Visual Rewrite-shadowswife

No Extra Life

0:00-0:01: At the beginning of the ad, the camera scans throughout the home’s lower level. The camera shows what seems to be a person opening the door to a house. Oddly, this person has no reluctance or difficulty entering this house. The person did not need an invitation to come in or unlock this door, so that this person must be familiar with the house layout or has some professional training in surveillance. The person appears to rush through the first floor in search of something. The camera scans the room at a frantic pace. Within view, there are a few chairs, a counter, refrigerator, lamp, and a sofa. As the camera continues to survey the living room, there is a quick but methodical overview of the entire space. The camera slows down only so slightly to take in the details of the room. It appears that the person is in search of something or someone in particular. There is a chat text box similar to an action video on the bottom corner left side of the screen. The word “cdrone714” and says, “Alright!” appears next to it. On the bottom right-hand corner, there is a circle that displays an odd shape that consists of squares and rectangles, a single white dot inside it, and it begins to reveal more of this shape and rotate as the dot moves forward. Since a house could have many rooms, this must be a map that displays a simple blueprint of what the inside of this house looks like and where this person is located. The floor plan appears to show an open format. The frantic pace of the camera and chat text box discussion gives the impression that this is the person’s perspective and is playing a video game with friends. The “cdrone714” might be this person’s username and is currently communicating with the other players that he has begun the first game stages.

0:02-0:04: The person’s gaze quickly but carefully shifts from side to side while approaching the two rooms in the house. The person has passed the kitchen and is currently in the room where the sofa is located. The room has a small bookshelf, another chair with a footstool, and three paintings. The textbox now shows more of this person’s conversation with someone elsewhere. This person confirms that entry has been made in the house, and another username, “jnixc,” asks about the person’s surroundings. With nothing out of the ordinary insight, the person’s response was, “nothing yet.” Based on the chatbox texts, it is evident that the other individual may be familiar with the house and search for the same thing or person. The other username is “jnixc.” They are probably playing a video game that involves stealth, based on how empty the house is, and their objective is to find something in this house without getting caught.

0:05-0:07: The person’s gaze shifts downwards to the sofa and small table. There is a blanket sitting on the sofa. On the table, there is an Xbox controller, some notebooks, and a small stack of magazines. This house is probably the home of three or four families because that Xbox and notebooks might belong to the kids’ and those magazines are for their mother or father. However, before it is assumed that the house is empty, the person indicates in the chat text box that there is a noise and lets the other person know that there is a sound upstairs. The camera shows the person’s position as the gaze shifts upwards to the stairs that lead to the second floor of the house. Therefore, there is a possibility that there are people in the house. Based on the reaction to the noise, it appears that the user is looking for someone.

0:08-0:09: The person going up the stairs alerts the second person in the chatbox that they are heading upstairs—the individual rushes to the top of the second floor. The second-floor hallway appears dark, but there are a couple of paintings or pictures on the wall. The second person responds, letting the person know that “jnixc” is nearby the house. With the newfound evidence that there are people in this house, these people are probably hiding from them.

0:10-0:11: The person rushes into an empty room with a small table. It turns out that the person has entered one of the bedrooms in the house, but there is still no sight of this family or anyone that possibly lives in this house.

0:12-014: As the person looks inside a drawer in the bedroom, he begins to yell. The drawer contains some clothes and a package of bullets, but the person claims that whatever is being searched for is “not here.”  It is unclear what this person is looking for, but it is clear that the objective is to find something in this house. However, the text box’s continuous chatter allows us to assume that the user is agitated about something and that this mission’s gravity is severe.

0:15-0:17: The camera scans the drawer frantically. “Cdrone714” gaze shifts upward, away from the drawer as the chatter exchange continues with the other person. “Cdrone714” exclaims to the person in the chat text box that the gun is not in the drawer and hastily exits the bedroom. It is at this time that I begin to wonder. Is this really a game? The urgent tone of the chat and frenzy in which the person is frantically ascertaining where the gun can begin to change the video’s narrative. Since this person’s gun is gone, that must mean someone is in very grave danger and desperate to seek answers and that this is possibly the person’s home. Based on both the individuals in the chat box’s frantic tone, the seriousness of this scene can make us assume that “cdrone714” is not in a video game.

0:18-0:22: The camera’s position shows “cdrone714” exiting the bedroom and rushing through the second-floor hallway. The individual’s gaze shifts in multiple directions, desperately trying to locate someone. The camera shows “Cdrone714’s viewpoint in a desperate attempt to locate someone. “Cdrone714” begins to approach a door that is at the very end of the hallway and yells out for someone named Cameron. Out of fear, “cdrone714” starts to bang on the door aggressively and continues to yell out Cameron’s name. The person desperately asks for a response on the other side of the door. That means that “cdrone714” was not the one in danger. However, it was possibly someone important to both people in the chat text box. With the gun gone, the door locked, it is a possibility that this Cameron person took the gun and purposefully locked the door to commit suicide when the other individuals were not home.

0:23-0:30: The final seconds of the ad ends with a melancholic atmosphere when the scene backs out. The person continues to bang on the door and ask for Cameron. The words “with gun suicide, there is no extra life” appear on the black screen with the addition of some advice on how to store a gun safely. It is now clear that the ad was on gun suicide and that people must be cautious with possessing a gun; however, with the child’s occurrences, it is possible that Cameron was probably depressed. The ad was most likely suggesting to be mindful of any signs of depression and be cautious about where to hide a gun because someone may use it to commit suicide.

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