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Parents and caregivers usually bring up the difficulties of having children. Some of them recognize the emotional abuse and its effects, but they tend to defend themselves by saying that others do not know what they are going through and parenting is one of the most difficult experiences. Although they might be right about its difficulties, we also should remember that bringing a baby to the world is not the baby’s responsibility but their parents. If someone needs help, they should be looking for it in the right place. Besides harming children, parents who abuse their kids also end up having more problems with them, and eventually a harder experience.

By saying that, a parent’s effort and work is not underestimated. Parenting is difficult and has never been easy. Yet, our wounds will not decrease by hurting those we love most. Parents’ stress is understandable, and they need support, but how to expect for them to have this support from a child by yelling at them? We constantly should remember that babies are born without their consent, and they should be as respected as they are protected from physical violence. Again, it is important to look for help in the right place. Therefore, parents’ relationship with their kids will improve.

Today parents are striving to be more conscious of their children and attitudes. The social services, health workers, and schools are more trained and supportive than earlier. However, there is still one thing that most people are not very well informed about: the physical effect of emotional abuse and its impacts in the future. Recent research shows that emotional abuse and neglect cause some neurological issues that lead to various problems, such as cognitive disorders and socio-emotional disruptions. Indeed, emotional abuse’s impact is not a new theme in the psychology field.

For Dodge, Pettir and Battes, the lack of affection when interacting with the child can trigger insecurity, hostility, aggression, and vulnerability in their social relationships. The consequences of family neglect can be diverse and lasting. Family neglect can facilitate children’s early contact with the most diverse risk environments, leaving them vulnerable to various forms of violence, affecting their mental and physical health. But also, when exposing children to risk, there can be relatively small physical consequences, such as rocks and small cuts, and even serious consequences, such as hemorrhages, bone fractures, and, in some cases, even death. In the long term, the consequences can be severe, such as neurological impairment, damage to physical health, and several complications that favor fragile health.


Bates, J. E., Pettit, G. S., Dodge, K. A., & Ridge, B. (1998). Interaction of temperamental resistance to control and restrictive parenting in the development of externalizing behavior. Developmental Psychology, 34(5), 982–995. Retrieved December 11, 2020, from

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3 Responses to Rebuttal Rewrite-Aquarela

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is a tough sentence to open with. Spanning almost 5 lines of type, it presents a challenge to readers. Can you make a punchier opening that won’t lose readership before your first period?

    In ‘‘Breaking Down the Wall of Silence’’, Allice Miller affirms that again and again the child’s share of the blame is looked for and found, with the result that only extremely brutal cases is the term “child abuse” mentioned, and even then with reservations, with the broad spectrum of psychic mistreatment is disputed or even totally denied.

    —Also, it leaves a comma unprotected outside the Quotation Marks. ALWAYS wrong.
    —Most likely, you have misspelled Allice.
    —Does Alice Miller make her claim over and over again, or do you mean, by adding some commas, that Alice Miller affirms that, over and over again, practitioners look for and find children to be at fault?


  2. davidbdale says:

    I’m looking for a clear indication that this essay will REFUTE the best argument made by your WORTHY OPPONENT who makes a case that disputes your thesis. So far, I’m not seeing it.

    P1: Main Idea: Children’s allegations of abuse are too often ignored.

    P2: Main Idea: Despite raised awareness of physical abuse to children, the neurological damage done by emotional abuse is not well recognized.

    P3: Main Idea: In fact, mere lack of affection can result in wide-ranging damage, from insecurity to brain damage, even death.

    So far, you’re building a case that seemingly benign forms of UNDER-NURTURING can be deeply traumatic, physically damaging, psychologically devastating.

    So . . . is that YOUR THESIS?
    Or is that a REFUTATION thesis that you will address in your Rebuttal argument?

    Somewhere, you need a clear conflict between your determined point of view and the reasonable counter-argument from a credible source that you will refute.

    And we need to know the rules of that game before the 4th paragraph.


  3. davidbdale says:

    You’re clearly a good writer, Aquarela, and your handling of credible sources is impressive. I’m certain you’ll be able to structure your Rebuttal argument in compliance with the specifications. (It will improve your overall essay for readers to see you obliterate the “competition.”)


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