Core Value 1. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development.

I would say that over time in this class, my writing has improved. I have learned how to properly support my claims and how to research topics that will ultimately help my thesis. Another lesson I have learned is that my opinion isn’t always right and that there are probably a lot of ways my claims can be denounced. I have found that it is extremely important to explore other peoples opinions even if they disprove yours. A work of mine that proves this is my “Rebuttal”assignment because it shows reasons why my thesis is wrong. This research that I did to find counterarguments helped me to find more ways to protect my thesis and opinion from being ruptured and collapsing. Meetings with not only my professor but other students helped immensely to stay on track and complete assignments to the best of my ability. The entirety of the blog we use is a means of social interaction. It allowed my professor to give me feedback virtually instantly, it provided me with resources from other authors, it allowed to see and evaluate the work of other students, and most importantly it helped to develop my skills in both reading and writing.

Core Value 2. My work demonstrates that I read critically, and that I placed texts into conversation with one another to create meaning by synthesizing ideas from various discourse communities. 

Gathering and deeply analyzing sources provided me with a multitude of quotes that I utilized to support and further my claim. After thoroughly examining each individual source I interpreted the information and included it into my white paper. Allowing me to fully and clearly understand the text. Not only did the strategy of critical reading make it much easier to translate quotes into elements such as my research paper but it helped me to develop a new way to look at and understand other authors work, a deeper and more constructive way in which helped me to formulate my own ideas or hypothesis. I believe that my “White paper” is a great example of core value 2 because it shows the sources and research I did to help me along the way.

Core Value 3. My work demonstrates that I rhetorically analyzed the purpose, audience, and contexts of my own writing and other texts and visual arguments.

By researching other peoples ideas on the same subject as my own, I am able to see other perspectives and how I can strengthen my claim. I am able to provide solid textual evidence that explains that while I am aware of other peoples positions on the matter, I can fully and knowledgeably support my claim. I believe in my “Research” assignment I was able to show how I am capable of seamlessly using several texts to help the reader visualize my meaning. I believe in this assignment I was able to analyze different theories and ultimately support mine and expunge the rest.

Core Value 4: My work demonstrates that I have met the expectations of academic writing by locating, evaluating, and incorporating illustrations and evidence to support my own ideas and interpretations.

I feel that I am properly able to evaluate works, including ones we have analyzed in class. I am able to use evidence in a way that will not only support my claims and opinions but will also disprove others. I also feel that I am able to visualize and understand works that are not written as we were assigned to do in the “Visual Rhetoric” assignment. I feel as though this is a great example of being able to evaluate scenarios that are not always textual or audible and make them understandable for a reader. Further, conducting my own research helped me broaden my knowledge on my topic making it much easier to formulate unique interpretations and understandings of the text and incorporate it into my research paper. I found it very useful to always keep in your mind your claim when reading other authors work to ensure that any quotes that I saw and and wanted to cite in my paper truly emphasized and supported my claim and left little space for argument. Also another strategy I utilized to ensure the quotes I incorporated where strong illustrations of my claim was to put all of the strongest quotes I found directly next to each other before adding them and evaluating to see if theses statements all uniquely supported my claim and was not redundant information.

Core Value 5. My work demonstrates that I respect my ethical responsibility to represent complex ideas fairly and to the sources of my information with appropriate citation. 

Consistency is very important when trying to accurately represent ideas and cite information. I think not only ethically but morally it is also my responsibility to have academic integrity when completing my assignments. I think my “White paper” is a great example of this core value. I did end up using all of the resources in my white paper and I believe that it was a great tool that helped me keep all of my sources in one place. Also, the white paper gave me a guide to properly represent my reasoning for their occupations in my final assignment since all of the sources each has a summary or what they should be used for. Further I ensured that I followed all guidelines provided me to when It came to citing. After all research paper can not be built with out utilizing the works of other authors, making it vital to always correctly cite and give credit to the findings of the authors work I constructively utilized.

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