25 Class WED APR 24

Class Activities

  • Last Call for Course Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness
  • Invitation to post at RateMyProfessor
  • Grade Levels 2
    • An “in reverse” unpacking of dense, content-rich statements into their component parts: backwards advice.
  • Stephen Hawking Was Wrong
    • Revision advice on how to grab reader attention with bold claims you can actually support.
  • Not a Crank
    • How to present your personal views without sounding like a conspiracy theorist.
  • A Good Model for Citation and References
    • BeezKneez has updated the in-text citations and References section to meet our class standards (even gone beyond our class standards for linking text to the sources).
  • Building Refutation Language into your Refutations
    • This links to the same post by BeezKneez as the Citation model above. Read the feedback chain for examples of “refuting while reporting” on the claims made by your “opponent.”


12 Responses to 25 Class WED APR 24

  1. mysterylimbo says:

    Portfolio content is 3000 words essay, bibliography, visual rewrite, self-reflective statement, and two of our revision of the three essays

  2. yourfavoriteanon says:

    – course evaluation on banner
    – ratemyprofessor
    – look over models when rewriting assignments
    – each essay needs a title
    – don’t use “in my opinion” or it “seems to me that” in rebuttal essays
    – in-text citations over parenthesis

  3. chavanillo says:

    Grade level 2: To make your writing a little more perfect.

    Revision that will hold readers attention

    Citations: APA format

    Rebuttal: Academic argument that the views contracting your point of you. You give evidence why you are right and give also the opponents point of view. That will give you the chance to defeat anything that your opponent has with you. The readers will trust you more.

    For short arguments need in-text citation and APA citation

    -3000 word research position Paper
    -Annotated Bibliography
    -Visual Rhetoric rewrite
    -Self-Reflective Statement
    -2 short arguments

  4. nina525 says:

    Complete course evaluation survey
    Annotated bibliography includes an explanation of the information you took from that source and how it was used in your research
    Rebuttle essay has a purpose to refute what your biggest counter argument would say about your hypothesis
    insufficient evidence in a rebuttal essay
    Rebuttle isa matter of fact not opinion
    Portfolio content 8 peices
    First and second draft of 2 essays
    Visual rhetoric final draft
    Core value 5 essay
    Annotated bibliography
    3000 word research paper
    Grading is based on changes made by comments
    Bibliography must contain 10 to 15 sources
    Background of source should include how the material benefited you
    Titles “Background” then ” How I used it”

  5. nyaj32 says:

    Part of grading is how well we can deliver our point without taking the “long way.”
    Look at BeezKneez for a good example of an in-text citation
    The point of the rebuttal is to give credit to a fair point contrary to your own and explain wy even though there is credible, your point is still superior.
    If we have questions about the portfolio we can check the portfolio tab that was newly added to see if we are missing anything.
    If we edit out 3000 word paper we must do so in the original post because there is no actual rewrite for it.

  6. daphneblake25 says:

    -rebuttals refute evidence and don’t just claim that most readers agree or disagree
    -annotated bibliography is an indication of your relationship to your sources and how you used them
    -the portfolio contents include the research paper, visual rewrite, annotated bibliography, set reflection, and two argumentative essays and their rewrites
    -use specific examples such as visual effects to draw reader in instead of saying fluff and repeating yourself
    -the background of an annotated bib has to focus on what you learned from the amount of context you used

  7. jets1313 says:

    purpose of Rebuttal Essay:
    – to show that your claim is right over any others
    – include Title in all posts
    – has to contain strong sources that specifically refute arguments of your own

    Portfolio contents:
    – no parenthesis after quotes
    – use in text citations

  8. rowanstudent2 says:

    Class Activities
    Grade Levels 2
    – commalessness is not a requirement of good writing
    – good evidence of fluency is required though

    Stephen Hawking was Wrong
    How to Demand your Reader’s Attention
    – start out by grabbing the reader’s attention
    – follow up with convincing evidence

    Not a Crank.
    – avoid language that makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist

    Rebuttal Example
    – the point of the rebuttal essay is to provide evidence of the other point of view and to refute your own thesis
    – state facts, not opinions

    – 3000 word essay, two short arguments, two rewrites, annotated bibliography, visual rhetoric, reflective statement

  9. pomegranate4800 says:

    – Course Evaluation on banner
    – Rate my professor
    – Rebuttal essay is to show facts from the other side, not opinions.
    – Portfolio includes: 3000 word essay, two short arguments and their rewrites, annotated bibliography, visual rhetoric, and reflective statement. No parenthesis after quotes, and use in text citations.

  10. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    – course evaluation
    – You can go on rate my professor
    – Essays need titles
    – in rebuttal essays don’t use opinion
    – portfolio= 8 pieces
    -3000 word essay
    -two short arguments +rewrites
    – annotated bibliography
    – visual rhetoric
    – reflective statement
    -dont use parenthesis after quotes
    -use in text citations.

  11. wazoo1234 says:

    portfolio 3,000 word essay two arguments 2 re writes annotated bib visual rhetoric and reflective stateent due next week.

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