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I'm a 19-year old that likes playing sports and spending time with friends and family.

White Paper—Christianity19

Young, L., Motz, V., Markey, E., Young, S., & Beaschler, R. (2017). Recommendations for Best Disinfectant Practices to Reduce the Spread of Infection via Wrestling Mats. Journal of Athletic Training, 52(2), 82–88. Bibliography- Young, L., Motz, V., Markey, E., Young, S., … Continue reading

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Claims- Christainity19

“Veterans” people who served in the army and came back home after fighting long strenuous wars. It takes a lot of money to cure PTSD especially if it’s really serious and lasts a long time because of the fighting that … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Christianity19

Money Essay The idea of the invention of money is cool but it talks about how money was created and why sometimes there is some fiction about it. They talk about the 2008 and the great recession and how the … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- Christianity19

To Completely eradicate Polio, we need to work together as nations to combat this serious viral illness. Also, to complete get rid of it we need to make people aware about it and its side effects and find a vaccine … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-Christianity19

Skin disease in wrestling Skin disease in wrestling matches and practice The effect of improved hygiene for wrestlers could prevent skin diseases from wrestling Taking a shower after wrestling practice and wrestling matches will reduce the ability to get skin … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- Christianity19

Economy – It’s pretty counterintuitive that people are saying that Trump had a bad economy because he had the lowest unemployment rate. Also, President Trump had the best stock market in his four years as President of The United States … Continue reading

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The Universe- Christianity19

God Creates The Universe Because a creator wanted it to exist. Most cosmologists now agree that the universe began some 13.7 billion years ago known as the Big Bang. In the beginning there was an explosion, and in three minutes, … Continue reading

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