Robust Verbs- PardonMyFrench

In Vancouver there is a huge problem with heroin addicts committing crimes to support their habits. The program “Free Heroin for Addicts”, is doing everything in their power to get the addicts help.  Due to the large number of addicts, the crime rate has grown. The addicts are struggling in life’s day to day activities. Jobs, social interactions, and relationships are all area that are harder to maintain. Heroine addicts will do anything to secure the drug. Breaking and entering, as well as stealing have become common for the addict community. The “Free Heroin for Addicts” program hasn’t helped stop drug use though. The program is only trying to reduce the city’s crime rate. By providing the drug, these addicts will be off the streets, which in turn will prevent them from committing minor street crimes. Another objective of the program is to keep users out of the hospitals. Hospitals will have decreased the number of patients who come in with problems surrounding unsterilized needles, but free heroin is still being given out. This program helps keep crime out of the streets and users out of hospitals yet does nothing to stop the addiction issue that will tirelessly continue on.

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