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White Paper- Jeffbezos

Waking up to a 6am alarm clock, having over a 14 hour day ahead of them. This is the normal for most college athletes. Students across the country try to balance athletics, school work, their jobs, social life and family … Continue reading

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My White Paper—Goldin92

Working Hypothesis 1- Creating an education system that benefits people of all natures, making students that never wanted to learn and study material that didn’t matter to their personal success enjoy learning, as the new system would create opportunity for … Continue reading

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White Paper- gabythefujoshi

Working Hypothesis 1: “Normalizing mental health and making it mainstream to the youth of today is more detrimental in the process riding the cultural stigma of mental health awareness.” “We need to stop talking about mental health” Working Hypothesis 2: “Proper representation … Continue reading

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White Paper: A Student Model

For the second time this semester I’m calling out the work of your classmate Cardinal as a model to emulate. You may recall me recommending Cardinal’s “Stone Money” assignment as among the best I’ve ever read, if not the very … Continue reading

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White Paper-Hailthegreat8

Parenting Styles Different Parent Styles Authoritarian Parenting Parenting Styles + Dropout Authoritarian Parenting + Academic Achievement + Rebellion Authoritarian Parenting style, Tracy Traunter Personal Essay: I’m not angry, i just have authoritarian parents 7 Sources The effects of maternal … Continue reading

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White Paper—cfriery

5 sources needed. Think about your topic. Talk about your topic. Listen carefully for researchable topics not immediately named in your thesis. Use whatever search engine works best for you Library Database directly Google Scholar Wikipedia articles that yield rich lists of … Continue reading

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white paper Tcarter101

How is COVID-19 affecting college students? College in America could be changed forever Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience? How the coronavirus pandemic has changed college admissions Will coronavirus change college admissions? If Colleges Can’t Welcome Students to … Continue reading

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White Paper – shadowswife

Working Hypothesis: The phenomenon surrounding K-pop culture in the United States is largely impart to their cultural appropriation in black culture. Purposeful Summaries: K-Pop Has a Cultural Appropriation Problem It seems counterintuitive that K-pop idols relish in the benefits of … Continue reading

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White Paper – Aquarela

1.Emotional abuse, which is also known as psychological or verbal abuse, is a very common childhood problem, and usually occurs in the family environment by children’s parents. 2.Making a child feel worthless, unloved, alone or scared is emotional abuse, which … Continue reading

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White Paper- cardinal

Working Hypothesis: Streaming services will render Hollywood obsolete with their more progressive approach to diversity. John Boyega: ‘I’m the only cast member whose experience of Star Wars was based on their race’ Famurewa, J., Maoui, Z., & Johnston, K. … Continue reading

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