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Visual Rhetoric – Halizzle

  0:01 The ad starts our with a man running in a yard with his pitbulls. He is holding a football as he runs and then bends down to pet them. – Most dogs in shelters happen to be pitbulls, … Continue reading

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White Paper – Halizzle

Hypothesis Ideas Mass shootings Abortion Legalization of Marijuana National Security Flint water crisis Topics for #1 Gun control Teachers carrying School anxiety + Grades Topics for #2 Post traumatic stress disorder Women’s rights Foster systems Planned parenthood funding New laws … Continue reading

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Claims – Halizzle

“He is one of 103,200 or 228,875, or 336,000 Americans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and came back with PTSD,” This is a factual claim. The author has stated a circumstance that exists beyond doubt. This statistic is factual … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis. – halizzle

Abortion. Deciding factors of abortions should be limited to the mother. Effects of rape, postpartum depression and being in the foster system. Women being the only decision maker would lower the amount of children in foster systems. By allowing women … Continue reading

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Apple Face Plant It seems counterintuitive that a major company would have a huge security breach and not do anything about it. Apple recently faced a lot of backlash due to a bug that could allow you to see and … Continue reading

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