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  1. Stine, Carl. (2012, April 1). 50 Top College Football Quarterbacks Who Didn’t Pan out as Pros. Retrieved from

Background: This source listed the top 50 college quarterbacks that didn’t pan out to be as good as they were in the NFL. It goes on to describe how their play was as college athletes and what went wrong as to why they weren’t as successful as they could have been.

How I Used It: I took some of the players from this list and compared them to Rams quarterback Jared Goff, duet the fact that my essay is about how Jared Goff is the worst NFC West quarterback to play in the Super Bowl. I discussed the fact that Goff is too young for the Rams to put full blown faith in to, and that there is plenty examples as to why they shouldn’t be hitting him with a big pay day.

2. McAtee, Riley. (2019, February 4). Jared Goff had the Worse Game of his Life on the Biggest Stage. Retrieved from

Background: This article is about Jared Goff and his performance in the Super Bowl. It goes on to explain how the Rams had one of the worst offensive performances in Super Bowl history and listed his sub par stats. Beyond the numbers, the article tells us about how even his play was off, being late on throws and causing a false start.

How I Used It: What I pulled from this article weren’t his numbers, but focusing on how poor Goff’s play was and how sloppy he looked throughout the contest. This game was the worst offensive performance under coach Sean McVay, supporting my claim that Goff is a problem for LA.


Background: This source contains information about starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl. It tells us what starters played in the Super Bowl, how old they whereat the time, what college they went to, and the date that the Super Bowl took place.

How I Used It: What I pulled from this source was just information about what quarterbacks won their Super Bowls at their age, and then compared it to 24 year-old Jared Goff that had played in the most recent Super Bowl.

4. DaSilva, C. (2019, March 4). Signing Jared Goff to an extension this offseason would be a mistake. Retrieved from

Background: This article explains why the Los Angeles Rams should wait to sign Jared Goff to a long-term deal instead of rushing to sign him. A large part of this is because if they do sign him long term, they won’t have the money to sign players to positions that they need to either maintain or fill in.

How I Used It: I used the argument that Jared Goff simply isn’t good enough, and that if the Rams do decide to sign him to a long-term deal, he may begin to play lazy or even just the fact that they need to maintain the good players they already have on the roster in order for Goff to see an success in the future.

5. Ruiz, S. (2018, December 17). If Jared Goff is their future, the Rams are running out of time. Retrieved from

Background: In this article, it goes into more depth about why the Rams should wait to sign Goff, and how if they do, it might be a horrible decision for LA. It talks about his current contract and it’s details but also gives information about how Rams coach Sean McVay criticized Goff and his play in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at home.

How I Used It: I used this article by taking what McVay said and really using it against Goff, giving him a bad look considering his coach is the one discussing Goff’s poor play. I also mentioned what the Rams should do with Goff, ultimately not signing him to a long term deal.


Background: This link will take you to a number of passing statistics in the NFL season, covering basically any numbers you could think of that are relevant to one’s performance. You can see not only how players threw the ball, but more importantly, how they threw the ball in the post season and how it compared to other passers. It also shows stats from just about every position on the field.

How I Used It: What I used from this source was mainly statistics of Goff’s teammates to prove the quality of the players he was competing with and how he failed to capitalize in a big moment like the Super Bowl even with the proper tools. I also brought up multiple stats from Goff’s playoff performances.

7. Ray, J. A. (2015, July 05). WHAT IS GREATNESS. Retrieved on March 10 2019 from

Background: In this article, James Arthur Ray discussed what makes an individual great and how greatness can be measured. Throughout the article, Ray defines that the word means and what one needs to do to be considered “great”. Ray offered questions regarding greatness, and answered them throughout the article.

How I Used It: I used this article by taking quotes from Ray’s article and applying it to Goff’s career. The things that describe greatness do not match what Goff has proved thus far in his career, and he has not proved that he is great nor shows signs of greatness.

8. Maske, M. (2019, February 03). Patriots beat Rams, 13-3, for a record-tying sixth Super Bowl championship. Retrieved on March 10 2019 from

Background: This article talks about the Super Bowl Goff competed in, Super Bowl 53, in which the Los Angeles Rams faced off against the New England Patriots. It goes into detail about what players from both teams had to say about the game and how they played during the contest.

How I Used It: What I in used this article was the numbers brought up on how the players performed, comparing the performance of 41 year-old Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to 24 year-old Jared Goff for the Rams, even though the numbers were comparable.

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