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All that didn’t happen until after the second tour. -This is an example of an evaluative claim. Brannan evaluated that Caleb’s behavior was different from before the second tour leading her to claim that it was after the tour that … Continue reading

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Stone Money-ComicDub

The Truth About Money Money is one of the most widespread and well maintained lies in the history of mankind. If you were to ask the average person why money has value, they would most likely reply with their brainwashed-esque … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-ComicDub

Fatality rate of motorcycle accidents Fatality rate of motorcycle accidents and motorcycle/riding gear designs The effect of improved safety features for motorcycles/riding gear on the fatality rate of motorcycle accidents Motorcycles with Anti-lock brakes, stability control, and riding jackets integrated … Continue reading

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Summaries – ComicDub

1) It seems counterintuitive that the best solution a city belonging to a first world country could come up with for the fight against drug addiction would be to directly supply the addicts with the drugs. Vancouver Canada, rated one … Continue reading

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