Visual Rewrite-Jets1313


Camera Slowly zooming in on a convenience store called Jiffy during the night. There is no one outside or in the frame at all making me think that maybe this convenience store is not very popular or it is extremely late at night. There is a half-lit sign off to the right of a large morbid-looking clown that informs the viewer that the convenience store is open 24/7.


A young White woman is standing at the counter of the convenience store wearing a green jacket. In the background are aisles of food and drinks, she also seems to be the only one in the store at this time other than the cashier. The lady asks the cashier for a “Pack of cigarettes?” and seems to aviod eye contact with her which leads me to the idea that maybe she is embarrassed by what she is asking for.


The camera angles toward the cashier who is an older African American woman and tells her young customer “you need a little more honey” in reference to the amount of money the customer placed on the counter. The camera then directs towards the money on the counter and that is the main focus.


The camera is once again focussed on the young customer who has a look of worry on her face. She seems to look at the money and then look at the cashier. Maybe this woman doesnt have enough money to buy the cigarettes? or maybe shes surprised by the cost of them? It is unclear in this part of the commercial.


The focus goes back and forth between the two women neither of them saying a word. The cashier seems to have a carless, blank face while looking at her customer. While the customer just looks concerned.


The camera is pointed at the young customers face as she begins to rip at the skin on her cheek as if she is trying to tear it off. The camera then turns and is facing the back of the customers head and cashier is in the background, unfocussed, watching her customer.


The cashier is again the prime focus and seems to look disgusts by her customers actions as she beings ripping at her skin. She seems to swallow hardly as if she is scared or worried.


the focus shifts again to the customer who is beginning to succeed at pulling the skin from her face. She is opening her mouth while she is doing it as if it is painful, however she does not stop trying to get the skin off of her face.


The cashiers eyes widen as she watches what is going on right before her eyes. She then looks away from her young customer as if she cannot watch anymore and looks down.


The customer and cashier are both in frame now and we are able to see that the customers face has been tarnished and she is holding a piece of it in her hand. She is looking down at her hands with a sad look on her face.


The customer slides the piece of her face towards the cashier in a very shy manner as if she is embarrassed by what had to do just for a pack of cigarettes.


The cashier takes the money and the skin from the customer not breaking eye contact with her. The cashier has a blank look on her face at this time.


While the cashier is exchanging her customers skin and money for cigarettes she has a blank look on her face and in the background a narrator is saying “Whats a pack of smokes cost? Your smooth skin” Implying that cigarettesruin your skin and are expensive.


The cashier is the main focus and says “see you again” to the customer. This implies that cigarettes are addictive and the cutomer will end up coming back for more.


The customer grabs her cigarettes she quickly walks away as if she is in a hurry to get out of the store. As this is happening the narrator says “Smoking causes wrinkles that age you prematurely”.


The outside of the convenience store is now in frame and looks the same as it did in the beginning. The narrator then says “What are cigarettes costing you?” and the commercial ends.

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