Self Reflective-Justheretopass

Core value 1: My work demonstrates responsiveness to readers’ feedback through reflection and revision.

I think I met this core value by asking professor David Hodges for feedback and then correcting my mistakes he pointed out. I could have just asked for feedback just to look like “a good student” but I was responsive to the readers’ feedback and improved it to help professors and others who might read my work. My practice opening is a great example of how I demonstrated responsiveness to readers feedback.  My goal coming into the year was to actually take what my teacher or professor said on my rough draft and make my writing better. Professor David Hodges’ first couple words when speaking to the class was that “there are always ways to improve your writing” and I think I have shown that throughout the year. 

Core Value 2: My work shows that I can recognize or trace how ideas emerge and combine to create meaning in others’ arguments as well as your own.

I do believe that I met this core value. The assignment that would show me recognizing how ideas emerge and combine to make my argument would be my stone money essay. I was able to take in ideas from a podcast, website, and book and develop my own ideas while using what I have previously read. I was able to take bits and pieces from each source I used to construct my essay. I was able to decipher what was important and what wasn’t to also help me in my writing. 

Core Value 3: My work shows that I can rhetorically analyze the concept of my writing and other texts and visual arguments. 

The assignment that I believe best showcases this talent would be the visual rhetoric assignment. I was able to describe a 30 second advertisement in just words and what I saw and why I think the director shot a particle shot. I was able to just use my eyes instead of listening to what was happening. I only used my eyes to help me explain and tell the reader what I’m viewing without them actually watching the advertisement. I described items such as facial expressions, clothing, race, gender, time of day, settings, and how it was shot. I was able to show emotion from how I was describing each second of the 30 sec ad. 

Core Value 4: My work demonstrates that I have met the expectations of academic writing by locating, evaluating, and incorporating illustrations and evidence to support my own ideas and interpretations.

The best piece of work I have for this core value would be my white paper assignment. The topic I chose was very fresh and recent to everyday life so there were a lot of articles on my topic. Not every article I read was credible and useful so I asked  professor for some guidecane. He brought my attention to google scholar which was very helpful and beneficial for helping me find my articles to use in my research paper. I was able to see the difference between real academic articles as opposed to biased articles. 

Core Value 5: My work demonstrates that I respect my ethical responsibility to represent complex ideas fairly and to the sources of my information with appropriate citation.The assignment that best demonstrates my respect to cite sources of my information with appropriate citations would be my annotated bibliography. While writing multiple essays I was able to use a lot of articles to help me. In order for my writing to be correct and plagiarism free I had to properly cite them to give the creator of the article it’s credit. Professor helped me properly cite articles using APA format because all of my high school career they had us cite articles in MLA format. 

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