Not Because- oaktree1234

1. Coats was fired for using marijuana and violating a workplace policy, despite the fact had had a prescription for the legal drug.

2. It is unethical to fire a person who has anxiety when they are taking the correct medication to deal with the issue.

3. In Colorado, where marijuana is legal, the drug still holds a stigma, unlike alcohol.

4. The reason for Coat’s job termination was unjust since he was treating a serious medical condition.

5. By firing him solely on the basis that he used marijuana to treat his condition is discriminating against those with mental illness.

6. At no point in time was coats ever under the influence of marijuana at work, only on his own time.

BACKGROUND FOR 7-10: The director of the Secret Service ordered an internal review of its security procedures around the White House after a man armed with a knife who jumped the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Friday night managed to make his way through the front door of President Obama’s home before being stopped, officials said Saturday.

7. Secret service agents were able to stop Omar Gonzalez before he could get much past the front door.

8. Government officials are looking into how this breach occurred.

9. Secret Service chief, Julia Pierson, won’t be fired because of her testimony before Congress yesterday, rather her incompetence.

10. The armed intruder made it impossible for agents to use deadly force against him.

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