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Working Hypothesis 1 Requiring teenagers during their first year at a high school to be an active member of a competitive team or club will result in increased self-esteem of teenagers. Purposeful Summaries Team Sports Achievement and Self-Esteem Development Among … Continue reading

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The phone never stops ringing. If it does for 14 seconds, Brannan writes an email to help get whatever someone needs or publishes a blog post about her own struggle. This is an evaluative claim. The author is saying the … Continue reading

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Stone Money – l8tersk8ter

Show Me the Money The monetary system of the people of Yap does seem crazy upon first glance, but when thought about is no crazier than the concept of our modern money. In Milton Friedman’s paper The Island of Stone … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – l8tersk8ter

college athletes division I athletes getting paid the effect of college athletes having a salary on youth sports participation paying college athletes would increase the incentive for young kids to aim to play division I sports in college giving division … Continue reading

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1.Do Multivitamins Really Work? It seems counterintuitive that a product full of essential nutrients is in fact found to be more harmful than beneficial. Multivitamins are marketed towards both children and adults to provide them with the vitamins they may … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – l8tersk8ter

The virus will not be fully eradicated with the current vaccination efforts until social justice issues are addressed. The mistrust of the American government is a barrier in the success of the vaccine. The Muslim religions strong beliefs makes them … Continue reading

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