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Researched Position Paper – bluntwriting88

Twilight’s Last Gleaming The United States is in currently in the midst of an extremely high stakes gamble. A technological gamble that makes the U.S. vulnerable to an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. Much evidence, data, and record exists to … Continue reading

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Research – Mhmokaysure

Young Drivers: What to Do About Them When leaving the house to drive somewhere, one expects to come back safely. In fact, that is pretty much the goal of driving. Standing in the way of this is the risk of … Continue reading

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Needs a Title Requiring health insurance corporations to cover the cost of mental health treatments would make medication easier to access for people struggling with mental health disorders.  Those who cannot afford insurance are unable to get access to the … Continue reading

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Research – Aquarela

Emotional Neglect: Neurological Damage Childhood is hell. Childhood is a hell where we suffer more than ever because children do not know that they are suffering. Although emotional abuse awareness has lately increased in society, most children are still being … Continue reading

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Research – shadowswife

Cultural Appropriation: Korean Pop Trademark and Road to Success It is not easy to imagine a society that is not influenced by music. The influence that music illustrates in the form of expression or ways of living often indicates struggles, … Continue reading

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research- corinnebuck1219

Breeding for Looks, not Health. As the American Kennel Club makes dog standards more specific, it is obvious it is being abused and taken advantage of by certain breeders. The ‘perfect’ dog their breeding may have the features people want, … Continue reading

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Authoritarian vs. Authoritative parents. These two types of parenting styles can affect a child in many ways. Authoritarian parents are stern and strict. So says Leslie DeJong in her Wellness Mind article titled “4 Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects on … Continue reading

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Research – clementine

Third Trimester Abortions Leaves Woman with a Lifetime Of Trauma Pregnant woman face a huge misconception that third trimester abortions are harmless, when in reality, getting third trimester abortions can be super gruesome and hard. Numerous studies have been performed by … Continue reading

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Research — SmilingDogTheProfWants

Kids Make Themselves Fat Kids make themselves fat. A child from the ages of 4-18 makes the decision to turn on the TV over going outside or picking up a controller to play games over picking up a pencil to … Continue reading

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Research Paper – BabyGoat

Does Music Really Affect Us? Sounds… No. Music… Yes! Better yet, we can still feel their music. Music has this weird magical ability to send a message to our brain and  make us react, whether we know the words or … Continue reading

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