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Getting Skin Diseases from Wrestling

As a Wrestler, the most important thing you need to take care of is making sure that you don’t get skin diseases. A wrestler is affected by not checking their skin which can have a negative impact on other wrestlers. Athletes who wrestle have a higher chance of getting skin diseases because of the high contact sport. One wrestler may take this step and check their body before a wrestling match or a wrestling practice to make sure that they are clear to wrestle. For example, if two wrestlers are about to wrestle, one may have a skin disease and other one may not have a skin disease, where the other wrestler may let the other wrestler get sick because they didn’t know they had skin disease. This has happened to many wrestlers throughout their career. When looking at skin diseases, not everyone will experience it, but at some time we have to look at the different ways of how we check for skin diseases from wrestling. Some wrestlers may have underlying issues that lead them to have higher risk to get skin diseases than others. There are some wrestlers that are struggling to find out if they have skin diseases from wrestling or not.

Wrestling is one of those sports where if you are not confident in yourself, then you will not succeed. Wrestling is a sport where it’s you against on other kid and you have to try to pin them or other wise you lose. This is not true for all athletes; most sports are team sports but, this a most individual sport which it’s you and one other wrestler. When you have a bad wrestling match then you need to tell yourself that you can beat your opponent in a wrestling match. The negative thing about wrestling is that you lose weight and sometimes you lose so much weight in a week wrestling. Some wrestlers can turn their negative performances into watching clips to see what they did wrong in the wrestling match.

Recommendations for Best Disinfectant Practices to Reduce the Spread of Infection is by wiping the mat with disinfected wipes to get rid of bacteria on the mat to reduce skin diseases. Another way to reduce skin disease on the wrestling mat is by deep spraying the mat before and after wrestling practice. Even another thing that reduces skin in a wrestling match is deep clean the wrestling mats before and after wrestling competition. Wrestling bacteria and maintaining the wrestling mat takes a lot of work.

When wrestling, there are different types of cleaning that must be done before and after a wrestling match. Wrestling mats can are normally cleaned during the weekends after practice and matches are all over. Some will say it wrestling mats are the most disgusting part of the wrestling equipment to take care of because they tend to have a lot of sweat on the mats. When a person is getting ready to wrestle, their adrenaline is so high that if it makes them happy, it is only inevitable that the wrestler will do well in his wrestling match because he is ready. Then there are some wrestlers that do not experience either of these things. Every wrestler is different from one another. With match jitters that correlate to competition is that, an athlete is faced with a challenge that is greater than what they expected it to be. This only comes out when the wrestler is dominating their opponent. Also, it depends how good he is at wrestling because their are scouts for wrestling.

According to Effectiveness of Body Wipes as an Adjunct to Reducing Skin Infections in High School Wrestlers is really important because it reduces skin diseases from wrestling. Some wrestlers have trouble reducing skin diseases from wrestling because the wrestlers touch each other a lot in wrestling practice and mostly in wrestling matches. For some wrestlers, this means that not all of the wrestlers will have a negative impact on their wrestling because of skin disease or cause someone else to get skin disease. Wrestlers taking the power to reduce skin diseases in wrestling is really important so that you don’t give it to the other wrestlers. On the other hand wrestlers need to make sure they are taking showers after wrestling practice and wrestling tournaments so that the bacteria on the body goes away.

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4 Responses to Causal Rewrite – Christianity19

  1. davidbdale says:

    That shouldn’t be hard, C.
    Your topic is all about cause and effect.
    Skin diseases ARE CAUSED by the close contact of wrestlers.
    They are PREVENTED (NOT CAUSED) by rigorous cleaning and antiseptic measures.
    You might also be able to bust some myths about personal hygiene or group showers that can be blamed for spreading disease that AREN’T responsible for it.

    A quick search of Google Scholar reveals LOTS of academic sources for your topic. I used this string and got 632 results:
    “skin disease” +wrestling -injury -injuries
    (It’s important to weed out articles that include injuries. There’s just too many of them.)

    Does that help?

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  2. davidbdale says:

    1st. The first thing I noticed about your post, C, is that it doesn’t have a References list. If you’re citing your research in this post, you’re obligated to provide your readers with bibliographic references. Your post can’t pass without it.

    2nd. The second thing I noticed is the Odd Capitalization in several places. At first I was stumped by these, but now I recognize them as titles to your sources. If they’re books, the titles should be italicized. If they’re academic articles, they belong in quotation marks.
    —If it’s a book: Recommendations for Best Disinfectant Practices to Reduce the Spread of Infection include the following.
    —If it’s an article: Recommendations for “Best Disinfectant Practices to Reduce the Spread of Infection” include the following.

    3rd. The last thing I noticed before I started to read your post is that it seems shorter than the required 1000 words. There is plenty of source material available for your topic. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding plenty to share.


  3. davidbdale says:

    We don’t use the “Banned 2nd Person” in this class, C. It creates a divide between us and our readers. We want to create alliances, not divisions, so we approach our readers as We, or we don’t address them at all.

    You have two choices:
    ADDRESS AS WE: As wrestlers, we have to be constantly vigilant against skin diseases.
    NO DIRECT ADDRESS: Wrestlers have to be constantly vigilant against skin diseases.
    Apply this rule throughout your work, in every argument. Do a global search for you your yours yourself yourselves and get rid of every one of them.

    When you use singular examples like “a wrestler,” you’re committed to singular pronouns.
    —You wouldn’t say “a wrestler do the best for the team” because “a wrestler” requires a singular verb “does.”
    —For the same reason, you shouldn’t say “a wrestler should check their skin” becasue “a wrestler” requires a singular pronoun “his.”
    Obviously, that leaves out female wrestlers, but that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. If it DOES present a problem, you would have to stick to plurals or resort to the sloppy “a wrestler should check his or her skin.”


  4. davidbdale says:


    I think I can rephrase this paragraph in one sentence, C.

    For their own sake, and for the sake of their teammates and opponents, even those without underlying conditions, wrestlers should refrain from wrestling if they have an active and contagious skin disease.

    Here’s what the second paragraph boils down to:
    —Wrestling requires confidence.
    —Wrestling is an individual competition.
    —Strenuous workouts can cause weight loss.
    —Watching video of their matches helps some wrestlers.

    It’s hard to see the connections among these observations, C. They are all aspects of wrestling; but otherwise, they don’t add up to a logical argument. And none of them has anything to do with skin diseases, which we thought was the argument we were following.

    I think I can rephrase this paragraph in one sentence, C.

    Comprehensive maintenance of wrestling mats to reduce skin diseases includes deep spraying and cleaning the mats before and after practices and matches and the use of disinfectant wipes.

    Here’s what the fourth paragraph boils down to, C:
    —Mats must be kept clean (already covered in P2)
    —Wrestlers sweat on the mats.
    —Wrestlers who enjoy the competition get jitters and do well.
    —Wrestlers good enough to be scouted enjoy dominating formidable opponents.

    It’s hard to see what most of this has to do with skin diseases, C. (That is the title of your essay.) You seem to be collecting a lot of random observations about wrestling, some of them causal, without having an argument plan.

    I think I can rephrase this paragraph in one sentence, C.

    For their own sake, and for the sake of their teammates and opponents, even those without underlying conditions, wrestlers should use body wipes and shower after matches even if they don’t have an active and contagious skin disease.

    Notice how much that resembles your first paragraph.

    Overall, C, you haven’t focused your attention on an issue worth 1000 words here. There are general observations about the competitiveness of elite wrestlers alongside some cleaning and hygiene recommendations to avoid skin disease, but the reader will experience the result as meandering, not as an organized logical argument.

    An additional problem is that you’ve already devoted half of your Definition Argument to the causes of skin disease and how to avoid them. When you combine the two arguments, you won’t be able to use the same material twice.

    Looking forward to your Rebuttal Argument, it’s hard to imagine you’ll find an “opponent” who will say, “Skin disease isn’t important, and it can’t be picked up in a wrestling match from opponents or the mats.” What argument will you have to refute?

    I have graded this draft at Canvas to reflect the grade it would earn in your Portfolio. Obviously, you will want to revise it to improve that grade. When you have made significant revisions, put this post into the Regrade Please category. You may also ask for additional feedback by asking specific questions as often as you like and putting the post back into the Feedback Please category.


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