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Research – capched

Police Brutality There are many systems set into place to serve and protect the people, though more of these collective systems are the ones dividing people apart. Police brutality is one of the many systems that contribute to the division … Continue reading

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Fast Fashion: The Environment’s Downfall The price of the $3 top we find online is as low as it can go. But the cost of that top to the environment is way higher than we ever stop to think. The … Continue reading

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The Power of Music What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term conspiracy theories? If it is along the lines of “crazy,” “dramatic,” or “nonsense,” then you have a similar opinion compared to … Continue reading

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Research – mrmba1

Healthy Drumming, Healthy Life Many people consider the drumming lifestyle to be one of rebellion and impulsive life choices. Drummers of any band have a bad reputation of being the crazy, risk taking animal that the Muppets have declared them … Continue reading

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Research Paper-Justheretopass

Online Learning Vs. Traditional Learning Education can be very important to a person’s life. It can show or teach them new things that they never knew and help guide them in life. Traditional learning or most people would say in … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper-Christianity19

Wrestlers getting skin diseases from wrestling As many people may know that this year wrestling has been very different when it comes to COVID-19 because their has been outbreaks of COVID-19 when wrestling this season. COVID-19 testing should be a … Continue reading

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Healing the Country Through Media Since 2016, the term “Fake news” gained prominence in the United States. A big part of Donald Trump’s strategy for his campaign was trying to pull followers from people who felt disenfranchized from the last … Continue reading

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Research Paper- Thecommoncase

How the U.S. Should Fight the Opioid Crisis In the midst of the United States’ opioid epidemic, it is troubling to know that opioids are still one of the most commonly prescribed drugs. Taking opioids comes with many dangers, but … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper – carsonwentz1186

Dead Money Ball Cooperation between athletes and organizations is the most important aspect needed to successfully build a contending roster in the NFL. While the salary cap continues to grow bigger and bigger every year, the market set for the … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper- person345

The Dangers of Travel Deprivation The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a newly discovered virus that is wreaking havoc around the world. In January of this year, 800,000 new cases have been reported in the United States and 117 million globally. … Continue reading

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