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Claims – shadowswife

Her schoolmate said something mean. Maybe. Katie doesn’t sound sure, or like she remembers exactly. One thing she’s positive of: “She just made me…so. MAD.” This is an example of a casual claim because of how it is an assertion … Continue reading

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Stone Money – shadowswife

The Perception of Money            When thinking of how one uses currency to purchase products, one gives a physical value in the form of denominations. If in the United States, money has a physical appearance with … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – shadowswife

Korean pop music in society. Korean pop and its global influence. The influence of K-pop on American culture. The influence of K-pop on American music culture. Korean pop music and its influence in politics. Korean pop music has a positive … Continue reading

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Summaries – shadowswife

Student Wealth and Achievement: It seems counterintuitive that no matter how wealthy a student is, it does not make them academically competitive on an international scale. With the amount of wealth these kids possess, it can possibly be inferred that … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – shadowswife

The eradication of polio internationally is a dream that can become a reality if it was not for the lack of understanding of potential vaccination outcomes. With the assistance of many humanitarian organizations, the majority of the world has been successful … Continue reading

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