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Visual Rhetoric – Mhmokaysure

0:00 – 0:03 The video begins with the scene taking place in a dark hallway of a seemingly normal house. The light in the hallway is turned off, making it so that only the silhouette of a person is seen. … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- bluntwriting88

0-1 -The center of our focus is upon these two female friends. We assume this since they’re in their late teens to early twenties indicated by the group of textbooks in front of them and are sitting on a couch … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- cardinal

0:00-0:01- The video opens on a wide shot of a house, looking at it from the backyard. The house is modest but neat, one story but with a well-kept lawn and plants. A light turns on inside the house. This … Continue reading

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visual rhetoric- corinnebuck1219

0.00 Camera opens to a empty intersection with no cars or people 0.01 pans to empty parking lot (within first 2 seconds implies that roads are a ghost town) 0.02 a sign that implies no masks or gloves will be … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric — SmilingDogTheProfWants

:01 – The video opens with tiny hair-covered 3D image of what seems to be the human lungs in front of a black wall with lights coming from above them. This imagery tells us that the lungs are the main … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- PardonmyFrench

00:00-00:02 In the first second of the video you see a beaten-up van pull into the driveway. The van is blue, has a tree through the back window, broken taillights, a mirror that is falling off, multiple dents and many … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- gabythefujoshi

0:00-0:01 From the first frame we see red puppet that resembles Elmo, but with a brown bread and hair. Their wearing a blue, button down shirt with gold-colored stripes. The shirt reminds me of a typical dad shirt which I … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric – shadowswife

No Extra Life 0:00-0:01: The beginning of the ad shows what seems to be, based on the masculine voice, a man entering the hallway of an empty building. What we can see so far are a few chairs, a counter, … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric-Hailthegreat8

0:01 The ad starts very fast, right during the middle of a scene. Then zoom right away, and we see a father connecting with his son. There are people I believe to be having dinner behind them. 0:02 Someone is using a … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- Sonnypetro29

0:00-0:01- In this image we see a young man at the bar. He appears to be with a group of people. We take a look at the table and it seems to be that there are alcoholic beverages on the … Continue reading

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