Visual Rewrite–Wazoo


At First I see a totaled car pulling into a driveway. The car is a minivan which indicates it belongs to a family. Also it is pulling into an average middle class home driveway. The car is a mini van so they are probably middle class people. There is a woman watering plants in the driveway, but by the looks of it everything looks dead and grey in the picture. All plants are dead and the trees have no leaves. Also the sky is cloudy. It seems to be winter. The author may be trying to show us a dead environment.


Now we see a girl get out of the car. Teenager and maybe in high school. The dents are more visible, but the girl seems to not even notice all the dents on her car. Shows how careless she is. This kind of compares to an average teenager who doesn’t have a care in the world for their safety.


The woman speaks to the girl, by the look on her face she seems frightened and worried. The director is showing us that the woman is a concerned figure in the girls life and probably her mother.

0:06 The girl talks to her mother and we can see how care less the girl looks, but its the mothers fault for not stepping in,But you can tell her mother is disappointed. The author is showing us that the girl and her mother do not get along because of her issue of getting into accidents.

0:08-10 The girl and the mother both seem to not like each other or just be annoyed with each other because they roll their eyes at each other. The author is showing u this because every teenager argues with their parents and it makes people relate to it.

0:11 The girl looks pretty casual acting like is normal Because her whole car is wrecked. This shows a careless girl who thinks that nothing bad can happen and that she is invincible. ( Even though her car is)

0:12 Now I see a bulldozer ripping the front bumper off the car. Creates a scene of destruction and fear.

0:13 Now I see her mother starting to show emotion. She looks afraid. Author shows this to show the mother does fear something.

0:14-0:19 A man opens the door During the conversation both seemed to think of it as a joke and were laughing. The man, probably her father destroys her bumper on her car and continues to laugh. Meanwhile the mother is fearful of the dad. This shows that texting and driving is passed down and if kids parents do it, they are likely to do the same. It also show us the dominate role most father figures play in their childs life.

a black screen with a message comes up. it says Distracted driving is NO JOKE. Also This ad is pretty easy to conclude what they are trying to portray. It is an average family just like mine, and the girl thinks it’s alright to drive distracted. Then they show us what happens to your car when you drive distracted. It also shows that a parent that is not being protective is actually inciting harm on his child. This ad uses a lot of sarcasm to portray their argument. It takes something that everyone knows is not a joke and makes it seem like a joke to make people not like the people in the ad and to not be like them.


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1 Response to Visual Rewrite–Wazoo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Try this again, Wazoo, but first please read carefully the feedback I left you at your Visual Rhetoric post. You don’t need to agree with my observations, but you do need to be MUCH more thorough in sharing the details of what you see with your readers. We can’t begin to visualize what you’re watching from what you tell us.

    I also note, with dismay, that you’re still reporting on the dialogue. As I said in my earlier feedback, and in the original instructions for the assignment, your job is to IGNORE the soundtrack, any dialog spoken, any music played, any voiceovers, and concentrate on the VISUAL.

    If you tell me the “mother” is watering dead plants, I want to know why you think the director made that choice. The house could have been filmed in spring time. The yard could have been well maintained. Why wasn’t it? Why isn’t it?


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