Sneakers that is part of the fashion in the world are a trend issue!

Fashion these days have been one of the most trended companies is the world. Specially sneakers. You know that almost every thing that comes with obsession theirs issues, Same thing happening with shoe wear. A big reason why this is happening is because of the internet web. Teens these days they post their persona life and identities specially on what is the fashion when it comes to shoes and clothes. Like in the article by Chittenden, Tara she talks about this ten girls that are obsesses with blogging. They post their identity and private life making them “good friends” for other people. This is an away teen would get feedback and play with another teen’s identity seeing on what they are doing right or wrong. So, basically, they are doing what other people want them to do for views and have people believe that you are leaving your best life. It’s so astonishing that teens will change their life style just to get people to talk to them or be the most famous on Instagram because if you are not then you are a “dork”.  This kind of blogging and web apps are the reason why sneakers are a huge controversy in this generation and the ones coming up next. Teens showing off their new shoes in the web for people could say his cool and get that compliment that every teen wants.

For teens the most important thing is how other people see us. We don’t even take a minute a realize what we really like and enjoy, and almost all the time we hide that to fulfill people’s eyes on what they want to see. Also, I believe this has been like this because is a way of teens to get out of depression, or when they feel alone. This is some of few reasons why online a blogging is a big trained in this world. There’re even teens who get depress or sad because they can’t afford those sneakers that will make them “fit” into the environment. I don’t believe that the fault is in the shoes in us the consumers who makes it that important that makes it become dangerous and with a lot of issues. The teen life is focus on a “visibility” fake world because is away teens connect with each other to feel part of a group. Think about the real problem here that is the obsession with sneakers. What is really the whole getting hype thing or like if it was gold that the one person that has it been the coolest one in the world while the other that doesn’t is the bad one and crazy one that doesn’t know fashion at all. You could compare this to everyday life. If you don’t have a job you are being already 20 years of old, you are a crazy lazy person that doesn’t want to do nothing. But, the whole point of this is that teens were the ones that started and began all this obsession of sneakers and the important of it in their minds.

Sneakers has become an identity of teens. What he or she wears defines who are they as a person an what they like to do. It’s so crazy how something or what you wear defines wo you are as a person. Children are taking peer pressure from the people around them because they get use to the liking of what they see t home and what is a trend now. So, they take in account the favorite things their peer love of a product and they take that with them. Meaning when they are looking for clothes or in this case sneakers their peers are the one influencing making then sneakers a big brand. The real issue is that anything that you do, or bye is what is around your peers. Is like the fraise “Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres.” Meaning “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” You will be influence on what is around you because that what you know. We always want the most known brand to buy. Teens have more Nike sneakers than any other brand because I more known and expensive. The problem here is that why teens are really making sneakers so important? What the unique thing about them that separates then from their brands or any other shoe wear? I believe is all on the consumer how important they make it because money is a great example. Money is valuable because we make it like that. If we really didn’t believe in money in cash that is paper it won’t have any value and Bolivia is the answer to this. Anything we put in our minds, like now instead of paper being money lets make stone money or a piece of unique fabric. A rubber money. The whole point of this is that what is trendy now is because we made it like that. We are the reason for everything that is happening in he world now and we are the only ones that could stop it. Experts had tried to eliminate the issues and dangerous circumstances happening because of sneakers and they say their still no answer or nothing that they can’t do, but I believe that we do have the answer but we never going to act on it because at the end of the day we are the only answer to stop this. We cause the issues and the problems and that is why sneakers are an issue. We made it trendy and famous and treated like if it was gold now the symbolize your personality and now is also considered dangerous to even put this kind of shoe wear. This addiction could really cause financial struggle especially for low income families because they don’t even know how to manage their own money. We always must ask ourselves questions because that’s the only way we could find what the truth is. Everything changes if we change.


Elliott, R., & Leonard, C. (2004). Peer pressure and poverty: Exploring fashion brands and consumption symbolism among children of the ‘British poor’. Journal of Consumer Behaviour,3(4), 347-359. doi:10.1002/cb.147
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