Safer Saws- Johnwick66

1.Manufacturers(Steve Gass)”It felt like a I don’t know like a buzz or a tickle almost” Steve is describing the feeling his finger felt after sticking his finger into the safety saw to show its ability. This is considered a evaluative claim because it is evaluating the feeling Steve’s finger experienced when putting it on the safety saw.

2.Customers: ” If you are in the market for a new table saw and are a fan of your fingers and American companies, this is the one for you” This claim is made to imply that customers seeking to purchase a new table saw should put this on at the top of the list. This claim jokingly implies that if you like your fingers then this is the saw for you, expressing how this saw is in deed a safe tool to use.

3.Industry Spokespeople: ” Each year, more than 67,000 U.S workers and do-it-yourselfers suffer blade contact injuries…” This claim informs the reader the annual amount of blade contact related injuries in the country. This is a numerical claim due to it giving a statistic in regards to this claim.

4.Consumer Safety Advocate:” almost always comes down to putting profits before the safety of their customers.” The advocate is implying that the reason we don’t see more of the safety saws and other safe tools on the market today is because the companies always put their money over the safety of the customers. This is a evaluative claim because it makes a judgment call in regards to as why companies don’t sell these safety devices.

5.Personal injury lawyers “They worried that if a way to prevent severe injuries got traction in the market, they would face liability for accidents with conventional saws” This claim implies that the reason big saw companies don’t manufacture the safety saws is because if they picked up steam people would sue over injuries in regards to the conventional saws they sold. This claim is a causal because it is describing why the big companies are avoiding these saws in order to avoid being sued over their normal saws. They see it as potentially losing more money than gaining it.

6.Injured Plaintiffs: ” its a world class accomplishment” This claim is implying that the safety saw is truly a great tool for safety as the speaker, who lost several fingers when he was younger, regrets that day. So for something to be made that allows people not to experience the same pain he did is, in his eyes, a true accomplishment. This claim is an evaluative claim since it makes the call that the invention is an” world class accomplishment.”

7.Government Officals:”…Switching to the safer saw design will save society $1,500 to $4,00 per saw by reducing medical bills and lost work.” The claim implies how society(or in this case saw users) could save a lot of money by switching over to the safety saws due to the fact that less, people will get hurt using it. Allowing for less money spent on medical bills and worker comp. This claim is a numerical claim since it’s giving out a statistic in regards to the claim.

8. News reporter: ” ..the module and sawblade are now officially trashed , but hey at the cost of 60 dollars better to pay that then a finger.” The reporter makes the claim that even though the saw is now broken, your better off to simply pay for the $60 replacement than to lose your finger. This is a evaluation claim because it remarks on how its better to simply pay some money for a new blade versus losing your finger.

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