Reflective Statement-G90

Core Value I: Understand that writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive, and social process. (In particular, students should address how they have engaged in self-directed revision.)

The way this core value was understood and used in my writing this semester was through revision and the constant implementation of advice from friends and peers. The way I edited these papers was through the help of friends and peers. This process of getting other people’s eyes on my writing really helped in finding errors within my writing. Whether that be sentences that didn’t make sense or just general grammatical errors I was able to fix and create better papers through this process. Doing self revisions on my papers allowed me to fix the flow of the paper and fundamental errors within creating a stronger paper. I was able to best

Core Value II. Understand that close and critical reading/analysis allows writers to understand how and why texts create meaning.

Being able to critically read and analyze any given text allows for the ability to create strong arguments within a paper. I did this through carefully reading and taking notes on sources. This allowed me to successfully convey my ideas within my writing and to explain and simplify for readers who won’t be informed on the topic I write on.

Core Value III. Understand that writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.

All writing is shaped by the audience, its purpose, and its context. With my writing trying to make the argument for shifting the wealth of a population can be very hard to make. I had to find a way to make a UBI digestible to the average human being. I gave my argument a purpose by showing its coming necessity and its practicality. I gave my argument context by using the sources I had researched. Giving the context of the research and the changing economic climate also helped the audience understand the purpose of the paper as well.

Core Value IV. Understand the role of information literacy in the practice of writing.

Knowing the information from which you are using is critical in creating a strong paper. If you don’t know what information is within your sources how can you create a strong argument to convince an audience to support your argument?

Core Value V. Understand the ethical dimensions of writing.

Being ethical within an argument is one of the most important value. This value constitutes that you don’t plagiarize and to create arguments in good faith. Plagiarizing is extremely unethical as you are presenting someone else’s ideas as your own. This is disingenuous to not just your audience, but yourself as well. Creating an argument in good faith is essential in having an argument. If an argument has merit than the argument itself and the sources to back it up will be all you need. Arguing in bad faith can win you an argument, however it is extremely unethical and morally wrong.

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