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White Paper – dayzur

Working Hypothesis 1 Taking career focused courses in pre-college education in which you are interested in and being driven away from them, is a good thing.  Sources “Burnout and Serious Thoughts of Dropping Out of Medical School: A Multi-Institutional Study” … Continue reading

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Claims – dayzur

Brannan is a force of keeping her family together. -This is an evaluative claim. The claim is stating that the only thing keeping the family intact is the efforts of Brannan, which may not be 100% true. She sleeps a … Continue reading

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Stone Money—dayzur

Rocks, Paper, and Nothing? Generally when talking about the word “worth”, you think about how much money is needed to obtain what you are searching for. Thinking deeper, what is money really worth? What we use today to get items … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis—dayzur

Career choice Career choice and schooling influence High school’s option of courses designed for specific career paths The effect different teachers have on the impact of continuing on courses Hands-on experience helps to make the decision for students choosing career … Continue reading

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Summaries – dayzur

1.) Polio Vaccinators Assassinated It seems counterintuitive that groups of vaccinators, backed by the UN, attempting to rid the world of a horrible virus are being killed in the process by other means. In 2012, Pakistan was the second leading … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – dayzur

The eradication of Polio will not be able to happen until other deep rooted issues are resolved in Nigeria. Over half of the population of Nigeria is living in grinding poverty, most with no access to clean water or even … Continue reading

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