08 Class MON FEB 18

Feedback Please

I have caught up with my Feedback Please requests. Today, in class, open one of your posts in Edit mode (your My Hypothesis, your Purposeful Summaries, your Stone Money, or your Claims post) and add it to the Feedback Please category.
In a Reply to that post, specify what sort of feedback you require.

Update My Hypothesis

Your proposal for a hypothesis is risky, MyStudent, because such popular topics pose two very real problems:
1. The arguments about them are so completely exhausted there is very little new another paper can add to the discourse.
2. The ready availability of research papers for sale create a very tempting situation for students who feel pressured to finish something original at the end of the semester. (More than one of my students have failed the course by borrowing heavily from papers on marijuana legalization, violent video games, capital punishment, and, yes, smart device addiction.)

My approach to anyone interested in these broad topics is threefold.

1. I try to guide them away from the topic to something fresh and untrodden.
2. If that fails, I help them craft a unique perspective on the topic that avoids most of what’s already been written and researched.
3. If that fails, I demand very strong, very early, and well-documented evidence of original research before the halfway point of the semester. Students who show they’re doing their own work before the end of the semester mitigate the appearance that they might be trying to copy their way to a finished product.

Potential physical and mental health problems of smartphone addition have been all too well documented, MyStudent, but with a bit of reading, you may be able to craft a fresh perspective for yourself.

Remember, the way forward is not THINKING about your topic (that’s how you got to this impasse); it’s READING about your topic. Examine the most unusual sources you can find until you see something that makes you say, “Now THAT’S interesting!”

When you decide to revise this Hypothesis, please don’t start a new post. Just open this one in Edit and Update it. If you want another round of critique, just put it back into the Feedback Please category.

Research Tips

Writing Mechanics

The White Paper Task

  • White Paper First Draft
    • 5 New Sources
    • Link to sources in your White Paper
    • Sketch the Bibliographic data
    • Purposefully Summarize New Sources
    • Use Research Tips to find New Sources at Google Search or Rowan’s Campbell Library Database

14 Responses to 08 Class MON FEB 18

  1. doorknob9 says:

    Make sure to find sources for my hypothesis. Buick dumped Tiger Woods along with the rest of his sponsors. Now he’s back and everyone wants to associate themselves with him, just like “username” with the West Baptist Church.

    1. In Daniel Flath’s essay, “Boylan’s Folly,” Flath claims, “Boys can’t learn from women.”
    2. Daniel Flath claims, in “Boylan’s Folly,” that “boys can’t learn from women.”
    3. Daniel Flath, in his essay, “Boylan’s Folly,” claims that “boys can’t learn from women.”
    4. “Boys can’t learn from women,” claims Daniel Flath in “Boylan’s Folly.”

  2. daphneblake25 says:

    -new category for checking missing assignments; workload under syllabus
    -put a post in feedback please
    -hypothesis is always moving and changing and growing
    -if hypothesis gets better or changes class is beneficial
    -very difficult to find something original on overused hypothesis
    -too much material to borrow from
    -need to have five sources in two weeks that show we did our own original research
    -research not thinking will develop your hypothesis
    -writing is a recursive process
    -the search technique can’t be too direct
    -finding sources that directly correlate with something you hypothesize is bad because you’re just supporting their claim
    -searching something different than your actual pic of your hypothesis will help you find good sources for topics no one has researched yet
    -search articles up in the rowan Campbell library
    -refute arguments against your case

  3. rowanstudent2 says:

    Feedback Please
    -open one of your post in Edit mode and add it to the the Feedback Please category
    -post a reply on what specifically you want feedback on

    Update My Hypothesis
    -try to pick a topic not written by a student already
    -do NOT procrastinate
    -use your time wisely
    -keep researching information on your topic to spark new ideas and angles to add to your paper
    -the way forward is not THINKING about the topic, but actually reading and finding good academic sources is the way to go

    Research Tips
    -make a really specific hypothesis
    -use sources like Google Scholar and the Rowan library
    -Username wrote about the Westboro Baptist Church
    -made a hypothesis that said the church had unintended support for the gay community
    -couldn’t find sources on his specific hypothesis because he was looking for direct testimony from somebody that the WBC were creating enemies for their cause
    -find your way around your hypothesis, yet still have it relate to it in a way
    -don’t just look for an article that agrees with your hypothesis because that you could do with it is amplify the specific angle
    -talk about the thesis not about the Westboro Baptist Church, but other topics like celebrity endorsement
    -so first think about and talk about your topic
    -then listen carefully for researchable topics not immediately named in your thesis
    -use a good academic search engine
    -read about the positives and negatives of the value
    -apply that evidence to your specific topic

    Writing Mechanics
    -Good Citation Mechanics

    White Paper Task
    -find 5 new sources
    -put links to those sources
    -sketch the bibliographic data
    -make purposeful summaries
    -it should have:
    -working hypotheses that all show promise
    -break out material into smaller papers (definition, causable, etc.)
    -current state of the research paper in one paragraph
    -publish in two categories, White Paper and rowanstudent
    -look at model for help
    -put bibliographic information to help find source (author, volume, date published, pages used)
    -due Monday February 25th
    -for now, include at least purposeful summaries on each source with bibliographic information

  4. wazoo1234 says:

    Come up with fresh new hypothesis by finding 5 good academic sources that address the topic that make you look at the problem with a different view.
    Problem finding sources: If topic is too specific and cannot find any sources it is a good hypothesis. In direct research should be used to find information. Don’t search for a testimony. Read material and come up with your own solution. White paper is important to writing essay. It is a way to communicate with professor on how the research paper is going.

  5. halizzlee says:

    if we ever want feedback just put it in ‘feedback please’ category, can ask for more feedback as long as substantial changes are being made in between.
    if your topic doesn’t have a lot of sources that is good! that means you have less chances of plagiarism and coming up with your OWN ideas.
    good resources include google scholar and library database.
    if your stuck and can’t find anymore sources. talk about it with somebody until you are able to raise any more questions.
    When yo have exhausted your sources and there are no more. try looking at it in a different and search something other than jUST your topic. (ex. instead of looking up Westboro Baptist Church again and again a student looked up celebrity endorsement)
    white paper: 5 ACADEMIC sources and their purposeful summaries

  6. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    – You can check work log to track what needs to be done
    – make sure to give feedback on the conference sheet about your meeting
    – hypothesis can continue to change throughout the research process
    – although, if you get rid of 3 in 3 weeks that Is a problem
    – should find one that you can stick with
    – never try to think more about the topic to come up with your own angle on topic
    – look for surprise “I never thought of it that way” in academic research
    – this new perspective will lead to a fresh new angle
    – first draft of white paper
    – find 5 sources, then link them in white paper
    – purposefully summarize the sources (evidence that will be useful in hypothesis)
    – look at “research tips” link to understand how you can find sources if you are having trouble
    -if you can’t find sources about your specific hypothesis, look for academic research for something within the hypothesis
    – don’t look for direct testimony
    – westboro baptist church example: look for academic research about negative messages, not a testimony from someone who puts blame on a certain enemy
    – don’t look for someone who agrees with your view
    – settled question
    – the best you can do with this is give someone else credit for thinking of it first, and reiterating
    that you agree with this statement
    – purposefully summarize by focusing attention on something that identifies claim

  7. mysterylimbo says:

    The white paper assignment will need the following; “5 New Sources, Link to sources in your White Paper, Sketch the Bibliographic data, Purposefully Summarize New Sources, Use Research Tips to find New Sources at Google Search or Rowan’s Campbell Library Database.”
    Picking a topic that isn’t too broad or that has been researched plentiful. Picking such a topic will make the paper repetitive. Repetition will ultimately mean failing the assignment. Use academic search engines like google scholar, proflink, or the Campbell library source.

  8. chavanillo says:

    Today in class:

    First we had to open one of my post and click the feedback please button and update

    Revise my hypothesis, Due research and no more about your topic. Never pick topic that are already written by a lot of people.

    5 sources about the hypothesis I research with a summary each source talking about it and ho it relates. Come up with your own specific arguable counterintuitive. Is a purposeful summary for each sources

    A fresh angle to add to the conversation, always can revise a hypothesis. Never open a new post. Always make changes

    Always use the 5 core values

    Never due a specific hypothesis

    Finding ways tricking sources of being what is your hypothesis

    Example of Username:
    Wasn’t created support of the LGBTQ community, gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. Military was evicting homosexuality by not condemning it.

    Heterosexual people denied gay community. What username was saying that he cooked find nothing good for the baptist church argument and he was long I the wrong place.

    He wants evidence that we all want to associate our opinions with people we admired, and that we avoid being associated wit people we despise.

    Just talk it with someone. N


    think about my thesis until until I start raise questions

    google scholar to find the sources you want to have for your hypothesis. for educational purpuses

    put quotations instead of just the words. always ;look with quotations ease you will find same title as you wrote in the search box.

    Always find sources that connect to your hypothesis.

    Use google scholar then after you found your source specific sources than go to the library search box and look for the book or article for free.

    1) think about your topic
    2) Talk about your topic
    3)Listen carefully for researchable topics not immediately name in your thesis.
    4) Library database
    wikipedia for just find stories.
    5) If you run into a pay well

    White Paper first draft:
    – choose 5 sources of my liking
    -paste sources in the white paper
    – purposefully summarize and focus attention clear a poi ted summary that is its self of argument that it identify claims
    – 1) Working hypothesis after reading courses
    2) Start breaking up your hypothesis search
    3) Describe brief paragraph and how I’m feeling about my progress and the strength.
    by author
    date publish
    polio is a example on how to due the assignment.

    bibliographic are from your 5sources. purposeful summary for each.

  9. nousernamefound1 says:

    Check Work Log located in the syllabus for completed work. The log will be updated throughout the semester. Add 1 or more items in the feedback please category, so you can get a better idea on what things should look like. Continue to update your hypothesis. Don’t be upset if your hypothesis changes, because your proposal for a hypothesis is risky. Include very early research if you cannot be guided away from a broad topic. The word reacts positive or negative, which help you make changes. The conversations never stop, which is why you have to reply back to the critics.

    Research Tips:
    Don’t get mad when you can’t find any sources for your hypothesis. This is good because now you can be the first one to tackle the situation and create a good argument with sources you think are needed. You should always have faith that you can prove the thesis. Bad thoughts will never produce a good paper. Google Scholar is a good mechanic to find academic sources for your paper. Putting quotations around topic in the search bar will give your better results.

    Good Mechanics
    In his essay, Daniel Flath, the author of “Boylan’s Folly,” says that, “Boys can’t learn from women.”
    The author of “Boylan’s Folly”, Daniel Flath: “Boys can’t learn from women”.
    In the essay by Daniel Flath, “Boylan’s Folly,” is said, “Boys can’t learn from women.”

    1. In his essay, “Boylan’s Folly,” Daniel Flath claims, “Boys can’t learn from women.”
    2. In “Boylan’s Folly,” Daniel Flath claims: “Boys can’t learn from women.”
    3. In Daniel Flath’s essay, “Boylan’s Folly,” Flath claims, “Boys can’t learn from women.”

    White Paper
    According to Professor Hodges, In “White Paper,” he claims that “Don’t cut and paste your Proposal + Sources material and think you’ve produced a White Paper. Instead, you need to start to actually shape the ideas in your sources to make claims of your own.” Read Model White Paper when you need help. White Paper is due Monday Feb 25th. Include 5 sources then write Purposeful Summaries.

  10. nina525 says:

    Work log is used to track the work you turned in
    Add one post to the “Feedback Please” and receive comments and assistance on your writing
    Hypothesis are subjected to change
    Addressing old or normal topics requires you to give a different approach or unique ideas
    When creating or updating your hypothesis, do not create a new post
    1st draft of white paper due next Monday, include at least 5 sources
    Use the Campbell library data base to assist in research and gathering sources
    Trouble finding sources on a specific hypothesis
    Google scholar is a more relevant way to conduct research ad and sources
    When using scholar type the topic of your choice in quotations
    Google scholar and Campbell library are two sites that can best assist students in research
    Celebrity endorsement
    The popularity of a celebrity and use of their popularity to sell their items, increases the likelihood of companies selling their products
    Form a hypothesis to complete white paper by Monday February 25
    Publish assignment in two categories, username and white paper
    To start your white paper find your 5 sources first and identify them
    Title, author, publication data, and link to article
    include a purposeful summary and an abstract if it has a complete summary of the article
    Bibliographic data
    5 sources and a purposeful summary for each

  11. pomegranate4800 says:

    – Make sure to take notes everyday so your attendance counts.
    – Hypothesis is something that just keeps moving. A process rather than a statement.
    – As the semester progresses it should modulate.
    – Should be able to stick with a hypothesis long enough so that you can start a white paper and start some research.
    – When you’re writing your hypothesis, while you research and you say, “Wow, I never though of it that way.” means that you’re onto something.
    – If you’re having trouble finding sources you really are on to something and adding something to the conversation that no one else has thought of.
    – It is okay if no one had researched what exactly you want to research. You should find things that more relate to the idea of your topic.
    – If you are able to build more of an argument with your sources, you’re doing everything right.
    – The first five sources should be able to offer you more insight.
    – You should be arguing yourself the entire time
    – It is to help you grow as a writer. It’s not for anyone else.
    – Revise your hypothesis right when you enter it into the white paper.

  12. jets1313 says:

    Task – White paper first draft,
    – 5 new sources

    – make sure your hypothesis is not an exhausted topic because there is not a lot to say that have already been say
    – demonstrate that you are doing your own original research for your topic
    – if you do a broad topic make sure you create a unique perspective of your own
    – provide bibliographic data and links to my 5 academic sources
    – use academic sources

    Research tips
    – trick your sources to be about your hypothesis
    – have to ensure you look in the right place
    – make sure you research isn’t to direct because you may not be able to find the evidence your looking for
    – It is a good thing if nobody else wrote about your topic because that means your paper would just be agreeing with that author and wouldn’t be your own work
    – utilize rowan library
    – use google scholar to generate sources
    – you can search for articles in the rowan data base

  13. yourfavoriteanon says:

    – Work log is made to keep up with what needs to be done and what already has been done
    – The hypothesis should be made through reading about your topic and finding something that springs interest
    – Breaking down to the most specific search for sources helps find what you want
    – Thinking about your thesis/hypothesis until you can raise questions branching form the topic but still has some relation
    – Sources that cost money to access are free on Rowan’s library database
    – Going to a wiki page is good to find sources from the refrences
    – The bare minimum for the white paper needs 5 sources and purposeful summaries

  14. july02222 says:

    Feedback please, easy way to get feedback quickly
    Notes are very important, they indicate that you participated in class
    Have a hypothesis that’s original, do not waste time and make sure you actually do it
    Actually find 5 sources within the next two weeks to show that we have been doing our research
    Don’t just think about it, act on it as well
    The library and google scholar are good ways to find sources
    If your hypothesis doesn’t have a lot of sources don’t panic, it’s actually better
    You now have more room to fill with ideas of your OWN
    White paper due next week, purposeful summaries and 5 sources

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