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Causal – PardonmyFrench

I am having a little trouble deciding the right topic for my essay. What I have so far is I could say social media decreases self-esteem in college students and therefor increases the risk of suicide. I could also link … Continue reading

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Open Strong – PardonmyFrench

Opening 1: Maybe if society didn’t set getting “likes” on social media at such high priority, teenagers would still have their lives. Today, social media is highly linked to suicide in teens and young adults who use the platform. Cognitive … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- PardonmyFrench

00:00-00:02 In the first second of the video you see a beaten-up van pull into the driveway. The van is blue, has a tree through the back window, broken taillights, a mirror that is falling off, multiple dents and many … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – Pardonmyfrench

Manufacturers– “we have the means to prevent these accidents.” This is a claim made to say that they do not need to implement the new technology into their saws since apparently, they have something else. This is an analogy claim … Continue reading

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Definition- Pardonmyfrench

” Its Social Suicide” Social media presence has grown over the past decade, allowing users to create and share content with followers and friends. The content then either receives negative or positive feedback from the audience it was shared with. … Continue reading

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White Paper- Pardonmyfrench

Social media and suicide Social media platforms are based on likes which can cause suicide Digital content receives likes and can cause users to commit suicide Number of likes on social media content determines social status which can lead to … Continue reading

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Claims- Pardonmyfrench

“At home after school, she makes Katie a pancake snack and then, while Katie shows me the website for a summer camp that teaches military spy skills, Brannan gets back to work.” Claim: -This is an evaluative claim. Being described … Continue reading

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Stone Money – PardonmyFrench

What’s it Worth? During everyday life, people do not always stop and think about the form of money and how it has grown and changed through different eras. Before we started talking about the idea of money in class, I … Continue reading

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