14 Class WED MAR 10

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Let’s see what our beloved professor has pinned to the top of the blog.

Wake Up 1

How to Write a Good Ransom Note

Ransom Snippet

Wake Up 2

Card Trick Snippet


Anne Frank

Take Home Task

Open Strong

18 Responses to 14 Class WED MAR 10

  1. Nancet says:

    10/15 Notes
    Wake up 1

    -How to write a ransom note
    Wake up 2

    -World’s simplest card trick

    -How to open a lecture
    -Open strong in class exercise (Anne Frank)
    -Due in CLASS TODAY
    Take home task

    -Open strong in take home task
    -Due OCT 20 (11:59PM OCT 19)


  2. rowanstudent24 says:

    10/15 Notes:
    – Make sure your introduction paragraph is RELATED TO YOUR THESIS. Don’t start with a bunch of broad topics that don’t relate to your thesis that much like you were taught in high school classes.
    – Start out with bold clear claims. An Introduction can be written in just 4 sentences.


  3. cardinal7218 says:


    Top of the Blog
    -Don’t waste words on a lengthy introduction that isn’t actually relevant to your thesis
    -Don’t start with the universe like high school told you

    Ransom Note
    -A good ransom note has clear threats and directions just like our writing should be clear and specific

    Card Trick
    -The odds against us existing are huge. But we’re here
    -We’re constantly beating the odds
    -Revel in your impossibility 🙂

    First Sentences
    -Your first sentence is very important. It should be an argument, engage readers in an intellectual challenge
    -Persuasion, truth, clarity, premise
    -We’re persuading not proving. We’re not mathematicians
    -Respect the readers, don’t get into a fight with them
    -Be sincere and humble, if the readers push back we lose the argument
    -Name things
    -Provide all necessary background information and make claims in the first paragraph, make sure your reader knows exactly what your essay is about


  4. runnerd4 says:

    Check the top of the blog post
    read l8tersk8ter post and analyze the comments about the intro
    Do not ease into your topic. Get right into it.

    Wake up Task: Ransom Note
    this one did not specifically ensure a lot. It vaguely implies most of the things in the note.
    A Ransom note should be much more specific. Should tell her how much money is needed and not to talk to the cops.
    The second one was much more specific. Told her exactly what to do and what not to do and the consequences that go along with it.
    Card trick:
    No one has set those cards down in that exact order because the chance of doing that is EXTREMELY LOW. We are constantly beating the odds.

    How to Open:
    Instead of a fee for a credit card, say save 4% when you pay in cash.
    Persuasion, truth, clarity, premise
    persuasion: we do not prove anything, we try to persuade
    truth: we state our case truthfully
    clarity: need to be clear about our topic
    premise: we need to make clear claims
    Opening paragraph: just 4 sentences
    we are either gobblers or nibblers


  5. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    – It is important to not talk about the whole universe when writing your introduction. Focus on the things you are going to incorporate in your paper.
    – How to Write a Good Ransom Note –
    – The first ransom note is horrible because it is vague and not specific. It fails to communicate what instructions to follow.
    – The second ransom note is VERY specific and clear with instructions. It talks about the situation and the terms of the arrangement.
    – It is important to understand specific claims so that our readers can understand what we are talking about! They do not have to guess what we are implying but they should KNOW what we are trying to make them understand.
    – World’s Simplest Card Trick –
    – We are constantly beating the odds
    – Lecture/Demo/Exercise –
    – Headline should be to save money by paying cash
    – A Good opening sentences are very important but there is a risk of losing your argument in the first sentence
    – We need to persuade, truthful, clarify, and have a premise
    – We are gobblers or nibblers meaning that once presented with something we “eat it” right away or we wait


  6. dayzur says:


    -Definition essay should have a title
    -You can update white paper and its contents at any point in time
    -first ransom note not good, no information
    -second ransom note gives direct info on what is going and what is wanted
    -Share info in a way that will make readers listen
    -“First sentences are very important” is an awful first sentence
    -“An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.” is the best opening sentence
    -Most important job of first sentence: makes the reader read sentence 2 and so on
    -With readers engaged, you can start an argument, not a fight.
    -Marshmallow test: gobblers or nibblers
    -First sentence makes a claim, draws the reader in by saying the reader is one type or the other
    -Second, describes one group so the reader continues on to see the other group
    -Third, the second group described and their characteristics
    ******Definition essay draft available to change at any time*******


  7. l8tersk8ter says:

    Top of the Blog
    Intro – needs a title (separate from definition title marker), be direct to claims to capture readers attention
    Visual Rhetoric – look at oaktrees assignment with professor comments
    Ransom Note
    Version 1 – lacks important information that could help, talks about a lot but it has no clear claims, no supporting details, need to talk to readers
    Version 2 – tells what they want the reader to know, gives specific directions, makes claims, uses illustrative language
    Magic Trick
    Lay out cards in a random order, will be arranged in a way never before done, the odds are 1 out of an insanely large number, same with chromosomes and genes and how ours were randomly assorted
    Revel in the impossibilities of life
    How to Open
    Instead of saying they would have to pay more with credit say they will pay less with cash, offer a savings
    A good opening sentence is important, the most important job is to engage the readers so they read sentence number two, every sentence should keep the reader engaged so they keep reading
    An opening sentence doesn’t have to be true but it should start a debate
    Marshmallow Test – gobblers and nibblers, eating marshmallow vs waiting for a second one, predictor for the rest of their lives, lack of will power vs more successful
    – Has hook, provides background, makes claims
    – Gobblers have low will power, but what if they just don’t trust the game
    In class opening activity
    Take home opening activity


  8. comicdub says:

    10/15/20 Notes:
    -Make sure to follow blog post naming conventions
    -Look at example of visual rhetoric assignment pinned on the blog
    -You can go back and revise your posts whenever you want, you don’t have to wait for the professor to give feedback before editing your post
    -Everything on the agenda is to help us understand how to write a strong opening
    -The first ransom note on the agenda was very vague and not very good
    -The second ransom note is very descriptive and makes clear claims
    -The second ransom note starts off claiming that it is a ransom note which is what we should do with our writing by starting our openings claiming exactly what it is we will be discussing in our writing
    -Instead of having a sign saying you have to pay more when using a credit card, have the sign say that you’ll save money when using cash
    -The importance of the first sentence of your opening is to get the reader engaged to keep reading to the next sentence and then the next and so on
    -Get your claim in as soon as you can in your opening
    -Write 2 strong opening paragraphs for two different thesis’


  9. BabyGoat says:

    Notes 10/15
    Ransom Note – A good note has clear threats and directions
    Card Trick -The odds against us existing are huge. But we’re here
    First Sentences -Your first sentence is very important. It should be an argument, engage readers in an intellectual challenge


  10. sunshine2818 says:

    Look at top of blog in order of information about the next two assignment

    How to write a ransom note
    – Importance of language
    – Importance of specifying word usage
    The card trick
    – The impossible always happens
    How to open a lecture
    – The first sentence is very important
    – Goal is to keep the reader reading
    Assignment come up with your own thesis opening


  11. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes 10/15/2020

    l8tersk8ters definition essay( needs title) unfocused introductions are a common fault
    Visual rhetoric examples
    Ransom notes
    Ransom note task
    World’s simplest card trick- the impossible happens everyday
    Make sure you chose a good opening sentence
    An argument can be won in the first two sentences
    The Marshmallow test
    Open strong Anne frank task


  12. gooferious says:

    10/15/2020 Notes:
    – Our essays should have titles
    – Use illustrative language to help paint a picture in reader’s head
    – The way words are used can influence how a reader looks at a topic
    – The first opening sentence is crucial to how attracted readers are to your overall topic
    – In just four sentences, many claims can be made and introduced to your reader


  13. tcarter101 says:

    top of the blog
    never waste time with a lengthy introduction that has no relevance to your thesis
    instead, keep it well said and concise to keep your reader’s attention
    the first ransom note was too vague and had little to no detail while the second example had a clear detailed message on what is to be done as well as consequences if the instructions are not followed.
    wake up 2 card trick
    on a daily basis, we beat the odds
    we did this simply by being born
    how to open
    instead of saying there is a 4% increase for all credit card charges you can present a 4% discount for all cash sales.
    your topic must be very clear
    opening paragraph:4 sentences
    Marshmellow gobblers or nibblers
    Christianity has a reputation for imposing on people. An example of this is baptizing holocaust victims. One of the most notable ones being Anne Frank. This presents a massive issue because she is one of the main focuses on learning about the Holocaust. One of the main issues is that this was against their will and is a violation of ethics.


  14. corinnebuck1219 says:

    top of the blog- things prof wants us to see
    -do not funnel entire universe to get to final observation
    -no limit to revision
    -how to write a good randsom note- not one clear claim
    -First note was scary but never demonstrated the writers intentions while the second packed more of a punch saying he would send her husbands ring finger if she does not comply
    -card arrangement – impossible happens everyday
    -argument can be won in first sentence and also lost
    -marshmallow test- gobblers vs nibblers


  15. 612119d says:

    10/15 Notes
    Wake up 1

    -How to write a ransom note
    ransom note 2 communicated the point way better which made it more effective.
    Wake up 2

    -World’s simplest card trick
    The odds of it repeating are the same as you born the way your are with the same makeup

    -Open strong in class exercise (Anne Frank)
    Anne frank Vid
    -Due in CLASS TODAY
    Our HW
    Two strong openings for our paper


  16. shadowswife says:


    Top of The Blog:
    – Be brutal with your introduction of an essay.

    Wake Up 1: How To Write a Good Ransom Note
    – A good ransom note is supposed to be blunt, give the reader instructions, and threaten the reader of something.
    – The good ransom that was read was a good representation of showing the value of very specific claims and illustrative language.

    Wake Up 2: World’s Simplest Card Trick
    – There’s a very low chance of getting a deck of cards to be in a specific sequence.
    – You would be constantly beating the odds and that also goes for your existence.

    How To Open a Lecture:
    – You want to start your essay as strong as you can by making the most specific, startling, and valuable claim you can make.
    * It’s best to phrase the claim in a way that can get the attention and approval of the reader.
    – What makes a good opening sentence?
    * It makes two strong paradoxical claims.
    * It sums up a very strong argument the essay will make.
    * It is itself an argument.
    * It makes a challenge to the reader.
    * It’s memorable.
    * It can be debated, demonstrated, and illstrutated.
    * It’s a good example of itself.
    – When writing your essay, you should be cautious about your first sentence.
    * An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.
    – Success in arguing depends on persuasion, not a proof of something.
    * We want to be sincere in our argument, but also not offend the reader.
    * You have to be clear and make a lot of claims when arguing.


  17. oaktree1234 says:

    10/15 Notes
    remember to check the top of the blog
    -don’t write a lengthy opening with a bunch of fluff

    Ransom Note
    good ransom note: clear directions, tells the reader exactly what to do
    bad ransom note: unclear, doesn’t give good instructions, reader is left with a lot of questions

    Warm Up: Easiest Card Trick
    -lay out all cards in random pattern
    -will be different almost every time, nearly impossible to duplicate
    -life is a strange miracle

    Writing a strong opening:
    -first sentences are very important
    2. truth (lies will lose credibility)
    3. clarity
    4. premise
    -don’t argue with the reader

    Take home task:
    write 2 strong openings “open strong”


  18. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    10/15 Notes

    Warm Up 1: Ransom Notes
    -Importance of illustrative and clear language
    -don’t be too wordy, that’s how the first ransom was, very unclear

    Warm-Up 2:
    -World’s Simplest Card Trick

    -first sentences are important
    -dragging out will make the reader lose interest in what they are reading
    -need to be persuasive
    -clarity is important

    -Two Strong Op for Research Paper


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