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As years go by things change. Things that we like and dislike change just how life works. Prices for goods and services vary based on the month, year, and possibly even day. This is why many think it is necessary … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- G90

With any economic policy there will always be opposition. As long as any sentient being exists there will always be opposition and conflict. Opposition to a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is no different when it comes to the U.S political … Continue reading

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The worst thing for placebo-believers to hear is that placebos are a myth. Even if they do work, there is no real consistent scientific results. The only way for this scam medication to do its intended job is for it … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- MysteryLimbo

Needs a Real Title The United States is the developed, richest, and sophisticated nation in the world and is what the rest of the world views as a role model. Even though mass incarceration is happening in the United States … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- NYAJ32

Steroid users in the Baseball Hall of Fame. We already know that they are there, but we will not let more in if they are known. Why is that? There has been this huge dispute over whether known steroid users … Continue reading

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An Honorable Reward Scholarship may be the highest honor any institution can offer to anyone. Although some may disagree with it, it is giving people better lives and we are making it so athletes have bright futures. Giving them a … Continue reading

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Celebrity Criminal Cases: A Disadvantage for All My opinion on the topic of an unfair criminal justice system is that High profile lawyers get their celebrity clients to obtain special and unjust treatment in a court of law, however, I … Continue reading

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Sneaker Obsession Is Wrong In the past year, there has been a dispute how sneakers being something more than just a shoe. While professionals and others believe that Sneakers is actually changing teens life’s for god not bad. Kevin Smith, … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay: Nina

Physicians Approve Assisted Suicide The argument of assisted suicide and its “easy access” to assist people in the alternative to help depression has patients and clinically diagnosed patients on a slippery slope. In Oregon, the “Death with Dignity” law allows … Continue reading

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No More Excuses We must stop believing that making something “Free” is the best way to solve things. We shouldn’t have a limit on something that is going to benefit us for a lifetime. Students should focus more on the … Continue reading

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