27 Class MON APR 26

Verify Portfolios

  • Check in to the Zoom room by dropping a CHAT comment to Everyone saying you have arrived in class.
  • In the order in which you checked in, you’ll verify your complete and compliant Portfolio items with the help of your beloved professor.
  • Your Portfolio will contain 8 items.
    • 3000-word Research Position Paper
    • Annotated Bibliography, 10-15 Sources
    • Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    • Self-Reflective Statement
    • (5, 6, 7, and 8) Two of the following:
      • Definition Rewrite, plus the original Definition Argument
      • Causal Rewrite, plus the original Causal Argument
      • Rebuttal Rewrite, plus the original Rebuttal Argument
  • Prof will Certify your Portfolio in class TODAY.
  • Your Grade Conference appointment can be Confirmed when your Portfolio is certified complete.
  • You will be dismissed.

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