13 Class TUE OCT 13

Wake Up

Life Choices

Life Choices

Something from the Bar?

The Bar

Gerrymandering Explained

  • Gerrymander

Evaluating Sources Task

Saw Finger

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  • Advice for your Safer Saws assignment

21 Responses to 13 Class TUE OCT 13

  1. davidbdale says:

    Family wasn’t a choice.

  2. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    – Life Choices –
    – Choose two of the four choices to have in your life
    – I chose money and love
    – Something from the bar? –
    – This is a very open ended question because it is overwhelming and too vague.
    – When you ask this question, they think of many factors like price, what you have, the quality of the drink, etc.
    – We want to make the reader choose a specific choice
    – You can help your reader by “telling them what THEY want”
    – We want them to draw to the same conclusion as the evidence does
    – Decide what it is what you want them to decide
    – Gerrymandering Explained –
    – Example: There are 50 people; sixty percent blue and forty percent red
    – Perfect representation would be 3 blue districts and 2 red districts so blue wins
    – Compact representation is unfair because it takes majority so there is 5 blue districts and 0 red districts
    – Neither compact nor fair representation puts minorities first; it doesn’t look at the people overall.
    – Evaluating Sources –
    – In order for you to convince the reader of your conclusion, you need to be talking to a certain person, not a group of people. If you are speaking to a group of people, you will have to write differently for every person.

  3. thecommoncase says:

    Something from the bar?
    -approach your reader like you’re a server in a restaurant
    -we want to entice and encourage them with something
    -as the writer, you’re the subject matter expert
    -don’t ask them what they want from the bar, tell them what they want from the bar
    -guide your reader to the write conclusion
    -do not ask rhetorical questions
    -don’t bring up important topics before you explain them, its just a tease to the reader
    -don’t apologize for answers you don’t have
    -Don’t contradict w/ your reader, agree with them and then persuade them that what you’re saying is better

    -gerrymandering is manipulating political district boundaries to create an un-fair political advantage

    Safer Saws
    -when looking for source materials that have controversy, remember there are reasons that evidence is presented in different ways
    -must produce strategies in different ways when discussing a topic w/ readers already in invested in the topic

  4. runnerd4 says:

    Choose 2, wake up assignment: Love and Money

    Something from the Bar: Approach a reader the same way you would approach a customer in a restaurant. Need background knowledge to entice them. I need to work on this in my essay. It gets them interested. Need to guide them into your topic. Don’t ask what they want from the bar, tell them what they want, and draw them to the right conclusion. Give the reader a clue about where to begin. Guide them toward the conclusion you want them to have. I definitely need to read over that lesson before the rewrite.

    gerrymandering: the way they draw voting districts so that one or the other party wins. To fill up the assembly. Makes it so the vote no longer represents the majority.

    Safer saws task:
    keeps from getting finger cut off. Stops when it detects conductivity. Can destroy the saw but it saves the finger. The saw only costs $60 when getting a finger chopped off along with the possible helicopter ride to the hospital can cost thousands. The inventor has to worry about small shops not wanting this product because of how much it costs, liability, government intervention. Also could be many people super interested in this type of product. Many different constituents in this situation.
    Task evaluates the point of view of different people who are supporting and opposed to the saw.
    Task: find source material, already found, in the sidebar. Take one claim from each of the 8 constituents. Don’t say that a claim does not provide enough evidence to prove it. FInd claims through the attitudes expressed by the different constituents.

    For a rewrite of visual rhetoric: Need to be MUCH MORE SPECIFIC!!!!!

  5. oaktree1234 says:

    10/13 notes
    Wake Up: Life choices
    what two choices would you pick: love, money, fame, service

    Something from the bar? bad question, too vague
    the reader will resort to what they already know
    when forming an argument you must guide reader to conclusion you’ve already made
    appetizers= evidence

    Gerrymandering Explained
    tactic to sway the election
    not trying to get the most votes for one party in an area, expand borders to collect more voters of a certain party
    no longer represents the majority rather the people who draw the maps

    Evaluating Sources Task- saw that stops when it encounters flesh
    evaluate quotes made about the saw from individuals from different perspectives

  6. jeffbezos123 says:

    Class Notes
    Something from the Bar?
    -You are trying to shape their opinion when pitching
    -To make sure they know their options is you tell them in a guided way
    -You are the “expert”
    -You have evaluated the evidence already
    -Come to the right cinclussion
    -If you have trust, you can guide them to the right conclussion
    -Dont ask open ended questions
    -Do not bring up any important info thats for latter
    -dont blame the Kitchen

    Garrymandering Explained
    -We live in a world that is Red and Blue
    -This is when you change a minority into a majority
    –You break up representation in favorable regions when making the map

    -safer saws in side bar
    -find quotes that support manifactures
    -Support this using claims
    -This is due Wed OCT 21st at 11:59pm

  7. rowanstudent24 says:

    10/13 Notes:
    – You can approach a reader almost like how you would approach a customer at a restaurant. Whatever your counterintuitive thesis is, you must guide them towards that. It’s like guiding your customer towards the drink of the day. You are the subject matter expert as the writer/ server.
    – Decide what it is that you want them to decide and guide them towards the conclusion you want them to get to. Don’t ever ask open-ended questions.
    – Gerrymandering is adjusting the boundaries to favor one party.
    – Safer Saws articles are on the sidebar of the blog. Pinned to the top of the blog link is some advice on how to write this safer saws assignment.

  8. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    Notes 10/13

    Life choices: a short assignment of 4 options pick any 2 and enjoy the benefits (considering I don’t have the means for any of the 4 any of them is a good pick).

    Something from the bar: bartenders vs a writer, explain how a severs job is similar to a writer’s job. A server must make sure they deliver the food and drink in a timely and well-spaced manner. A writer must deliver their points clearly and concisely to their audience providing information and insight towards your topic without overwhelming them, well-spaced information between points like a server should displace your food as not to overwhelm the consumer.

    Gerrymandering: People in charge can draw the maps that connect districts of different political affiliations that can alter the outcome of representation.

    Safer Saws: A circular saw that prevents people from cutting their limbs off/receive major damage. The inventor is not rich because the saw blade manufacturer doesn’t want to include it because it will drive up cost and possibly stopping people from buying their product.

  9. cardinal7218 says:

    -“something from the bar” is the worst question ever because no one is ready to answer it. There’s too much information that a patron doesn’t know that they need in order to respond
    -as writers we want to offer something readers can’t resist. We don’t want to be overwhelming or vague, otherwise they retreat back to what they already know
    -we want to guide readers toward our thesis. There is a best choice and we’re going to get them to make that choice
    -we are the subject matter experts
    -don’t ask them what they want from the bar, tell them what they want from the bar. Offer evidence at the right time and get the reader to choose your thesis
    -the best way to sell appetizers is to bring out four, not 22
    -offer specific evidence that will lead reader to right conclusion
    -Don’t ask rhetorical questions, or else the reader will answer
    -Don’t tease at evidence. If it’s important, introduce it when it’s time to talk about it
    -If a source failed to give complete evidence, don’t even mention it
    -Don’t disagree with the customer (I agree with you so it’s hard for me to say this but…)
    -It’s a good payoff, everyone is happy in the end. The reader feels smart for coming to the right conclusion, and you’ve achieved your goal of persuading the reader to agree with you
    -Gerrymandering- splitting voting districts unevenly by creating false majorities of votes for one party. Majority votes get wasted by where the voters are groups. The majorities are decided by whoever draws the maps.
    -Why isn’t the saw stop guy famous? If a saw manufacturer were to add it to their saws, they’d have to raise the price of the saws, and maybe less people would want to buy it. The inventor also has a patent, so the manufacturer won’t be able to invent it themselves. In the end they just don’t want it on the market at all. But some groups, like people who use table saws everyday, want the saw stop
    -As a writer we have to understand that we’re talking to different people who have different reasons for thinking different things
    -When we recognize all the judgements we make, it shows us how many judgements our readers will make of our essay
    -Everybody has an angle that you have to take into consideration

  10. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes- 10/13/2020
    -Life choices activity
    -Something from the bar- make the readers feel comfortable early in your writing.
    -You are the chef and the server, the customer is the reader.
    -Gerrymandering, depending on what layout is placed will allow red to win if its layout favors the red but if the layout favors the blue then blue will win.
    – Steve Gas came up with a way to prevent getting fingers cut off by saws, it uses a technology that senses when a body part is there and stops the saw immediately.
    -Safer Saws task
    – Weblog to learn from each other

  11. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    10/13 Notes
    ‘Something from the bar?”
    -parallels to service and writing
    -when you serve, you want them to feel comfortable, persuade them to buy something
    -when it comes to writing(just like in restaurant service) they come into your work not knowing what to get into
    -If you assume your reader knows some things, then you are not providing enough information or assistance for them to understand
    -you have the answers, you are the guide that are providing the answers
    -‘we got everything you can imagine’ -too broad
    -you write the way you serve
    What Not to Do:
    -do not ask open ended questions, start with the smaller yeses
    -don’t promise important information to share later
    -tell evidence you do have and don’t blame them for what you don’t have
    -never contradict your customer’s preferences
    Ex. instead of arguing their preferences say something like this…
    “A lot of people say that, and I agree, so this is hard for me to say, but the filet mignon actually has less flavor than the rib-eye which benefits from all the marbling. Our chef handles both cuts really well. Want to try something new?”

    -tailor your approach to the known expectations, bias, and prejudices
    -know your reader
    -deciding how people will react to your writing

    Steve Gass Demonstrates his Invention- table saws should be mandated safer to avoid more fatal –accidents and injuries
    -man creates the SawStop where the table saw stops where it stops when a finger or any human flesh is near the saw
    -why are people fighting resisting this?
    -It’s not something you can add on to the specific table saw
    -there could still be a chance of malfunctioning
    -cost is probably a major factor
    -liability issues as well
    -reluctant manufacturers
    -government policies
    Safer Saws Task:
    -simple claims made by eight different perspectives
    -sources in SaferSaws- choose a source for each perspective that represents their opinion.
    -find representative examples
    -read Hazelnut’s approach

  12. dayzur says:


    -Use the power you have to your advantage (bartender: you know what you have)
    -You are the subject matter expert
    -Establish trust, write the way you serve
    -don’t ask open-ended questions
    -don’t promise that you’ll have important info to share..later
    -don’t blame the “kitchen”, don’t start with what you don’t have, start with what you have
    -don’t apologize for what you don’t have
    -don’t contradict customer’s preferences
    -Gerrymandering, 3 way to divide 50 people into five districts
    -Perfect representation
    -compact but unfair
    -neither compact nor fair
    -table saw stopper seems amazing but still has people who wont agree with it

  13. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes 10/13
    Life Choices
    • Chose Money/Love
    Something from the Bar
    • To open ended of a question
    • Give evidence of the menu
    • Tell them what they want
    • Help them make the best decision
    Gerrymandering Explained
    • Manipulating political boundaries in order to gain advantage over the other party
    • Doesn’t look at people overall
    • Live in a red and blue world
    Safer Saws
    • Different claims and why someone might not want a positive invention
    • Due Wednesday night
    • Quote and evaluate claims
    Sources are on the side bar!

  14. comicdub says:

    10/13/20 Notes:
    -Should never ask your reader open ended questions because you are the one that knows the topic, you should help guide the reader to the right conclusion
    -Gain the trust of the reader so you can get them to follow your laid out steps and agree with you
    -You do not want the reader to say no to your open ended questions, that’s why you don’t ask them
    -Don’t tease that you have important information later in your writing, you should give that information to them when they need it
    -Don’t tell the reader things you don’t have, tell them about the information you do have
    -When the reader comes to your essay they think they know certain things about your topic already, it’s your job to steer them to your conclusion
    -Gerrymandering: the minority can redraw the maps to make it so they are the majority
    -Deciding how different people react to the same situation is important when writing a persuasive essay
    -Resources for the safer saws task are already collected for us in the side bar of the blog
    -Need quotes from 8 constituents for safer saws assignment

  15. l8tersk8ter says:

    Life Choices – can’t take back (can’t undo buttons on coffee lid)

    Something from the bar?
    Asking this question provides no help when they don’t know what the options are
    Assuming your reader has all the information will make this complicated for them
    Provide answers, don’t ask open ended
    Too much data + no guidance = retreat
    You are the one that knows all of the options and availabilities, the subject expert
    Writers :
    – subject matter experts, have examined evidence, have come to the right conclusions, can guide you to the right conclusions if they establish trust, everybody is happy when you come to the right conclusions
    – ask open-ended questions, promise that you’ll have important information to share later (give it the moment it’s needed), blame the kitchen (don’t offer something that isn’t there), apologize for what you don’t have, contradict your customer’s preferences.
    Payoff (metaphorical)
    – turn a muscle ordering customer into a salmon ordering one
    – you shop, cook, and serve

    Gerrymandering: minority/majority depends on who is being grouped together, waste as much of opponent as possible and you can make a minority a majority and vice versa, more control than first appears if you manipulate it the right way

    Evaluating Sources Task
    – tailor approach to known expectations
    – decide who reader is, target audience, different reactions to same information
    – safer saw – stops with contact of flesh, hard to sell to everyone because there are different needs for persuasion
    – quote constituent (8), paraphrase and identify what type of claim, evaluate, refuse/support

  16. sunshine2818 says:

    Class 10/13
    Choose your own two
    – Love and money

    Write like you’re trying to serve
    – The reader is your customer
    – Don’t use open ended questions
    – Provide evidence and guide them through the persuasion
    – Start with the evidence you do have (and don’t contradict the reader)
    – Must know pervious biases of the reader (have to work against the grain)
    – The ability to redistrict an area in order to gain more representatives
    – The democracy is held my the person making the map
    Saw assignment
    – Take down 8 perspectives
    – Then look at saw resources in (scroll bar)
    – Make paragraph of statement and describe the type of claim
    Look at hazelnut late for help

  17. tcarter101 says:

    My notes
    Life choices
    Chose two of the four options to have in your life
    My choice was service and money
    Something from the bar
    You don’t want to have any open-ended questions
    You also don’t want to have too many options to where you are overwhelming your reader
    You Want to have clear specific choices in a limited amount.
    You can help the reader by showing them what they want
    Make them go with what you want them to go with
    You can also tell you reader what it is that they want to hear
    example There are 60 people 40% are blue while the remaining 20% are red
    The perfect amount of representation is 4 blue districts and two red districts.
    Compact and fair representation doesn’t look at the people overall
    To get your reader to see your point you to be talking to a certain person, not a because it will not apply to everybody

  18. corinnebuck1219 says:

    -metaphors- except customer in diner (responsible for everything) kitchen is research. customer is reader. know reader bias before hand
    -inner city tend to be blue, outside tends to be red
    -draw maps so gain slim majority
    -shaped democracy
    -table saw- new extremely safe technology being sold, but why is it not mandated?

  19. 612119d says:

    Notes 10-13
    life choices
    My choices were love and money
    Bar service activity
    – Don’t use open ended questions
    – Provide evidence that you have in a clear fashion and start with it
    Saw assignment-
    8 sources
    Make a paragraph and describe the claim

  20. shadowswife says:


    Wake Up:

    – Life Choices:
    * Everyone chose between love, money, fame, and service and the most popular combination was love and money.
    – Something From The Bar?:
    * When you ask a customer if they want something from the bar, they would think about the alcoholic drinks that would be served at a bar, the possible quality of the drink, and the price of it.
    * The question itself is too overwhelming and vague and that’s not what you want.
    * Your interaction with the reader should be shaping their opinion and guiding them to a better conclusion.
    * Whatever counterintuitive thesis you have, you want to guide the reader towards it and the best when to do that is to tell them what the thesis is.
    + They need to know what kind of options are there and understand there’s a certain choice that’s best.
    + You want your reader to make a specific choice.
    * You can help the reader by not asking them what they want and instead of telling them what they want.
    + It should help guide them to the conclusion that you want them to conclude on.
    * You should offer information to the reader at the right time so they will draw the same conclusion as yours, but you need to let them know what this information will prove before that happens.
    * Don’t ask open-ended questions.
    + The reader will answer the question and that’s not what you want.
    + The reader shouldn’t be in charge of the answers.
    + You tell the readers the answers to the questions.
    * You shouldn’t give away evidence that you will present it later.
    * If you have something that cannot be backed up with the evidence, ignore it.
    * You need to change the reader’s mind about the topic.

    Gerrymandering Explained:
    – There are four models that represent 50 people where 60% is blue and 40% is red.
    – They each have a different representation of the majority vote and they are each manipulated in a way that gives a party an unfair advantage.

    Safer Saws:
    – When looking for sources to make an argument about a controversy, keep in mind that there are reasons for people to think of the evidence differently, and draw different conclusions.

  21. hailthegreat8 says:

    -Life Choices
    -Love or Money
    -Open-ended of the question
    -Give evidence for the menu
    -From the bar
    -–The reader is your customer
    – you can’t use open-ended questions
    – you have to provide evidence for your persuasion
    – Saw assignment
    -Need 8 sources
    -Describe the claim in one paragraph

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