Annotated Bibliography- NYAJ32

1) Burg, R. V. (n.d.). Yearning for a Past that Never Was: Baseball, Steroids, and the Anxiety of the American Dream. Retrieved from

Background: Mark McGwire is the perfect example as someone who cheated their way to success. He is also a perfect example of someone who saved baseball. If it were not for Mark McGwire nd other players in his generation, baseball may not be what it is today. Baseball wasd taking a downfall and players taking Steroids Like Mark McGwire are the reason people started watching the games again. They brought a tremendous amount of excitement to the ballpark every day,

How I used it: I used this information to prove to people that Steroids at the time were not bad for baseball. If anything, steroids saved the game of baseball from going bankrupt and losing all of its fans. The sport would have most likely rolled under.

2) Mather, Victor. “Joe Morgan: Keep Steroid Users Out of Baseball Hall of Fame.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 21 Nov. 2017,

Background: In this article, Joe Morgan is being interviewed on his opinions of possibly allowing known steroid users into the baseball hall of fame. He expresses how it would be very unfair to let them into the hall because other people who did not cheat their way to success are more deserving. He feels it would be a disgrace to the game to allow known steroid users into the hall of fame.

How I used it: It turned this article around and used it to my advantage. What Joe Morgan does not say in his interview is that there are already many known cheaters in the bsaseball hall of fame. Even Hank Aaron used a form of PED’s while he was playing and Hank Aaron says that everyone was using them during his time as well. Joe Morgan did not say any of that.

3) Nightengale, B. (2018, January 22). Nightengale: It’s past time for Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens to earn Hall of Fame induction. Retrieved from

Background: In this article the author, Bob Nightengale, describes why he believes players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should already be in the baseball hall of fame. He gives points like “Other players who are not clean are already in the hall of fame.” He feels that if it is already not clean then what exactly is the point in keeping out other guys who have done the same thing and made the same mistakes.

How I used it: I essentially used this source to back up my own opinions and facts stated previously. I already say earlier in the paper that the hall of fame is not currently clean so there is no point in keeping out other players who are not clean either. I used this article to reiterate exactly what I was saying just as another way to prove my point.

4) (n.d.). Retrieved from

Background: Hank Aaron is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He is in the hall of fame because of everything he has accomplished throughout his career and for the amazing job he did on the baseball field. THere is one thing many people do not know about Hank Aaron. He used a form of PED’s called greenies. He came out and said he used them and said that all hitters and catchers were using them and trying to find better ones than each other. Everyone was trying to get an advantage over one another by using this form of performance enhancing drugs.

How I used it: This article, although not one of the more scholarly sources that I have, is a huge part of my argument. I have a lot of article that say that steroid users should not be in the hall of fame and I immediately contradict them with this article. People that think steroid users should not be in most likely think that because those players are considered cheaters foer using PED’s. Well Greenies are also a form of PED’s and there was a time period where almost every single player in the league used them at the same time, according to Hank Aaron. Even he used them; one of the most respected baseball players ever.

5) Kelly, C. (2017, November 21). How should the Baseball Hall of Fame be dealing with PED users? Retrieved from

Background: This article circles back around to Joe Morgan. Morgan was describing what he feels should and should not be allowed. That is the specific part of this article that I used in my paper. He gave a specific criteria for what should not be allowed. That criteria is, “Players who failed drug tests, admitted using steroids, or were identified as users in the Major League Baseball’s investigation into steroid abuse, known as the Mitchell Report, should not get in [to the Hall of Fame],” Morgan writes. “Those are the three criteria that many players and I think are right.”

How I used it: I was able to take this information and ask my audience new questions that follow up what Joe Morgan had said. I asked, “If that is the exact criteria then what about players who used PED’s and never got caught. What if those players who never got caught suddenly do get caught and everyone finds out that a huge portion of the hall of fame are a bunch of cheaters? You can not just kick them out of the hall of fame. You could allow other known users instead.

6) Young, W. A., Holland, W. S., & Weckman, G. R. (2013, April 02). Determining Hall of Fame Status for Major League Baseball Using an Artificial Neural Network. Retrieved from$002fjqas.2008.4.4$002fjqas.2008.4.4.1131$002fjqas.2008.4.4.1131.xml

Background: The main gist of this article goes with the saying, “if you’re good enough, then you’re good enough. The article explains how there has always been a lack of research of what kind of statistics certain players need to be able to make their way into the national baseball hall of fame. Based on career statistics you can be awarded by being elected into the hall that everyone desires to be apart of.

How I used it: using this article was a great way for me to establish a base point of what should and should be in the hall of fame and what is considered hall of fame worthy. Then I took that information and made the argument of the accomplishments. If a player accomplished feats that not many people do, they should be recognized for it by being in the baseball hall of fame regardless of if they used PED’s. Otherwise it’s almost as if it was never done if it was never recognized by the public.

7) Smith, C. (2012). Why It’s time to Legalize Steroids in Professional Sports. 1-2. Retrieved April 28, 2019.

Background: To begin, this article is not only focused on baseball. It is focusing on many sports and the usage of steroids in all of them. The article describes why steroids are not all that bad for sports and why they can actually be beneficial. For starters, steroids did basically save baseball in the 70’s. If it were not for steroids, baseball could have crumbled a long time ago. It also makes the game much more exciting because players can put up really big numbers and get the fans interested.

How I used it: I used this article to wrap up my point in my paper. This article sums up a lot of what I covered in my paper and it really backs up a lot of what I had to say throughout and as a whole.

8) Hart, A. (n.d.). Barry Bonds and the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Retrieved from

Background: The article shown above in an excellent representation of why guys like Barry Bonds will most likely enter the baseball hall of fame soon. Towards the end of the article, the author describes how the commissioner of baseball has not placed Barry Bonds on the eligible list and it does not look like he will anytime soon. This means that he may be okay with allowing known PED users like him into the hall of fame.

How I used it: I took this information and used it to benefit my case. The fact that the commissioner of baseball knows that he can place Bonds on the ineligible list and still has not really means something. This article was written in 2012 and it is now 2019. Bonds has still not been placed on the ineligible list.

9) Grossman, M., Kimsey, T., Moreen, J., & Owings, M. (n.d.). Steroids and Major League Baseball. Steroids and Major League Baseball,1-21. Retrieved April 28, 2019.

Background: This last source is an overview of steroids in major league baseball. This article has everything you need to know about steroids in baseball today. It begins with how the league tests their players for performance enhancing drugs. Then it goes on to talk about all the differebt rules and punishments if you were to break any of those rules. Punishments may be getting worse in the future, though.

How I used it: I mainly used this source to provide basic facts about steroids and how even though they are not allowed in baseball that there are currently players in the hall of fame that utilized them and there is no punishment for them so why should there be punishment for other people.

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