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White Paper – mrmba1

Working Hypothesis: Learning and playing music through drumming or otherwise have positive effects on musicians’ lives. Edited: Performing and practicing musicians live a longer, healthier life. Source 1: Berchicci, Marika. “Benefits of Physical Exercise on the Aging Brain: The Role … Continue reading

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White Paper – capched

Working Hypothesis 1 The attention of police brutality has been heightened by social media during black lives matter. New: social media has allowed the public to pay more attention to police brutality, as a result more police are being held … Continue reading

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White Paper- CompIIstudent

Current Hypothesis- Regaining the publics trust in the media would help reheal the country. Source 1- Politically motivated Selective Exposure and Percieved Media Bias They way people consume media now, they’re basically expecting it to be biased one way or … Continue reading

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White Paper-RowanRat

My hypothesis: Songs consisting of dark or emotional tones and themes may be a result of mental illness among the musicians creating the lyrics. SOURCE 1. Chan, A. (2020, May 04). Musicians who have opened up about their mental health … Continue reading

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White Paper-honeysucklelilac

Working Hypothesis Eliminating the ability for fast fashion websites to exist in first world countries will cause more people to frequent thrift stores and therefore lessen the amount of clothes in landfills leading to a healthier environment. Purposeful Summaries Journal … Continue reading

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White Paper- imgoingswimming

My Hypothesis: Electric cars do not truly run on clean energy as the source of their energy is not clean. Rushing to electric cars as the answer will not be the correct way to solve our problem although it does … Continue reading

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White Paper – rosekeyd

My Hypothesis: Due to the natural tendency for humans to categorize, stereotyping has lead to strong prejudices and racism across America. Weir, K. (2017, October). What’s at the root of racial stereotyping? Retrieved February 28, 2021, from Studies have … Continue reading

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White Paper – iwantpopsicle

Hypothesis: Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder are not dangerous, but are in need of special help and psychiatric care and shouldn’t be stigmatized by the public and healthcare professionals.  Source 1:  Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a … Continue reading

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White Paper- Johnwick66

Hypothesis 1. Cancel cultures attempts to stop racism only further cement racial views in the people they target by crushing their futures in the name of social justice rather than try to educate them on the wrong doings of their … Continue reading

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White Paper- Thecommoncase

Working Hypothesis The legalization of medical marijuana in the United States could stop the opioid crisis in its tracks by lowering the number of innocent people killed due to overdose by replacing prescription opioids in the pharmaceutical industry with medical … Continue reading

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