02 Class THU SEP 03

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult
than it is for others. 

—Thomas Mann


Get a WordPress Username

  1. Navigate to wordpress.com


2. Click “Start your website,” but remember, we’re not going to Start a Website. We’re just going to get you a username.




3. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE WITH GOOGLE OR APPLE! You won’t be able to choose a username if you do.


5. Enter an ANONYMOUS username designed to protect your identity so you can receive feedback on the blog without being recognized by your classmates.

6. Choose and RECORD your password. Perhaps take a screenshot of this form filled out. I can’t help you find or retrieve lost passwords.

7. Click “Create your account.”


8. Resist the temptation to “get your site a domain.” You don’t need a site, so you won’t need a domain. (If you actually DO want to start your own WordPress blog, you certainly may, but come back later and sign in to WordPress using your new account to do that on your own time. 🙂 )



9. Go find the email WordPress sent you and Activate your Account.

10. Email me your username so I can invite you to the Counterintuitivity blog. Send your email to blog@davidhodges.com


Curriculum Activity


16 Responses to 02 Class THU SEP 03

  1. davidbdale says:

    A fair start, NJ.
    What qualifies as good notes will escalate as the semester proceeds. 2 out of 3 for now.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Brilliant work, Pomegranate. I’m particularly happy to see that you question my ridiculous claim that thinking is a waste of time. I believe it, but I don’t expect anybody else to. Pretend it’s true for awhile by writing about your sources as you read them. The difference between daydreaming and active seeking inspiration should be obvious.

  3. davidbdale says:

    Fantastic work, Latte. The only lapse in your technique came early, and you quickly resolved it. Here’s the offending note:
    -Talked about agendas and why they are important for keeping up and staying on track with class

    I’ll remind you several times this semester to purge your writing of “talks about” language. It doesn’t make claims; it simply identifies a topic, and that’s never enough.

    Claims language:
    —Agendas make it possible to follow along with classwork, readings, and assignments even when we can’t make it to class.


  4. davidbdale says:

    (THEN it’s just an empty bottle. Remember IF/THEN)
    Very fine work. Brief but clear and accurate.

  5. davidbdale says:

    Periods and commas ALWAYS go inside the quotation marks:
    ”We write to find out what we believe.”

    I’m not sure I understand the last sentence, but everything else is clear and quite impressive. Nice work, NoUserName.


  6. davidbdale says:

    Nice work, Jets.
    Try to have TOO much material.
    There is always more than one answer.

    You do a good job of finding and recording the essence.

  7. davidbdale says:

    I’ll remind you several times this semester to purge your writing of “talks about” language, Nyaj. It doesn’t identify claims; it merely names topics, accomplishing little.
    —Talked about good and bad notes
    We did. It’s true. We identified as good notes as those that make claims about the essence of the material.
    After that first little glitch, your notes do a beautiful job of finding and recording the essence.

  8. davidbdale says:

    These are fascinating notes, Biggarz, not just repetitions of claims I made. You’ve already started to synthesize material. A good sign.

  9. davidbdale says:

    Let me clarify a few things, Nina.
    Office hours are before AND AFTER class
    The COURSE OUTLINE is usually accurate, but when it changes, the DAILY AGENDA will have the most accurate information.
    Good to see you kept taking notes to the end of class.

  10. davidbdale says:

    Interesting rhetoric, Anon. Your use of passive voice and “one” is fascinating. Are you uncomfortable with I, or we, or he? You’ve detailed some important housekeeping policies, but there’s very little here about the White Paper, research methodology, how to craft a hypothesis, the actual material of the course work.


  11. davidbdale says:

    Polio affected 200 million people.
    Good work, Wazoo. I don’t think I would ever recommend a “vague topic,” so I must have said something unclear. I’m sorry if I misled you. Write the most narrow and specific hypothesis possible, then read broadly in the topic to see whether that hypothesis, or something else can be proved. Your final thesis will reflect what you discover can be proved.

  12. davidbdale says:

    Beautiful work, Daphne.
    Some observations:
    —implementing laws that if broken gives jail time and expensive fines will reduce nature destruction
    (Sounds like a hypothesis-in-progress)
    —1000 words of definition; 1000 words of counter arguments; 1000 words of CAUSE AND EFFECT


  13. davidbdale says:

    RS, these notes are a good indication of your capability, but not a good example of putting your ability to its best use. The White Paper deserves much more of your attention than the bottle of scotch. Not a big deal, just an early observation from me.

  14. davidbdale says:

    JohnDoe, I’ll remind you many times this semester to purge your writing of “talks about” language.
    Here are instructions I might have given you that are NOT contradicted by your notes.
    —Bury any sources that don’t support your prejudices.
    —Steal all your sources from a paper somebody else wrote.’
    —Copy your essay from Wikipedia, but cite Wikipedia’s sources in your References section.

    See the problem?
    Unless you actually notate what we said about “how to gather sources,” your notes don’t actually record anything that occurred.


  15. davidbdale says:

    Chavanillo, I hope these notes are more useful to you than they would be to me. I won’t insist that they satisfy my needs, but I can’t grade them 3/3 unless they’re clearer and more grammatically compliant. They needn’t be fancy. Your best note is one of the simplest: Stop forcing sources to prove your point.


  16. davidbdale says:

    I think you mean: The first step to curing an addiction is to recognize it.

    You’ll pick up a point by posting a comment, July, but notes will have to much more complete to earn the 3/3.


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