Is Online School Better?

Online school isn’t a new tool that was spontaneously created. “Many universities encourage faculty to develop online courses in order to address issues ranging from limited classroom and dormitory space to limited funds.” It’s been around for a while but the pandemic putting the world on hold, all of the school districts had no other choice but to go fully online. During that time teachers saw students grades improve drastically from being in person to them working from their home. Students were able to work from the comfort of their home and move at their own pace on assignments. Teachers in some classes saw grades rise for students that were uncommon. Most students’ grades drastically rose because of cheating and not having the teacher breathing down your neck on a test when you start to look around the classroom. “Before Covid-19 ProctorU, caught people cheating on fewer than 1 percent of the 340,000 exams it administered from January through March. During the height of remote testing, the company says, the number of exams it supervised jumped to 1.3 million from April through June, and the cheating rate rose above 8 percent.” Ninety-three percent of instructors think that students are more likely to cheat online than in person, hinting at why grades might increase significantly. 

Some colleges give tests to their students and don’t have a proctor to watch over them. Most kids would take that as a treat and use their notes, and the internet. In person school is a better option than online classes for this reason. Students in online classes tend to be more lazier on assignments which is why they resort to cheating. If students didn’t have the option to go online they would have to be prepared everyday for school on the topic the class is discussing. If a students doesn’t get something now and they are online they will most likely forget it and not even try and learn it, but if the student is in class they will have no other choice but to learn it because you never know when you will be called and when you take the test the likelihood of you being able to use your notes or the internet is slim. Some students might say that online school helps them in school and allows them to move at their own pace but studies show that, “for a typical student, taking a course online rather than in person would decrease his or her likelihood of course persistence by 7% point.”  

When a teacher asked in one class the number of students who used Chegg which is a cheating site 60 out of 250 students have done it, and 100 students in other classes were identified as having used Chegg in a similar way. There is no coincidence that cheating sites have increased when online classes have also increased. Even if students don’t need to cheat it is at their disposal any time of the day for almost every topic. “Online school helps me pace myself and allows me to go at my tempo” some students say. Although that might be true to an extent the real world doesn’t move at your pace. When you get a job and your boss wants you to learn something in a day you can’t tell him that you need an extra week because you like to work slowly on things. In person classes allow you to be self paced but to an extent which is preparing us for the real world. It also allows the students to build connections and relationships with people. That is very important in the real world because how some people obtain jobs is based on who they know. Having in person classes allows students to talk to each other and really see others rather than looking at a person’s name and sometimes never seeing their face. Online classes are more convenient because who wouldn’t want to wake up five minutes before class and then log into class and go about their day. Research shows that actually 70% of students prefer mostly or completely face-to face learning environments. 

People will say that “online school is cheaper than traditional learning.” Studies show that if colleges and universities deliver online courses correctly it could be more expensive than if they just gave out traditional classes. Most colleges and universities charge the same tuition for online and on campus classes, and some even charge more. About 5% of schools charge online students a lower cost according to a CHLOE report. Some online classes might also be more expensive due to the fact that students have to buy a suitable laptop for class and pay for technology fees that some students on campus wouldn’t have to pay. Online classes aren’t necessarily cheaper depending on the university you chose will help you determine that question. 

Allowing students to go back into the classrooms instead of staying online will help the students out. They will be forced to actually learn the assignment instead of googling the question. In person class gives students a stable schedule that they are held accountable to, they can’t just skip class and everything will be okay. If they skip class then they will most likely get detention unlike online school if you skip a class the teachers can’t really do anything to you. Returning back to classrooms will also allow students to interact with each other again and allow them to actually prepare for the real world and it’s challenges that it will hit you with daily.  


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