25 Class MON APR 19

Class Activities

  • 1. Let’s try again for Course Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness.
    • Find an email invitation or follow the link to Banner from the instructions below.
  • 2. Invitation to post at Rate My Professor 
    • Follow this link directly to David Hodges.
    • If asked for a Course Code, use COMP 01112
  • 3. Preview of Portfolio Readiness
    • We’ll spend time together on this
    • You’ll start to build your Portfolio in class today.
  • 4. Don’t worry. You can still revise everything..

    Give Every Portfolio item a Title

    Argument Title

    Review your In-text citations for compliance.

    They need Author or Title or Publication (or any combination), Said language, and a QuotationParaphrase, or Summary.

    This is INCORRECT:

    This is CORRECT:Compliant APA

    Make Separate posts for Short Arguments

    First the Initial Post

    Causal Argument

    Then a New Post for the Revised Argument
    (Shows Responsiveness to Feedback)

    Causal Rewrite

    Check Bibliography for Compliance

    Entries need APA Bibliographic notations, Links to the Sources, and thorough descriptions of Background Material and How I Used it.


    Check Reflective Statement for Compliance

    Entries must specific descriptions of changes you made to your work in response to feedback or detailed descriptions of how you met course objectives. Make references and links to the posts that best demonstrate your accomplishment of the Core Values.


  • Start to Build Your Portfolio Now

  • 1. Open every Portfolio item in Edit. Add each item to the category
    Portfolios FA20 (Username), where Username is YOUR username, of course.
  • 2. Remember to Update the item.
  • 3. Look for your Portfolios FA20 Username link in the blog sidebar with a number in parentheses indicating how many items it contains. Below, Davidbdale has added one item to his Portfolio.
  • 4. For the Fall 2020 semester, the Category is Portfolios FA20Portfolio Category5. Your target number is 8 items.
    • (1) Self-Reflective Statement
    • (1) Research Position Paper
    • (2) Two of Three Short Arguments (Definition, Causal, Rebuttal)
    • (2) The Rewrites for those Arguments (Definition Rewrite, Causal Rewrite, Rebuttal Rewrite)
    • (1) Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    • (1) Annotated Bibliography

    6. Prof will Certify your Portfolio on MON APR 26 (Mandatory Class Attendance) during the Portfolio Doublecheck.

    7. Your Grade Conference appointment can be Confirmed on MON APR 26 when your Portfolio is certified complete.

    9. Attend class on WED APR 28 if you need or desire a Revision Workshop for any and all assignments.

Linking Tips for urls

Link to a post in need of links

Grammar Basics Review

Let’s take a second look at that paragraph

Not Because

Why NOT to start a sentence, “I don’t love you because . . . .”

It Only Matters When It Matters

One little word makes all the difference

Fails For Grammar

Your chance to have your favorite questions answered

16 Responses to 25 Class MON APR 19

  1. davidbdale says:


    According to Dr. King in his memoir, “I Have a Dream,” “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance.”

    In Dr. King’s memoir, “I Have a Dream,” he said, “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance.”

    In his memoir, Dr. King said, “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance.”

    “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance,” said Dr. King in his memoir, “I Have a Dream.”

    In “I Have a Dream,” Dr. King’s memoir, he said, “The only real freedom is freedom from ignorance.”


  2. -You should not put parenthesis with author names and page numbers after your quotes you cite.
    -The bibliography should be alphabetized
    -Grammar doesn’t have rules, but it reflects how people communicate.
    -The only time you should ever use one quotation mark is if there is a quote within a quote.
    -Commas always go within the quotation marks.
    -Using the word only in the wrong place changes the meaning of a sentence completely.


  3. mrmba1 says:

    Titles should be short. Can be a starting claim but can not be referenced by the first sentence or be depended on
    No author name or dates parenthesized following quotations
    – Number sources
    – Alphabetize by Author name/ first word in citation
    Reflective statement reminder – use guidelines to display that the core values are understood
    In sources, put the link behind the title, add retrieval date.
    Grammatical failures review
    – Primarily focus on singular vs plural
    – Start “I don’t… because…” sentences with the positive verb, not the negative
    If possible, make it all positive. Eliminate negatives
    – Be careful with placement of “only”


  4. rowanrat says:

    -request for course evaluation
    -keep building and revising the portfolio
    -make sure everything has a title
    -check that you have the original copy and copy and paste that into a rewrite document
    -alphabetize references
    -remove the urls from the citations. Copy it using the link button and place it within the title
    -always update by saving your edits/revisions
    -complete grammar exercise
    -sentences that follow a negative verb with because create confusion for readers
    -complete take home exercise
    -the simple rule of only is that it modifies-or limits-the word that follows it(or sometimes the entire phrase that follows it


  5. carsonwentz1186 says:

    Make a good title, however it is not best to depend on it for effectiveness of argument
    Never use parenthetical citations
    Most important thing in writing is rewriting since it is a recursive art
    Describe how you used your core values in your writing and how they helped you
    Start to categorize assignments into portfolio category
    Example on how to hyperlink URLs to make references shorter
    Walkthrough of fails for grammar exercise (most are more than one word edits)
    Only use double quotes when you are quoting something
    Grammar cam be very finnicky based off your choice of words and phrasing
    Sentences that follow a negative verb with because almost always never ends well (girlfriend example: “I don’t love you because”)
    Overview of effectiveness of the word “only”
    Self Reflective Statement DUE WED APR 21st


  6. thecommoncase says:

    -titles should not be long
    -follow the punctuation guidelines for titles
    -capitalize important words in your title
    -works in publication can allow editors to create their own title, so do not rely on your title in the introduction of your essay
    -do NOT put pages and authors in parentheses
    – still have to have the authors name, or publication, or title along with your quote/paraphrase
    -turn your rewrite posts into regrade posts
    -don’t stress about the number listing in annotated bibliography
    -reflection should make detailed descriptions of changes you made in your work or how you met your course objectives
    -should have 7 things in portfolio right now
    -start gathering assignments in portfolio!
    -don’t forget about the URL shortcut (highlight url, copy, go to chain looking thing, click ‘yes’ to open a new tab, and then click url)
    -in academic writing, it is still not grammatically correct to use they/their pronouns for a singular person even though it is alright in informal writing
    -keep an eye on fails for grammar
    -if you can’t decide if it’s “effect” or “affect,” see if the word “cause” fits in the sentence. If it does, use “effect”
    -“everyone” is singular, use “all” instead
    -Not Because Task
    -“Only” can be placed in different points of a sentence and completely change the meaning of the sentence


  7. capched says:

    There’s a website called RateMyProfessor where people can comment and give professors feedback
    When creating the annotated bibliography, it should be in alphabetical order by the first letter
    It’s easier to look for sources when they are alphabetized
    The reflective statement should give detailed feedback
    Use specific examples
    Should have 7 assignments for portfolio
    Grammar is very important
    We live in a world that’s changing at a fast pace so grammar will also change too
    We use “they/them/their” to address people
    An easy solution is to stay with plurals
    Not allowed to use the word “you”
    You can only use “you” when quoting someone
    Use quotation marks when quoting. Use single quotes only in double quotes
    Periods and commas always belong inside the quotation marks
    “Everyone” is actually singular and not plural. Anything with “one” is singular
    You can get rid of words like “that/which”
    Don’t start with the negative verb when you mean the positive verb
    Only: She told him that she loved him. The meaning of the sentence can change depending on the placement of “only”


  8. justheretopass says:

    We opened up class to talk about our portfolio
    Every portfolio item needs a title
    Title shouldn’t be to long because you won’t get the full impact
    Shouldn’t go over 10 words for your title.
    The title isn’t part of your argument
    We don’t use the parenthetical author notation
    Ex: (2014) (Kulman,2014, p.34) INCORRECT
    Annotated bibliography should be in order alphabetically
    Reflective statement should state how you understand the the objective of the core values
    We then discussed ways to help make arguments clear
    Went over the paragraph to help us with grammar and how to make sure you see the flaws in our paragraphs.
    Ex: don’t say “the reason is because”
    Try to eliminate the word “you” unless you quote someone who used “you”
    No one. Everyone,someone all singular
    Never start with a negative verb followed by a positive verb
    The word only modifies the word after it


  9. honeysucklelilac says:

    obviously the plans you had to use the weekend to catch up did not pan out due to the reaction from the second vaccine shot. you are officially behind and at this point probably in danger of failing if you do not post both arguments by tonight. you have half of both, it’s time to just finish them and post
    Class Activities
    -course evaluations: look out for the email to fill out this survey
    -rate my professor: advice for future students
    Portfolio Pre Check
    -every item in your portfolio should have a title OTHER than the argument and your username
    -a good title is a part of your argument, a short summary, a bold dramatic statement
    –should NOT be, over long, more than 10 words, when in doubt capitalize every word in your title
    -the first sentence cannot make reference to your title
    -for in-text citations do NOT use parentheses
    -make separate posts for short arguments
    -check bibliography for compliance
    -reflective statement must make specific descriptions of changes you made in your work in response to feedback or detailed descriptions of how you met course objectives
    Start to Build Your Portfolio
    -make sure each portfolio item is in your username and the portfolio category
    Not Because
    -make the boldest, most specific, most straightforward claim without negatives and take out the because all together


  10. icedcoffeeislife says:

    Give every portfolio item a Title
    Titles should not be overlong, if it contains more than 10 words you’re flirting with the difficulty of citation.
    When capitals all the worlds in the title
    Your title is technically not part of your essay
    This an applied exercise to using the guideline to understand your ability to be a writer.
    Start building your portfolio
    You should be up to seven pieces of work in your portfolio.
    It will get above 8 for a little but it will drop back down to 8 after you pick which essay you would not like to use.
    How people convince and grammar makes sure it is down in the right way
    Grammar basic review
    We went over a paragraph together and made the proper edits in the paragraph
    With looWith looking at this paragraph it was good practice to see the grammatical errors adn now we know who to fix them


  11. imgoingswimming says:

    We started by talking about completing course evaluations and also rate my professor.
    We need to make sure that we have a title on each post. Review the in-text citations as we should not have in-text citations at the end. We should instead mention our reference and then quote, or paraphrase what they said.
    Make sure we are referencing our references and annotated bibliography in alphabetical order.
    Start building our portfolio now by putting them into your portfolio folder. Our portfolio should have eight items placed into it.
    Next, we went over the fails for the grammar assignment and looked at the initial issues with the paragraph. Never say “the reason is because” this is redundant as you are already saying because.
    Our grade conference will be certified once we have shared our portfolio on Monday.
    Never start a sentence with because this often leads to incorrect sentences that don’t accomplish what we like. We see this in the example “I don’t love you because your beautiful”.
    We have a take-home exercise called “not because”.
    We went over how “only” in different parts of the sentences completely changes the meaning.


  12. compiistudent says:

    Notes 4/19
    Working on portfolio, making sure everything is in there with titles
    Title could be changed later, by you or someone else, but make sure its good from the start
    Make separate posts for short arguments
    alphabatize sources in bibliography
    Reflective Statement- use the core value guidlines to evaluate your writing, and how you used them
    Shorten URLs, rename articles and such
    Need to watch out for grammar mistakes in today’s “progressive world”
    Never use “the reason is beacause” it’s just saying the reason is the reason
    Get to the point early in the sentence, don’t make things extra confusing
    Need to mke sure you use “only” correctly, so many different meanings depending on where the word is placed in the sentence


  13. johnwick66 says:

    Make sure to fill out course evaluation.

    Make sure to give every portfolio item a Title
    Make sure it isn’t long
    The title isn’t part of the argument so don’t include it as such

    Make sure to check your works in text citation.

    Make sure to make separate posts for the short arguments( Ex: Definition, Definition rewrite)
    Make sure bibliography meets the guidelines presented
    It should be alphabetized

    Check the reflective statement for compliance

    Start to build your portfolio: Remember to add all three essays first then remove the one you like the least

    Clean up your URL’s (condense them) Copt it, and paste the link into the title, then you can delete the URL(make sure link opens up in a new tab)

    Check your grammar for your portfolio writings .
    Make sure to use the rules of grammar given to us to go through your works in order to improve the writing.

    Don’t follow a negative verb with because ,it will create confusion for the reader.
    Ex of what not to do: I love you not because your beautiful
    Ex of what to do: I love you not just for your beauty.

    If able to(its optional) do the only exercise.


  14. christianity19 says:


    • Went to rate my professor to go give our feedback on the professor so that other can see whether or not to take his class.
    • Check the Bibliography for compliance and check it to make sure that it’s all in order and ready to get graded.
    • When professor is going to the bibliography they need to make sure that it is alphabetically and is easy to see all of it.
    • Check your your reflective for compliance and make sure that your reflective statement is ready for grading.
    • Went over grammar errors in a paragraph in class and grammar tries to dictate how the essay is supposed to go.
    • Make sure to get your portfolio in order so that it can be ready for grading and hopefully your satisfied with your arguments and your other assignments.
    • Everyone, No one, and someone is an example of singular verb pairs that is used in our writing.
    • Sentences need to follow a negative verb with because create confusion for readers. For example: I don’t love you because you’re beautiful.
    • The word only has one part in your sentence whether it be in the news or in your own writing.
    • She told only him that she loved him is a good example of a way to put only in a sentence.
    • Where you put only is important in your writing can be in the beginning of your writing after it and for an insurance policy
    • Take home assignment is Not because-username is due soon so copy and paste the work and edit it.


  15. person345 says:

    Rate my professor is a website where you could review your professors. Title of essay is not a part of the argument. First sentence cannot reference the title. Don’t use parenthesis and page numbers after citations. Make two posts for the short arguments. One for first draft and one for rewrite. Grammar reflects usage. Rules of grammar change all the time. Grammar revisions for paragraphs. Using the word only in sentences limits word use.


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