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White Paper- Johnwick66

1.Cancel cultures attempts to stop racism only further cement racial views in the people they target by crushing their futures in the name of social justice rather than try to educate them on the wrong doings of their actions , … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims-JohnWick66

“The amount of progress in Caleb’s six years of therapy has been frustrating for everyone.” -Through this they are indicating that Caleb has made very little progress from his therapy -“…Frustrating for everyone” They are trying to make it sound … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Johnwick66

Money, Society’s tool Money is very much a essential part of the society’s functioning. Through its value people are capable of buying/selling just about anything they wish. It seems simplistic enough, however very few people actually take the time and … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- John wick66

Racism The causes of Racism How the causes of racism effects the modern day American Despite the progression of today’s world the roots of Racism are still prevalent. Racism is a social construct pushed forward in an attempt to keep … Continue reading

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Summaries – JohnWick66

Why Keeping Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make Them Sick : Shots – Health News : NPR It seems counterintuitive that girls are believed to be more likely to develop diseases as they grow older like asthma since they are considered … Continue reading

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Practice opening – Johnwick66

On the brink of extinction, One man pushes to strip Polio from one of its last strongholds. Polio, a disease that has left millions of children paralyzed, is on the verge of facing its extinction. However there are still a … Continue reading

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The Universe- JohnWick66

Why does the Universe Exist? Well, simply put it, why should it matter to humanity? We are a species on a speck in the middle of a vast darkness that spans billions if not trillions of light years across, and if the … Continue reading

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