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causal Tcarter101

I could use some help getting started

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Open Strong Tcarter101 rewrite

The pandemic has ruined the college experience for students such as myself.  We have experienced a new challenge  in which we have to adapt to our new circumstances. This has made the learning experience of college much more difficult than … Continue reading

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Safer Saws Tcarter101

The inventor “In 2015, 4,700 people in the US lost a finger or other body part to table-saw incidents. Most of those injuries didn’t have to happen, thanks to technology invented in 1999 by entrepreneur Stephen Gass.”  Reluctant Manufacturers:-” the … Continue reading

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Open Strong Task Tcarter101

The college experian has been ruined by the pandemic. For years the college experience for many years has been about the personal mental growth that you get while furthering your education. This has been a key part in how we … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric

Visual Rhetoric 0:01-0:2  The ad begins with a pan of a young woman wearing a mask followed by a graphic of the word respect.also narrator says to show some respect implying that not wearing your mask in a time where … Continue reading

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Definition/Categorical Argument Tcarter101

Students today are facing many more challenges than ever before. With them having to adapt in order to succeed. However it’s not just the academic challenges the restrictions on the social meetings and gatherings many people are missing the social … Continue reading

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Should Have Been a Comment—tcarter101

This is not what I thought a definition essay due to the fact that it doesn’t have any explanation for what gay marriage and how it seen in the eye of the law. while it does cover several different topics … Continue reading

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white paper Tcarter101

How is COVID-19 affecting college students? College in America could be changed forever Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience? How the coronavirus pandemic has changed college admissions Will coronavirus change college admissions? If Colleges Can’t Welcome Students to … Continue reading

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my hypothesis

Coroa virus has affected college students changing the college process for them forever  Many students believe that canceling in person class is good thing  Many student who learn well in a classroom are not doing well because they are not … Continue reading

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NotesA hypothesis is a reasonable theory that you are trying to find evidence to prove it. you use it in the writing process is made for you to experiment and test your hypothesis and in the process, you may find … Continue reading

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