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Increase in Quality of Life When Giving Birth

The goal for most woman, in fact all people, is to have a satisfactory life. We can also say that we would do anything it takes, if is laid out before us, to improve or increase the status of our life. For some pregnant woman who know they can’t support their baby, think that having abortion will improve their quality of life. The effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and many other mental health issues on woman who have had an abortion in their third trimester have clearly proven that having a third trimester abortion is not satisfactory. It is less than that. Woman who are still in their third trimester could also argue that giving birth to their baby will diminish their quality of life more than it will if they had an abortion. Although being unable to support a baby financially is understandably difficult; choosing the alternative of abortion comes with no additional mental illnesses if the birth process is safe. Furthermore, if a mother doesn’t think she’ll be able to support the baby, there are many safe alternatives. Woman who give birth to their baby can potentially increases their quality of life rather than diminish it. 

            Woman who have an abortion in their third trimester are unwarily allowing a diminished life to walk through their door. Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome is sadly, commonly seen in woman who have had an abortion in their third trimester. When PTSS is addressed in woman, many studies show that their abortion is a traumatic experience. PTSS also affects a household because it has been proven that PTSS along with PTSD can be contagious. Woman also have an intimate attachment to the baby in the third trimester without even realizing it. They will always inevitably go through internal conflict of whether it is a good idea or not because the physical intimacy is there since the baby is physically attached to the mother. The intention to abort will always be a conflict with the per-existing tendency to be attached to their un-born child. This conflict that woman go through is in itself an experience of emotional stress. Considering all of the emotional stress leading up to and after a third trimester abortion, conceiving the baby would eliminate all of these specific internal conflicts. These internal conflicts can be eliminated even more when you give the baby a chance at life.

There is a false narrative that when woman give birth to their baby, society does not cater to their needs. However, society caters to their needs without them realizing it. For example, many women in the United States and even around the world are infertile, which means that they are unable to reproduce. In fact, in the United States, ten percent of woman between the ages of 15 and 44 are infertile, which is the equivalent of 6 million woman. We can say that out of these women, there are definitely a good portion of them that wish to have kids of their own. A lot of woman desire to create their own family and wait on unborn child adoption. Unborn child adoption is when a person adopts a child from a pregnant woman who has an unborn child. Another small but false argument is that it is dangerous to give up the pregnant woman’s child to someone that they don’t know for sure will be good for them. In fact, when pregnant woman is open to unborn child adoption, there are many opportunities to get to know the people the pregnant woman is giving their child to. When pregnant woman have this option laid before them, they need to let other infertile mothers have an opportunity to receive that they can never receive on their own. Pregnant woman who do opt for unborn child adoption have less regret than woman do who have a third trimester abortion. 

Pregnant woman who are not sure what safe adoption alternatives are out there need to know that there is other woman who desperately want children. It is safe to say that pregnant woman who have an abortion, especially when they are in their third semester when the baby is mostly grown, are selfish. They are taking away opportunity to let the baby have life. Pregnant woman who abort are doing a disservice for themselves because they give themselves the risk to contract a mental illness when they have an opportunity to do good. 


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5 Responses to Rebuttal – clementine

  1. clementine102 says:

    Hello Professor!
    I found myself struggling to find a very specific rebuttal argument while writing this since my main argument in my 3000 word paper is very specific to begin with. I don’t think I have enough research for my rebuttal argument so is there anyway you could help me expand on what I am arguing?


  2. davidbdale says:

    The first thing I notice, Clementine, is that you don’t cite a single source in your Rebuttal argument. The purpose of this portion of your research paper is to find and confront the most persuasive Worthy Opponent to your specific position. You don’t appear to have done that.

    To my way of thinking, the most compelling counterargument to your own would be the life-long trauma that can result from having an unwanted child (or children). No matter how much suffering a woman may do after aborting her fetus, she will not suffer the continuing anguish of not being able to support (or perhaps even love without resentment) the child she carries to term and safely delivers. For women who do carry to term and give their child up for adoption, there must also be an accompanying guilt that results from “giving their child away.”

    I can’t imagine it will be hard to find plenty of evidence that
    1. Unwanted children are a terrible burden to their mothers
    2. Unwanted children raised by mothers who don’t want them know they’re unwanted and suffer terribly as a result
    3. Unwanted children given up for adoption suffer forever the stigma and shame of not having been wanted
    4. Unwanted children do not function well whether adopted out or retained by their birth mothers
    5. The costs to society of maladjusted unwanted children are staggering

    Do you want me to look for such sources, or do you think you can find some?


    • clementine102 says:

      This argument is really great and was very helpful for me. Thank you so much for your feedback. I think I could do my own research on this but I appreciate it anyway! I will definitely focus on this argument in my rewrite.


  3. davidbdale says:

    Check out the 6000 results I got for a Google Scholar search for “unwanted children” consequences:


  4. davidbdale says:

    Put this back in Feedback Please if you need more help.


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