25 Class MON APR 19

Class Activities

  • 1. Let’s try again for Course Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness.
    • Find an email invitation or follow the link to Banner from the instructions below.
  • 2. Invitation to post at Rate My Professor 
    • Follow this link directly to David Hodges.
    • If asked for a Course Code, use COMP 01112
  • 3. Preview of Portfolio Readiness
    • We’ll spend time together on this
    • You’ll start to build your Portfolio in class today.
  • 4. Don’t worry. You can still revise everything..

    Give Every Portfolio item a Title

    Argument Title

    Review your In-text citations for compliance.

    They need Author or Title or Publication (or any combination), Said language, and a QuotationParaphrase, or Summary.

    This is INCORRECT:

    This is CORRECT:Compliant APA

    Make Separate posts for Short Arguments

    First the Initial Post

    Causal Argument

    Then a New Post for the Revised Argument
    (Shows Responsiveness to Feedback)

    Causal Rewrite

    Check Bibliography for Compliance

    Entries need APA Bibliographic notations, Links to the Sources, and thorough descriptions of Background Material and How I Used it.


    Check Reflective Statement for Compliance

    Entries must specific descriptions of changes you made to your work in response to feedback or detailed descriptions of how you met course objectives. Make references and links to the posts that best demonstrate your accomplishment of the Core Values.


  • Start to Build Your Portfolio Now

  • 1. Open every Portfolio item in Edit. Add each item to the category
    Portfolios FA20 (Username), where Username is YOUR username, of course.
  • 2. Remember to Update the item.
  • 3. Look for your Portfolios FA20 Username link in the blog sidebar with a number in parentheses indicating how many items it contains. Below, Davidbdale has added one item to his Portfolio.
  • 4. For the Fall 2020 semester, the Category is Portfolios FA20Portfolio Category5. Your target number is 8 items.
    • (1) Self-Reflective Statement
    • (1) Research Position Paper
    • (2) Two of Three Short Arguments (Definition, Causal, Rebuttal)
    • (2) The Rewrites for those Arguments (Definition Rewrite, Causal Rewrite, Rebuttal Rewrite)
    • (1) Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    • (1) Annotated Bibliography

    6. Prof will Certify your Portfolio on THU DEC 03 (Mandatory Class Attendance) during the Portfolio Doublecheck.

    7. Your Grade Conference appointment can be Confirmed on THU DEC 03 when your Portfolio is certified complete.

    9. Attend class on TUE DEC 08 if you need or desire a Revision Workshop for any and all assignments.

13 Responses to 25 Class MON APR 19

  1. davidbdale says:

    Why am i suddenly craving a pomegranate-hazelnut latte? 😄


  2. davidbdale says:


    According to Dr. King in his memoir, “I Have a Dream,” “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance.”

    In Dr. King’s memoir, “I Have a Dream,” he said, “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance.”

    In his memoir, Dr. King said, “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance.”

    “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance,” said Dr. King in his memoir, “I Have a Dream.”

    In “I Have a Dream,” Dr. King’s memoir, he said, “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance.”


  3. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    – Do rate my professor
    – Make sure you title your writing pieces correctly
    – Revisions are shown in WordPress over time
    – Put each of your Portfolio items in your personalized Portfolio category


  4. oaktree1234 says:

    11/24 Notes
    portfolio readiness:
    all pieces need a title
    in text citation need title, author, or publication
    self reflection should be numbered, included citation & link, background, and how i used it
    start building portfolio: portfoliofa20username
    add all posts to this category


  5. cardinal7218 says:

    -be specific when you ask for feedback
    -title your essays, the blog post title doesn’t count
    -A good title distinguishes and defines, puts things into categories
    -if you start with according to, that’s the said language. “according to ____, she said” is incorrect
    -if you’re quoting someone who’s quoting someone, make sure who’s saying what is clear
    -each argument needs a separate post
    -the rewrites also get their own posts
    -wordpress can show you revisions in the edit mode. You can even compare versions
    -number your sources and make sure you have a link
    -link to your own work in the reflection
    -add all of the portfolio items to the portfolio by going into edit and putting the posts into your specific portfolio category


  6. rowanstudent24 says:

    11/24 Notes:
    – Complete the Course Evaluation for Professor Hodges in Banner on the Personal Information Tab
    – Make sure to give all your essays a title
    – Make sure to review all your In Text Citations
    -Add all of the things you currently have completed into your portfolio section.
    -After your double check is completed then you can schedule your grade conference which is where you and professor talk about your final grade.


  7. runnerd4 says:

    Do course evaluation survey
    Post on rate my professor

    Give every Portfolio Assugnment a Title
    medium font size, center
    according to is also said language
    No parenthetical citations
    Remember to make separate posts for rewrites
    If we are not taking the advice in our rewrite, comment and explain why
    can go back on wordpress and look at revisions


  8. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Set up Portfolio
    8 Items need to be added to Portfolio
    Rewrites are saved to wordpress– dont worry about losing past ones
    Give all essays a title
    Fix my citations to APA


  9. dayzur says:


    -In text citations should have
    1. Author/Title/Publication (or a combination of)
    2. Said language
    3. A quotation/paraphrase/summary
    -Make separate posts for short arguments
    -Add each portfolio item into the category Portfolios FA20 for your username


  10. l8tersk8ter says:

    Do course evaluation (if you want)
    Do rate my professor (if you want)
    Give portfolio assignments a good informative, persuasive title (center and medium font)
    Review in text citations, no parentheses, include author or title or publication (what’s in reference list?), quotation paraphrase or summary, said language
    Separate posts for short arguments, and second post for rewrite
    Check bibliography and reflective statement for compliance
    Portfolios FA20 Username everyone has their own portfolio category, in sidebar, tells how many items are in that category, practice putting assignment in category
    Will certify portfolio on Dec 03 and schedule grade conference (mandatory attendance)


  11. comicdub says:

    11/24/2020 Notes:
    – Give every portfolio item a title
    – No parenthetical author notations
    – Review in-text citations
    – “According to” is said language, so you should not have “according to” and “said” in the same citation
    – Make separate posts for Short Arguments


  12. profs22 says:

    Course Evaluation
    Rate my professor
    Remember to title essays
    Review Citations
    8 items added to portfolio
    Rewrites are updated in WordPress


  13. shadowswife says:


    – Teacher evaluation surveys
    – Each portfolio assignment needs a title.
    – Make separate posts for short arguments.
    – Review in-citations for compliance.
    * No parenthetical author notations
    – Check bibliography for compliance.
    * APA Bibliographic notations
    * Links to Sources
    * Thorough descriptions of background material and how it was used.
    – Check reflective statement for compliance
    * Each entry needs a specific description of the changes you made in your work.
    * Detailed descriptions of how you have met each core value.
    * Needs references and links on work that best demonstrate your achievement.
    – Start to Build Your Portfolio Now:
    * Each person has a category for where the portfolio should go.
    * Assignments necessary:
    + Self-reflective statement
    + Research paper
    + Two out of three short arguments (definition, causal, rebuttal)
    + Rewrites of those arguments
    + Visual rhetoric rewrite
    + Annotated bibliography
    * Portfolio will be approved on December 3rd.


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