Prof Hodges
    -“available online”
    -only two more conferences are mandatory, but you can do many more
    -find researchable topics not immediately named by your hypothesis
    -look at the sources cited by wikipedia articles
    -alphabetize your sources

    Research Tips
    -I think the most useful insight was that something other than our chosen topic can give us the evidence we need. I probably wouldn’t have thought that way myself

    -Homework: writing mechanics, white paper
    -You should probably have 15 sources or so in your bibliography
    -start with 5 academic sources
    -if possible, add topics for smaller papers (categorical, cause, rebuttal)
    -What do you need to define?


  10. sonnypetro29 says:

    research tip- What I learned to be most useful is to just talk about your thesis. You can figure out a lot more about your topic when you talk about it. Also, I found that using google scholar can help you narrow down your search for your topic.


  11. mesrurerowan says:

    Research tips
    – Use rowan library that you are paying for, instead of spending $32 dollars on an article that you are not even sure if it will help you. Google scholar is helpful to reach resources but it’s possible to get them free, just copy the name of the article you found and search on rowan library.
    – Use evidences that would support your thesis, even if it’s out of your topic.
    – Don’t copy someone else’s idea, be original.
    – Get help in case you need it. Schedule a teleconference with professor or talk to someone.
    – Once you define your thesis, talk and read about it.


  12. dayzur says:


    -you can have a conference any time you, you can request and receive any time you schedule on the chart that is available
    -First 5 sources of white paper, as well as purposeful summaries for them due 8/1/20
    -put work on wordpress in the feedbackplease category if you want feedback.
    -those who start behind tend to stay behind, don’t do this
    -Don’t ask, Don’t tell is how US military accepted homosexual men and women into military
    -As soon as you support the ideas, you get put into the category of the people who are doing immoral things
    -no sources to be found on Westboro Baptist Church, all pictures, no studies
    -was really looking for showing evidence that we associate ourselves with people we admire.
    -idea shifted from Westboro Baptist Church to the effect of celebrity endorsers
    -Tiger Woods a good example, people dont want to associate with him, which everything used to endorse him years ago
    -When hypothesis change, multiple sources to be found on topic, Celebrity endorsement
    -Google Scholar, might have to pay for articles, check Rowan library for article title
    -Rowan Library: lib.rowan.edu
    -wikipedia can be used for research purposes
    -wikipedia gives a lot of sources on the topic, don’t use wikipedia as a reference
    -academic sources at least use google scholar, not just google
    -list of white paper necessities:
    -1. working hypothesis 1
    -1a. working hypothesis 2 (optional)
    -2. five academic sources, with purposeful summaries and hyperlinks to material
    -3. topics for smaller papers, 1. definition/classification argument, 2. cause/effect argument, 3. rebuttal argument
    -4. current state of the research paper
    -Due Thu Oct 1st (11:59 PM Wed Sep 30)


    Most useful: everything. I never knew about google scholar and the rowan library so this will be very useful.
    As well, the sources in wikipedia is something I have always overlooked and would benefit source finding very much.
    Just talking to someone can completely change the perspective of the hypothesis for the better as it did for me during the conference.


  13. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes 9/24
    2 mandatory conferences- they are important!!
    Can have as many conferences as needed
    Keep asking for feedback by saying (feedback please)
    Hypothesis needs to be new and fresh
    Research Tips:
    -google scholar and rowan library
    Original ideas are hard to find opinions on but must expand ideas to find support
    If lost talk w/ someone and follow that path
    Using quotes in scholar make’s for exact search terms
    Get new phrases from new conversations
    If an article seems to cost money, use rowan library for free
    Talk about topic and how to research it
    Wikipedia has source they site that may help
    Homework: white paper and working citations
    -start with 5 sources
    -purposeful summary for each
    -working hypothesis

    White paper sets you up for success in the end!


  14. gooferious says:

    09/24/2020 Notes:
    – For feedback on anything you need help with, we must add our post to the Feedback Please category and be specific as possible to what you need help with
    – A research tip for students is to use Google Scholar & the Rowan library database
    – If you do not find any source for your topic, you should look at it as a win because it has not been discussed
    – When looking up sources on Google Scholar, use quotation marks on topic to limit the number of sources that will pop up once searched
    – If an article were to ask for payment for access to it, try searching the keywords in the Rowan Library database as it could be available online there.
    – For the White Paper, find five sources and write purposeful summaries for them. Also include a working hypothesis, hyperlinks and the current state of the research paper.

    Research Tip: The most useful tip I grasped that was presented to us was the idea of using Wikipedia for the sole purpose of using it’s references page as a another outlet for websites that talk about our topic.


  15. 612119d says:

    Research tips-Finding alot of soures about your topic is actually not good

    Make a conference it is needed
    Mines Friday 10;30
    White paper draft is due next week
    Make sure its original and no one else has done it before
    15 sources for your bibliography
    5 academic sources atleast
    Google scholar is better than google


  16. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes 9/24

    – Make sure you sign up for a meeting for helpful feedback on your hypothesis.
    -Also leave feedback on the schedule sheet.
    -Research tips, use academic sources to help your research. Talk to professor Hodges for a few minutes and it could help out a lot.
    – Research something other than your topic to help you figure out more about your topic.
    -Talk about your thesis with someone else.
    -Use google scholar.
    -Also use Rowan library
    – Get your first 5 sources with purposeful summaries
    -Good citation homework assignment


  17. l8tersk8ter says:

    Make mandatory conference by end of week if you haven’t yet
    Hypothesis topic should not be something already strongly argued, should be fresh and unique
    Research Tips
    – Original ideas don’t have sources that readily support the idea
    – Look into the ideas you have with associated ideas
    – Ex. WBC, won’t find direct support that they’re creating enemies, can make connection that people follow others they want to have a connection to, but avoid things someone they don’t want to associate with is involved with (like celebrity endorsement)
    – *Talk about thesis until questions are raised that can be researched
    – Google scholar, search in quotations
    – If no access to articles, go to rowan library and try to find for free
    – Process: Talk & Read about topic but don’t think about it, find researchable topics that aren’t directly named in thesis, use resources, learn, apply evidence

    *most helpful point, allows for related ideas to develop that wouldn’t have been discovered if I was just thinking about my thesis specifically


  18. comicdub says:

    9/24/20 NOTES:
    -Mandatory conferences are important, and if have not been done yet should be
    -2 conferences are mandatory, but you can have as many as you want as long as you schedule it for yourself
    -Should start first 5 sources of whitepaper due next Thursday
    -Feedback please is still easiest way to get help on assignments
    -Specify what kind of feedback you would like when using feedback please
    -Google Scholar works well for finding sources
    -Use “quotation marks” to narrow down sources to the exact phrase you want
    -Use Rowan Library Database to find sources for free
    -First thing in the process should be to talk about your topic
    -Wikipedia is helpful because you can use it to find a large number of academic sources related to your topic
    -If we have trouble researching, reach out to the professor
    -As you build your whitepaper, you are beginning your final paper

    -I thought the most useful tip presented was to talk with with people about your topic. After briefly talking about my hypothesis during my professor conference I saw how useful this is. Another tip that I feel will really come in handy is the one about Wikipedia. I never would have thought to use the massive amount of academic sources listed under a Wikipedia topic to obtain articles that will work for my research.


  19. corinnebuck1219 says:

    -Mandatory meeting- return to chart and leave brief review if havent already
    -class does not stop and wait for anyone to catch up
    -Those who start out behind, usually stay behind
    -“god hates you”
    -“dont ask dont tell”
    -“people we admire we wanna associate with”
    – find articles in rowan campbells library (for free!)
    -5 sources agree with you = no longer counterintuitive
    -start white paper (due spet 30)
    Research tips- find articles not directly related or agreeing with your hypothesis
    -dont use wiki
    – 5 summaries
    -citation mechanics due tonight


  20. BabyGoat says:

    Mandatory Conferences: 2 are mandatory but more is fine. In the chart, put review of conference in your box. Chance to connect with the professor and become friends. Also, it will help you complete you work to the best of your ability.

    Feedback – Just ask for feedback, but specific in what you want

    Research Tips – Be careful of how you show your viewpoint. You do not want to discourage people. Broaden your search, use Rowan’s library.

    White Paper Task – 5 academic sources in total. Bibliographic note. Summarize your sources. Need hypothesis.

    Citation Mechanic homework.


  21. bluntwriting88 says:

    Notes 9-24
    Mandatory conference – defend and edit hypothesis
    – change and edit now so that later time wont be wasted
    Westboro baptist chruch
    -Campaign of hate
    Talk with people (conversation) about our hypothesis and research
    -it will help to keep perspective on the subject

    Do not write about an overused topic – it induces self-death
    -think about the other side of the argument/hypothesis to get a clearer perspective

    Endorsements from negative sources does not work for us
    -negative information gets transferred
    -sources from Campbell library – huge database
    -use wikipedia for sources
    Resource Tips
    The fact that for the example article regarding celebrity endorsements had 98 references shows that not much work is needed to locate sources for research


  22. wafflesrgud22 says:

    Going over mandatory meetings
    Ask for feedback!
    Research tips:
    Ex: (WestBoro Baptist Church) Going over inappropriate church slogan (against gays)
    U.S. military handled homosexuals by the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy
    *Use google scholar for researching! Type in keywords*
    Process for research, don’t think about your topic
    TALK about it and Listen
    Find 5 sources with purposeful summaries
    Current state of research paper: brief paragraph on the process thus far, put in white paper due wed sept. 30th


  23. sunshine2818 says:

    Class 24th
    Make sure you put the summary meeting in the google doc
    This conference is critical because of the early hypothesis
    Can schedule multiple meeting if want to
    Do not usee abortion, capital punishment,

    The issue of not finding sources (research tips)
    Continue to talk about the thesis
    Update the hypothesis as you find more leads
    Look for articles reference (could create more leads)
    Assignment white paper first Draft Due oct 1
    5 sources and link
    1 working hypoth
    purposeful summaries of the links
    Possible idea for smaller papers

    Good writing mechanics Exercise due tonight


  24. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    9/24 Notes

    Building a Relationship with the Professor
    -You can schedule meetings with the Professor as much times as you want
    -if you want Professor to care about you, then you should probably start communicating
    *White Paper on first five sources due next Thursday*

    Research Tips:
    -Google Scholar and Rowan Library
    -Westboro Baptist Church
    -“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” this was the policy of the U.S military for letting people of the LGBTQ+ community
    -If they are being so hateful and disrespectful about their campaign, they are alienating people that might agree with them
    -Opera uses celebrity endorsement, there is a connection with the Westboro Baptist Church
    -it’s better when you can’t find resources of your idea
    -if the resource costs money, go to Campbell Library and search for the resource
    -talk about your topic with people
    -go to Wikipedia, type in your topic, and go to references and see all the articles

    *What I found most useful was how to approach researching, while you may not be able to find sources for your idea, that is okay, you can find sources that relate or help support your idea, without necessarily being about the topic*

    -find first five sources and write Purposeful Summaries
    -Good Citation Assignment


  25. mhmokaysure says:

    Notes 09/24
    Mandatory conferences are for our benefit!
    Schedule a second conference for proofreading and more in-depth feedback.
    Be sure to get a start early, those who fall behind early have a hard time catching up.
    DON’T pick a super broad topic (typical topics such as marijuana legalization) as it tempts you to plagiarize or borrow from existing papers.

    Sometimes when searching for sources, we look in the wrong places
    Often research is too specific, think outside of the box
    If you get stuck, talk about it (conferences are perfect for this), a second opinion can help you get your thoughts into writing
    If you’re stuck, think of something that can relate to your idea, but can open a whole different avenue of research.
    Use google scholar to find scholarly articles (use ” ” to narrow down phrases)
    If an article is “unavailable” or requires purchase, visit Rowan’s Campbell Library and search the article title.
    If it says “Available Online” you’re good to go
    Don’t think about your topic, talk about it instead. By doing so you use language to describe what you think and are able to start writing.

    -Research Tips
    The most useful tip was definitely to not search for too direct sources, instead try to think outside the box. I never would’ve thought that something seemingly completely unrelated can turn into a valuable source supporting a tough thesis.

    White Paper HW Due Next Week
    5 Sources needed with purposeful summaries
    Working Hypothesis 1 – Bring your best hypothesis forward, and as you continue researching you may need to change or add another
    Start gathering materials for the smaller writing pieces
    Describe how you’re feeling about the research paper in a brief paragraph


  26. shadowswife says:


    – Don’t use any worn-out topics.
    * Legalization of marijuana
    * Abortion
    – Use good mechanics for citing sources.
    – Have a different topic to avoid plagiarism.

    Research Tips:
    – If you can’t find any more sources:
    * Don’t think about your topic.
    * Talk about thesis until you are asked questions that involve the topic which can be useful in
    * Consider topics that are not immediately named in your thesis.
    * Use any search engine that’s available:
    + Wikipedia bibliography
    + Library
    + Google Scholar
    * Consider the opposing sides of the topic.
    * Don’t look for specific sources that could prove your hypothesis.
    – Based on what I was lucky enough to hear, I found the advice on talking to someone about the
    topic and looking for sources that don’t directly mention it to be useful.


  27. hailthegreat8 says:

    -Types of parenting styles
    -Legalized of marijuana in New Jersey
    -Plan a conference meeting
    -Discuss hypothesis
    -Do research
    – Ask for feedback


  28. Nancet says:

    Sept. 24 Notes
    – Monday conferences: take appointment if you haven’t
    -Give feedback

    -Wornout topic
    -Plagiarism topic
    -Risk of failure

    Research tips
    – I can’t find any sources

    Writing Mechanics
    -In class task (or take home)

    Due Today in class or by 11:59pm

    White Paper First Draft
    -5 new sources
    -Link to sources in your white paper
    -Sketch the bibliographic new sources
    -Purposefully summarize new sources
    -Use research tips to find new sources at google search or Rowan’s Campbell Library database.


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