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Claims- Pardonmyfrench

“At home after school, she makes Katie a pancake snack and then, while Katie shows me the website for a summer camp that teaches military spy skills, Brannan gets back to work.” Claim: -This is an evaluative claim. Being described … Continue reading

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Stone Money – PardonmyFrench

What’s it Worth? During everyday life, people do not always stop and think about the form of money and how it has grown and changed through different eras. Before we started talking about the idea of money in class, I … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- PardonmyFrench

Social media and suicide Social media platforms are based on likes which can cause suicide Digital content receives likes and can cause users to commit suicide Number of likes on social media content determines social status which can lead to … Continue reading

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Summaries- PardonMyFrench

Unemployment Falls It seems counterintuitive that when someone who is unemployed stops looking for a job, they are no longer counted as unemployed. The Labor Department has reported that the unemployment rate recently declined to a record-breaking low for the … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- pardonmyfrench

The social issues and lack of trust that surround the Nigerian people, make it almost impossible to see the end of polio. Nigeria is ranked one of the more corrupt countries in the world according to The Human Development Index. … Continue reading

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