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PTSD Claims- CompIIstudent

“But here we’ve got lasagna, and salad with an array of dressing choices, and a store bought Bundt cake with chocolate chips in it!” -This is a factual claim, as there is no way to dispute whether this is true … Continue reading

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Stone Money- CompIIStudent

The Concept Of Money The concept of money is not one that is usually a topic of debate. Currency is somethng that the world has had in common for centuries, as you need something to exchange for goods and basically … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- CompIIStudent

Media has become an enemy of the public A large part of why the country has grown so divided is because of how people percieve media Giant news anchors like CNN and Fox News have become so biased and blind … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- CompIIstudent

Euthanasia For Kids- It seems counterintuitive that children are allowed to make a decision on euthanasia when they might not by in the right frame of mind to do so, whether that be because of their age or an illness … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—compiistudent

How would eradication of something work? To me this is such an interesting concept because I have not heard of something being eradicated in my lifetime. However we have to acknowledge that it has happened before. Small pox ravaged the … Continue reading

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Notes 2/1/21

We discussed how looking for answers in something or somewhere that we already know is pointless. Went over what a white paper is and how we build it throughout the next few months- not working on it is detrimental to … Continue reading

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