Annotated Summaries of Articles and How I use Them!

1)Intelligence For Your Life. “Teenage Boys Are Obsessed With Sneakers.” Intelligence For Your Life, Intelligence For Your Life, 5 July 2017.

This is a way to express their individuality and not be bullied. This is also a way to tell us who they are as a person. This is what happening. Experts are calling teen boys “the Imelda Marcos of sneakers!” It’s not uncommon for the average boy to own dozens of pairs of sneakers. They’ll build their entire outfit from the ground up, based on which pair of sneakers they’ve decided to wear for the day.

How I used it: I used examples that will give the reason why teens are obsesses with sneakers. In this case is because of safety reasons. Teens will get bullied and called dorks. Parents don’t understand that getting rob by thief is the same thing as getting bully by other teens because at the end of the day you will get hurt. They will bit you up. So, teens decide to wear them and not be bullied because thief’s come and go is not a everyday thing.

2)Harpaz, Beth, and Associated Press. “What’s behind Teen Boys’ Obsession with Sneakers?” Auburn Citizen, The Citizen, a Division of Lee Publications, Inc., 10 Apr. 2010.

Background: This document is about hoe teens really collect sneakers making then be a obsession. They buy more than one when they really don’t need it. Also, they save the boxes as away to respect the brand of the sneakers. Is like having it as a heirloom. Even if the outgrow the shoes, they still save it for memory and there importance.

How I used it: I used this by seeing the different side point on how far teens will go with the obsession. That in this case they are even saving the boxes. Is a way to show that sneaker obsession just going passing the point where is to much of wanting it.

3)Family Circle. “What’s Up with Your Son and His Sneaker Obsession?” Family Circle, Family Circle, 16 Apr. 2015.

Background: Teaching parents the reason why kids want the expensive sneakers and how they used it as a defense, specially at school. Sneakers is a fashion choice that all boys participate because they won’t get teased.

How I used It: I used it to give me reasons why teens are obsesses with sneakers and what parents think about it. Also, I used it to show how much this kind of sneakers really cost. Teens are showing there personalty by the sneakers they are wearing.

4)Bain, Marc. “1,200 People Are Killed Each Year over Sneakers.” Quartz, Quartz, 23 Nov. 2015.

Background: Over 1200 people die each year because of sneakers. Marc Bain the author of this article explains how sneakers has made people’s lives more problematic and dangerous, especially for the African American being the top victims of this death rates. Also, Sneaker companies like Nike and Adidas had tried stop this deaths in a way, but they still can’t find a solution until this day.

How I used it: I used this evidence to prove how many people die each year because of sneakers. 1200 People die each year and blacks are the most victims. Also, this doesn’t happen during purchase hours it happens after. When everyone already bought their pairs of shoes. The most important thing is that Americans are willing to kill each other just for a pair of sneakers!

5)Miller, Sandra A. “Sneaker Freaks Live to Buy, Sell, Trade Shoes: The Hobby Is an Obsession, and Sometimes a Lucrative One, for These Young Collectors.” Proquest Central, 16 Mar. 2014, p. 24.

Background: In this article its talking about the sneakers game. How teens
buy, collect, sell, swap, and compete for street-fashion accessory making it a hobby and because of this reason turning it into a obsession.

How I used it: Is another way on hoe sneakers come with obsession, when you buy it and the sell it a a reasonable price. Making yourself your own business. This is called playing the sneaker game. As you can see I used this information to base myself on more reasons why teens are obsesses with shoes.

6)Elliott, R., & Leonard, C. (2004). Peer pressure and poverty: Exploring fashion brands and consumption symbolism among children of the ‘British poor’. Journal of Consumer Behaviour,3(4), 347-359. doi:10.1002/cb.147

Background: Teens and children making stereotypes of neighbor’s depending on hoe they grow up in the environment they are in. Children are raised by obsessive people making them also love sneakers and even be more picky on who they talked to. Is easy for then to talk to popular brand trainers, then to old a cheap trainers.

How I used it: I used to compare how was life then and now. Also, how is impacting the next generation and making them even worse with the obsessions with fashion, specially sneakers. To have evidence on why we should change the way of lifestyle we are living.

7)Chittenden, T. (2010, August). Ebscohost. Retrieved 2019.

Background: This document is about how teens specially girls have blog now that let them post anything they want. Teens basically use it to write their thoughts and experiences in public for everyone should see it for popularity. Specially what they wear when it comes to cloth and sneakers. Comments are getting every where getting other people opinions. Also, takls about how this blogs shoe teen identity and cultural background making people aware of there cultural difference.

How I used it: I used this to compare it with the popularity of sneakers because in this this blogs you also see the obsession with sneakers. You post something, let’s say the new Jordan’s. You will become popular and really loved because you can afford expensive things, Is like if you got money you are popular and having coll shoes makes that happen, while the other people who have cheap regular shoes don”t even have followers. It’s all about what pair of shoes you wear.

8) Grindlay, L. A. (1992, October 20). Dying to be this fashionable: Price tag for status clothing climbs to grim new high for students: [1* Edition]. Retrieved November 11, 2017,

Background: It’s telling us about the rates and the important on how problematic sneakers have become in the past years that is causing a big rate of violence. Not only sneakers but cloth. Now everything in fashion is involved.

How I used it: I wanted to show that in overall fashion in general is causing to much violence in a point that is coming to dangerous. It also, gives evidence on how many rates of violence happen in the past years.

9)Smith, K. (2016, October 20). The Science Behind Our Sneaker Addictions. Retrieved January 30, 2014.

Background: This document “The Science Behind OUR Sneakers Addition” is focus on how teens obsession is good by looking at it as something valuable. They believe it will increase their personal value when getting it.

How I used it: I used this to contradict why obsession with sneakers is not bad and how it keeps teens away from the drugs and alcohol. It gives a fair amount of evidence on how teens are better of thinking about sneakers instead of something else. Is like the scientific theory and analysis.

10) Keller, K. (2018, May 18). A Brief History of America’s Obsession With Sneakers.

Background: Bill Bowerman, the University of Oregon track coach while he was eating breakfast in the morning he thought a idea to make a shoe that his track students could run a surface apart from the track field. They called the shoe “Waffle-iron shoe. This became a Nike legend. This is how it starts and ends up becoming so big that it causes a big issue in the world. Especially when jealousy is in the middle of everything.

How I used it: I used this article to know when did all of this sneaker obsession started. It helped it understand that everything happens already when it starts, we just don’t know about it because we can’t predict the future. It gives us a understanding that with obsession more ideas come into the head.


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