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Are Police Officers Actually Good?

Police brutality consists of a plethora of instances in which the police are negatively targeted for solely doing their job. Social media has played a wide role in the false deception of police and continues to increase the hatred that Americans are growing for the people who we rely on to protect us. The victims often play a role as well by triggering police officers and using violence to fight back. Such actions often lead to police officers taking alternative measures by utilizing excessive force only to complete their job. Police officers are not the main source of police brutality on social media, a lack of education upon what is the standard for force and  violent citizens is what causes the false portrayal of brutality for all police officers. 

In 2020 during the numerous Black Lives Matter protests, the government had implemented a mandatory curfew because the chaos was at an all time maximum with looting, burning things, and street violence. Originally, the protests were planned peaceful but eventually the anger and frustration led the people fighting for justice to get out of control. Once businesses were being looted and public property was being damaged, it was time for the police to do their job and take action. Tear gas was sprayed to control crowds, many were arrested for inane behaviors and protests were shut down in regards to safety concerns for many Americans. Police officers are only there to do their job that they were hired for, but people make it hard for them. What many fail to acknowledge is that the police are people too and by subjecting all police officers to what they see trending on social media is unjust. Social Media eventually tried to take a stance in defense of police by making movements such as Blue Lives Matter to raise awareness and protection of crimes committed against the police. Social media has a great impact on the world today and creating a negative view against the police only allows one to become blindsided to the other side. Police do contribute to many goods in society and should not only be visualized by their flaws. 

Police officers are trained to earn their badges. They understand basic human rights and what is considered “acceptable force” in today’s society. A lack of education by the people contributes to false deception of police because now false accusations are consistently being made on what force is legal. People who do not know anything about the training of police officers are adding input which only continues to promote the hate of all police. If everyone got on the same page and created a law on the maximum amount of force allowed in an encounter by the police then no gray areas would emerge. Often times police encounters that were labeled “brutality” were a result of a misunderstanding. 

America is a democracy that emphasizes freedom amongst the people. Police officers play a vital role in maintaining the peace. Violence has been submerged within our communities for years and police seem to be the main source of ensuring the peace. Police often combat violence through measures that many people may not agree on. They often do not intentionally mean to cause harm or crime however it can be said that the police think negligently while in the heat of the moment. What many people fail to consider is that they are putting their lives on the line as well for every incident they encounter. Violence is dangerous for every party in an encounter and police are needed to limit such offenses that can ultimately be detrimental to families and friends. 

For example, police officers had shot and killed Rayshard Brooks back in 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia at a local Wendys. In the Vox article, The police killing of Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s drive-through, explained “Rolfe and Brosnan grab his arms, and he begins to twist away from them…Brooks continues to wiggle, and the officers yell, ‘Stop fighting, stop fighting,’ and ‘You’re going to get Tased!’” Rayshard had resisted arrest and tried to flee the scene with one of the officer’s taser in hand. Police officers don’t have the intention to kill, but given the circumstances, they will do what they feel is necessary. Rayshard could have injured bystanders with the taser and the police officers goal is to make sure that the people are safe. So they did what they had to do which ultimately led to Rayshard’s death.

I understand that critics would disagree with my stance and argue that police brutality is what opens the door to discrimination, inequalities against minorities and misuse of excessive force. However as the future continues to progress so should our government workers. Police serve our neighborhoods with intentions of keeping it safe. Yes police are continuing to get themselves into civil rights lawsuits, and caught in violation of training mechanisms. Yet, such instances allow past and future cops to evaluate not only how you are speaking to them but also improvements that could be made within our criminal justice system and the labelling of “police brutality.” 

Ultimately, so many factors contribute to the negative portrayal of police seen throughout the United states. The main source of police brutality is social media, a lack of education upon what is the standard for force and  violent citizens is what causes the false portrayal of brutality for all police officers. Police protect us citizens and help create safe spaces for when one is in need. In order to continue thriving we the people have to acknowledge the many pros that police exhibit and create an environment where police are not the only target.

Aleem, Z., & Collins, S. (2020, June 13). The police killing of Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s drive-through, explained . Vox.

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