02 Class WED JAN 27

Writing Quote Thomas Mann


Permit me to share with you the Comp 2 Preview Survey Results.

davidbdale survedy


Get a WordPress Username

  1. Navigate to wordpress.com


2. Click “Start your website,” but remember, we’re not going to Start a Website. We’re just going to get you a username.


Wordpress Terms4

3. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE WITH GOOGLE OR APPLE! You won’t be able to choose a username if you do.


5. Enter an ANONYMOUS username designed to protect your identity so you can receive feedback on the blog without being recognized by your classmates.

6. Choose and RECORD your password. Perhaps take a screenshot of this form filled out. I can’t help you find or retrieve lost passwords.

7. Click “Create your account.”

Wordpress Terms5

8. Resist the temptation to “get your site a domain.” You don’t need a site, so you won’t need a domain. (If you actually DO want to start your own WordPress blog, you certainly may, but come back later and sign in to WordPress using your new account to do that on your own time. 🙂 )

Wordpress Terms6


9. Go find the email WordPress sent you and Activate your Account.

10. Email me your username so I can invite you to the Counterintuitivity blog. Send your email to blog@davidhodges.com


  1. Lecture/Demo:
    • Quick Preview of a Research Proposal Argument
  2. Read and understand the Take Home Assignment on Canvas.
  3. LECTURE/DEMO (if time permits):
    • Quick Review Blog assignment: “My Hypothesis.”

2 Responses to 02 Class WED JAN 27

  1. Learned the scotch riddle, took me a while to understand.
    Russian politics- used duplicate politicians to campaign


  2. Russian polotics- learned that duplicate poloticians were campaigning is Russia, all three candidates look similar.

    The riddle- didn’t understand until explained.


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